Chapter 22

"Get up Katharine." Steven said, helping his sister up.

"Thanks." She said dusting herself off, "When did you all wake up?" she asked.

"Just a little while ago." Grant said, "Mainly because someone couldn't stay quiet!" he said glaring at Mike.

"Hey it's not my fault that I sometimes like to see the sunrise." He said.

Steven chuckled as Katharine looked at them in confusion, "What did he do that woke you all up?" she asked.

"Our fearless leader over here was scared by a rat." Steven said.

Katharine giggled at the thought, "W-what?"

Mike groaned, "In my defense it was large and I didn't know it was in my bag."

"So you had to go on and scream like a girl?" Grant said.

"And break the table?" Steven said.

"You broke the table?" Katharine asked.

"N-no…" Mike said moving a piece of wood with his foot.

Katharine giggled once more and walked over to a chair that had her belongings, "So where's Nowi?" Steven asked.

Katharine sighed, she slung her bow over her and turned to face the others, "N-nowi… ugh… she left." She said.

"That would explain why her stuff's not here." Grant said.

"Nowi left, without saying goodbye?" Mike said.

Katharine nodded, "She said you'd all understand… I'm not sure what she meant by that." She said.

Mike slumped down in a chair, "It's just something people say. Why would she leave?" he asked.

"Well I went down to the main lobby early this morning and I saw Nowi sitting at a table. We talked for a bit, had a few laughs…"

"Did she apologize to you?" Steven said.

Katharine rolled her eyes and smiled, "Yes Steven she did and she didn't need to by the way."

"So why did she leave?" Mike asked again.

"Remember what she told us when she joined us back in Tryken?" she asked hesitantly.

"That she'd leave once she got her leads." Grant said.

Mike sighed, "Come on Mike you know as well as all of us that this would happen." Steven said.

"Yea but I was kinda hoping she'd stay for a little bit longer." Mike said.

"Aww you do love her." Katharine said, jumping in excitement.

"Did she say anything before she left?" he asked.

"Well she mentioned to keep you safe and that we'd see her soon."

"How soon?" Grant asked.

"Like Winter Festival soon." She said.

Mike smiled and shot up from his seat, "Well you should have mentioned that first!" he said.

"But then we wouldn't have known you actually love her." Grant teased.

"I do not love her." He said rolling his eyes.

"We'll see once the festival comes around." Steven said.

"Speaking of which are we heading back to Crontopia City now?! The festival is almost here!" Katharine said excitedly.

"Technically it's in five days." Steven said.

Katharine groaned, "Why do you always have to crush my dreams." She said sarcastically.

"Actually before we go there I was wondering if you all wouldn't mind if we stop by Adde City and see if Jenny ever came back." Mike said.

"And by us you mean Katie." Grant said, prompting them to turn their heads to Katie.

"W-what, all of a sudden you need my permission to go!?" she said.

"No… but I wanted to know if you'd be ok with it." Mike said.

Katharine nodded, "Yea… I wouldn't mind seeing her again." she said.

"Good because if she's there we're inviting her." Mike said.

Katharine's eyes bulged, "W-what!?"

Mike smirked and walked out of the room. Grant soon followed with Steven staying behind, "When you're done processing this meet us down in the lobby." He told the motionless Katharine.

Once they all exited Katharine began to jump excitedly, "Yes!" she yelled.

The others had made their way downstairs and where sitting around a table as they waited for Katharine.

"So if what Katharine said was true and we do see Nowi again at the festival, do you think you'll… you know." Steven said with a smirk.

Mike rolled his eyes, "I highly doubt I will. She likes to travel a lot and alone for the most part, I think the last thing she needs is me holding her back."

"Granted that seems logical but I'm sure Nowi would be happy to have you along." Steven said.

Mike sighed, "I'll think about it, but enough about my love life let's talk about yours." He said with a grin.

"What about Grant?!" Steven protested.

"Oh please there's nothing going on there." Grant said.

Steven sighed, "What do you want to know?"

"Well for starters let's go with the obvious, what's going on between you and Jenny?" Mike asked.

"Mike you know that Jennifer and I talked about that a long time ago and of all people you and Grant should know very well about her decision. " he said.

Mike groaned, "Right I forget she's… ugh… well on with the next question! I know I'm treading dangerous waters here but… ugh… what about… Katie." Mike said hesitantly.

Steven glared at him, "This again really?! Mike only once in my life did I ever have feelings like that towards her and that was when we first met! She's my sister and that's that!" he shouted.

"Easy Steven, don't get yourself too worked up." Grant said, "And you, really bro! That's just wrong!" he told Mike.

Mike shrugged, "Well out of the three girls we know, someone is bound to end up with someone."

"He sort of has a point." Grant said.

"What about that one girl back in Cronotopia City." Steven said.

"I need more details." Grant said.

"You know the one with dark pink hair. She had a thing for you didn't she?"

"Oh her… no she had a thing for you." Grant corrected.

"Ugh who are we talking about?" Mike asked.

"The girl with dark pink hair!" Steven said.

"You mean Scarlett DeRosa? I believe she had a thing for you dude." Mike said.

"Oh yea…" Steven said as memories began to flood back.

Mike glanced behind Steven to see Katharine walking down the stairs, she appeared to be tired and had a bit of sweat coming down from her forehead.

"Took you long enough." Mike said.

"Why are you all sweaty?" Steven asked.

"Oh.. umm… I was looking for something and I panicked but its fine because I found it."

"What were you looking for?" Grant asked.

"M-my… my wand." She said.

"That's a first you always keep your wand tucked in your sleeve, even when you go to sleep." Steven said.

"Well I forgot to put it there last time. S-so shall we get going?" she asked.

Mike nodded, "Yup, room key is returned and we are ready to go visit Jenny!" he stood up and made his way towards the door with Grant not far behind.

Steven put on his coat and walked over to Katharine, "You're lucky that those two will believe almost anything." He whispered. He patted her on the back and took her hand, "This time I'll make sure to bring you with us while you take your time to process this." He said jokingly.

Katharine smiled and hugged her brother, "I love you Steven." She said.

"I love you to Katharine." He said, a small smile forming on his face.

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