Chapter 21

The Following Day

Katharine stretched out her arms and let out a loud yawn. She rubbed her eyes and scanned the room; everyone was still fast asleep save for Nowi who was nowhere to be seen. Katharine sighed and went to open a curtain, to her surprise the sun had barely started rising.

"I've sure grown a habit to wake up way to early." she mumbled.

She grabbed her coat and bow and exited the room. She walked down the hall and downstairs towards the main lobby, just like Roberto had said it was a rather nice inn. It was three stories tall, the rooms were beautifully decorated especially the main lobby which had a gorgeous front desk and a relaxing café and lounging area in the main lobby.

As she made her way downstairs she could see a few people seated in the lounging area. A girl with a white streak of hair on the left side of her head alerted Katharine that it was Nowi.

"H-hey Nowi." She said a bit scared to talk to her after their small fight.

Nowi smiled and signaled her to sit down with her, "Sup little elf." She said taking a sip from her tea.

Katharine smiled and gladly took her seat, "How come you're up so early?" she asked.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" Nowi said with a smirk.

Katharine rolled her eyes, "It's sort of been a habit of mine as of late."

Nowi nodded, "Any idea why?"

"No not really, so what about you?"

"I thought I would go out and see if anyone knew about those Seeker guys." She said.

"And?" Katharine said reaching over for Nowi's cup.

Nowi slapped her hand, "I got nothing and get your own tea."

Katharine chuckled, "Well maybe if you weren't so selfish you may have found something."

Nowi smiled. "Yea… look I'm sorry for what I said yesterday."

Katharine shook her head, "Hey it's no big deal."

"Yes it's a big deal! I know you don't like it when we joke about you and Jenny and I took it a bit far." Nowi said.

"Nowi it's fine, I told you I can tolerate it but I think next time it's best if you think before you speak."

Nowi chuckled, "Mike told me the same thing. So are we friends again?"

"Only if you let me drink some of your tea." Katharine said with a grin.

Nowi nodded and handed the cup over to Katharine who gladly took a few sips, "You know Jenny is missing out on a lot, not knowing how great you are."

Katharine smiled, "As kids she was a bit more friendly, but as time went on she strived for perfection in everything. I guess her parents had something to do with that."

"I know how she feels." Nowi mumbled.

"Were your parents the same?" Katharine asked.

"M-my mom was, she had everything planned out for me and as you can tell things didn't end well." Nowi said.

"When was the last time you saw or spoke to her?"

Nowi thought for a bit, "I think four maybe five years, I lost count."

"It's a shame; I would have loved to meet her. She must have been very pretty." Katharine said.

"Yea…" Nowi muttered, "What about your parents, were they the same?"

"Which ones, my birth parents or Steven's parents?" she asked.

"Oh shi- I'm sorry I totally forgot!"

Katharine chuckled, "It's fine Nowi. Our parents wanted us to be the best we could be and that we could be whatever we wanted. As for my birth parents I don't know… I don't really remember much about them." She said with her head looking at the floor.

"What do you remember?" Nowi asked.

"I remember the night before I met Steven someone told me to run as fast as I could and to not stop. B-but I don't remember who."

Nowi wiped a tear that had formed on Katharine's face, "Hey don't cry… what would Jenny say if she saw you like this?"

Katharine chuckled, "She'd probably say 'Don't be such a kid' and she'd probably place her hand on my shoulder."

"I honestly don't know what you see in her." Nowi said.

Katharine shrugged, "I don't know what you see in Mike."

Nowi smirked, "Touché." She glanced behind Katharine to two men that were in deep discussion. She attempted to read their lips but had little success.

Katharine noticed Nowi's staring and looked behind her, "What? Do you have the hots for someone?"

"Sure I can set you up with his pal if you want?" Nowi joked.

"W-what, n-no! You know I do-" Katharine yelled out.

"Calm down Katie I was only joking." Nowi said, "Those guys are wearing the same clothing as the Seeker soldiers, proving it even more they even have Frost Industries swords with them."

"How can you tell they're from Frost Industries? I don't see any emblem." Katharine asked.

"See the base of the sword, it's much brighter than the rest of the sword and has a diamond shape. Also the tips of their swords are extremely sharp and have a distinct blue color." Nowi explained.

"Wow you sure know your weapons. Did you work for Frost Industries at one point?" Katharine jokingly said.

Nowi chuckled, "Sure let's go with that."

"So what are you going to do?" Katharine asked.

"I'm going to follow them." Nowi said.

"But we're leaving once everyone's awake."

Nowi sighed, "You guys are leaving, but unfortunately I was planning to head out on my own again today."

"What, but why!?" Katharine whined.

"I have some things that need to be taken care of."

"But you'll be back in time for the festival right? It's almost here!" Katharine said.

"Don't worry Katie I'll be back in time."

Katharine rolled her eyes, "Yea we'll see if that happens."

The two men stood up from their seats and began walking out the building. Nowi smiled and grabbed her coat and stood up, "I guess I'll see you around Katie."

Katharine stood up and hugged Nowi tightly, "Please be careful." She said.

"Hey this is Nowi you're talking to; I'll be fine as I've ever been." She joked.

"Aren't you going to say goodbye to the others?" Katharine asked.

"It's not like I'll be gone for too long. Besides the guys will understand."

"Last time you were gone for two years."

"I promise I'll see you at the winter festival." Nowi said.

They separated and Nowi made her way to the door. She stopped before exiting and turned her head to look at Katharine, "You keep Mike safe for me alright." She said with a wink.

Katharine sighed, "I'll try my best."

Nowi nodded her head and left the room. Katharine sighed and sat back down at the table. "Umm excuse me." The inn keeper said.

Katharine looked up at her and smiled, "Yes."

"Your friend didn't pay for her drink." She said shyly.

Katharine groaned, "How much does she owe you?"

"Eight trien." She replied.

Katharine fished out her money and handed it over to the lady. "It was rather good from the few sips I took." She said.

The inn keeper smiled, "Thank you." She said as she headed off towards the front desk.

Katharine sighed, "Now she owes me eight trien and who knows if she'll even show up to the festival." She mumbled.

She stood up from her chair and made her way upstairs, the sun was now beginning to rise even more to which Katharine knew the guys would be up any second. She reached their room and stopped in front of it, she sighed as she placed her hands on the door knob. She grunted a bit and held her head with her other hand, she could feel herself wanting to fall but managed to hang onto the door. As she leaned in to twist the door knob she fell into her room, startling the others in the room.

"You do know that's not how you open doors right?" Mike said,

Katharine growled and blew some of her hair that had blocked her eye, "Shut it Mike."

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