Verse 1

I remember that dream, I was sitting with my hands holding my head.

You had just left me, I didn't know how to live with the choice you'd made.

It's funny, you see, that's exactly what happened in reality.

Now you haunt me in every corner of my room, and the whole city.


And this is me, wide-awake,

Yet in a dream-like trance.

And this is me, this heartache,

This prayer for a second chance.


But tonight I finally let myself see

Exactly how everything is gonna be.

The cold harsh truth has left me breaking down now,

So I'm writing up this song, cause this is me.

Verse 2

I remember that night, I was thirteen, I thought I wouldn't make it.

I kept my hopes up, held on to you, embraced the pain in my heart beat.

Now you're gone, I don't know how to tie a knot at the end of the rope.

You were the best thing, but I'm just twenty, and I know that I can cope.


And this is me, up at night,

Trying my best to hang on.

And this is me, and I'll fight,

I'll survive even when you're gone.


So tonight I finally let myself see

All the open doors and all the possibilities.

It's not what I wanted, but I'll take it, fine.

And I'm writing up this song cause this is me.


My tears have dried,

I know I've tried,

To melt your frozen heart.

But I knew from the start,

It wasn't meant to last,

Now the past is in the past.

Now that dreamer thinker is forever gone,

That bewitched believer has been dead for so long.

What stands here is a survivor and this is me.

And this is me.