Freely Bound
Proverbs 26:11

Shackles lay still upon the cool, stony ground.
You powerless things! I'm no longer bound!
This horrible sin I have given to Him!
Yet this conundrum continually confounds.

My brother close by, why do you stray?
You're curled up with the chains on the ground where they lay?
These are lifeless and worthless!
For your freedom Jesus already paid.

It's just not that simple, comes the wilting reply…
These familiar friends I prefer by my side
I'm aware they are cold, but to them I must hold
For I'm a sinner, and with them I'll abide.

Speak not these words my comrade made new
For the blood Jesus shed was spilled freely on you!
He did not suffer and die so every night you would cry
My God! Oh my God! How can I be true!?

The power you give those condemning, black chains
Is a power not present in the presence of His name!
He shattered their grip! With love's crimson drip!
But you're living your life all the same…

And as shackles lay still upon cool, stony ground
Too many new men choose to lay freely bound.
Their hideous sin, never given to Him
Leave their lives no hope to be found…