When Jesus went sailing, to visit a new town, a sudden and troublesome storm

Was thrust on the waters, and then His disciples reactions began to take form.

But Jesus, omnipotent, God's son incarnate, soon gave an inviolate command.

The elements gave up to Jesus control, and their further involvement was banned.

They came to the shores, where a man full of demons was thrown into unrestrained fits,

He injured himself with sharp stones, and had strength, striking people with powerful hits.

Now this was the reason that Jesus went sailing. He came on a mission to heal.

So naturally Satan came up with that storm, as a roadblock to mess up the deal.

The Lord used his power, commanding the demons to leave. They went on to possess

The suicide plunge of some pigs on the cliffside, thus freeing that man from the mess

That Satan had made of his life until then. There were several such stories as this,

Where spiritual warfare within someone's soul would threaten to make things amiss.

But no-one who came to the Lord for assistance, was ever cast off without aid.

Today it continues, with deeds on both sides, just as long as this war game is played.

But we serve the victor, who offers us power to step on the scorpions and snakes.

(That's Demons and Satan). Just notice the difference that God's intervention still makes.

There's nothing effective nor nearly as strong as the absolute power of One,

As long as the power we choose to rely on is coming from God's only Son.

This war isn't over. Just check out Ephesians, and put on the armor we need.

The Spirit will move in our favour, and we'll see a number of non-Christians freed.

The people of Sydney are into experiments, turning to occult or booze.

All manner of sin is defining our culture: a path leading many to lose

The chance of Salvation. So let's point the way, but without a reliance on us.

The bus route to heaven is marked in the Bible, with Jesus Christ driving the bus.