Micah Edwards is a shy and socially awkward sophomore, or at least that is what everyone else sees. Behind the disguise he's wearing, he's suffering from a father who hates him and beats him, cutting issues, and suicidal thoughts. But when he's assigned as his crush's tutor for the rest of the term, will he be able to smile again?

Warning: This story contains Male on Male romance, parental abuse, bullying, cutting, suicidal thoughts and attempts. Also may contain drug use, drinking, and Graphic Sex between two men. Please read with caution.

All of the characters in this story are fictitious, as are their actions, ideas, and viewpoints. All of the places and occurrences in this story are fictitious as well.

Enoy! ;)

Part One: The Beginning Of… What?

"Mr. Edwards? May I have a word with you?"

Micah Edwards looked up from collecting his stuff and tilted his head curiously at his math teacher, "U- Um, of course," he stammered and quickly gathered his stuff, wondering what this was all about. The petite boy nibbled his lower lip in between his teeth as he grabbed the strap of his messenger bag and made his way to the front of the class. Class was over by now, the classroom emptied pretty fast when lunchtime lurched around.

Ms. Kendrick adjusted her glasses in an almost bored manner and stood up straighter, crossing her arms over her chest as she says, "Mr. Edwards, you are my top student in this class. You're only a sophomore but you somehow managed to get placed in advanced calculus. I know you don't need the extra credit, but will you do me a favor?"

Micah blinked his pale blue eyes, "Um, what would that be?" he asked and shifted a bit nervously.

"I have a student in one of my lower classes that needs help in Geometry. He's older than you by a grade, but he needs serious help when it comes to this particular subject. You're smart enough to tutor someone, but would you be willing to do it for extra credit for me?" Ms. Kendrick asked hopefully, twirling a pen in her hand.

The young boy thought about that. He had plenty of free time thanks to his lacking social life, and if it meant staying out of the house, away from him, then Micah was happy to try and help out. He may be socially awkward and shy, but he could work with someone if they're willing to work with him. He decided that he would do it, and looked up at the teacher as he played with the hem of his shirt.

Micah shrugged softly, "Well, I have enough free time to do it," he nibbled his lower lip again, "I don't see why not."

Ms. Kendrick clapped her hands, startling Micah a bit, "Excellent!" she pulled out a post-it note and wrote down something on it, "Here's the name of the young man you will be tutoring. You'll meet him in the library, at lunch, on Wednesday of this week. I'll let him know as well."

Micah smiled and took the paper offered to him, a sigh escaping his lips as he shuffled out the classroom. He looked down at the name on the paper, reading it out loud, "Seth Pierce."


A red hot blush covered Micah's cheeks as he thought of the other male. Yes, he knew him. He didn't know him personally but Seth saved him once a few months ago, and Micah's kind of been in love with him ever since. It may have seemed like it wasn't a big deal to anyone else, but it was a big deal to Micah.

"Out of my way, fucking faggot!"

Micah was walking down the hall, minding his own business when he heard a shout behind him. He ignored it and kept walking but he was suddenly grabbed and thrown roughly against some random lockers; he let out a small cry as pain flashed up his lower back and to his spine. He looked up into the eyes of his attacker, Dean Strauss. The guy who made sure to make Micah's life a living hell, as if he doesn't get enough of this at home.

"So- sorry…" Micah mumbled, looking down.

"You're such a fucking pussy, you act like and even look like a fucking girl," Dean snatched the front of his shirt and slammed him against the lockers again, raising his free fist, "If you want to be treated like a little bitch then I'll be happy to oblige!"

Micah closed his eyes and braced himself, but to his surprise, no pain came. He fluttered his blue eyes open to see another guy standing there, shown up out of nowhere, but gripping Dean's wrist with surprising strength.

The guy had to be the most handsome specimen Micah had every laid eyes on. He was tall, and very muscular, broad shoulders and pale white skin. He had chiseled, good-looking features with kind, gray eyes. He wore a black leather jacket and he had a piercing in his lip, his hair was long and black, swept to one side of his head, he was very handsome, to say the least. He had that gothic look down, and that made Micah all the more attracted to him.

"What?" Dean let go of Micah's shirt, allowing the terrified boy to shrink away from him, and snatched his wrist from him, "Who the fuck do you think you are?"

The guy smiled pleasantly, though it seemed very scary and menacing, "I think I am Seth Pierce, and I will fling you clear to the dark side of the moon if you don't get lost."

Dean glare , looking like he wanted to punch the guy named Seth as well but thought better of it. Seth was taller and he even looked like he could pick Dean up and throw him. So the bully huffed and turned, storming away. Only then did Micah realize how much of a crowd the confrontation attracted. His cheeks burned a bright red and he looked down at the ground meekly, wanting to melt right into it.

"Nothing to see here, move on!" As the crowd dispersed, Seth turned back to Micah, "Are you alright?"

Micah looked up at him, "Eh? Oh… Yeah I'm fine," he messed with the cuff of his jacket shyly, "S- sorry you had to bother yourself with me…"

Seth chuckled, "It's okay," he murmured with a kind smile, giving Micah's head a ruffle, "It's all in a day's work!" he joked.

Micah blushed and gazed up at him in awe.

It was love at first sight.

But he and Seth hadn't talked since the confrontation in the hall. They've seen each other in-between classes and such, but he's seen the stoic male around school. They don't really run in the same circles; if Micah even has a circle. He only has one true friend, and he mostly hangs out with her during lunch and such. Thalia is an excellent friend; she's an open lesbian that hangs with the hipsters. While Seth tends to hand with the goths or the band geeks; Micah was in band once, a long time ago. Part of him wished he never quit so he had a chance to talk to Seth more. He let his own shyness get the better of him, he was just so socially awkward.

But he loved him, he really did.

He knew that nothing could happen between them though. They were both guys and if that wasn't weird enough, Micah's just the socially awkward shy boy that only has one friend and can't stand up or speak up for himself to save his life. He doesn't deserve to be with someone as great-looking, noble, and sweet as Seth…

Micah sighed out loud and tucked the paper into his back pocket; he really needed to stop thinking bad about himself like that. It was a habit that seemed to be nearly impossible to break. The boy ran a hand through his long blond hair and bit his lower lip—a habit that he could never break—before he quickly made his way outside. He was supposed to meet up with Thalia around this time.

He gently rubbed the cuts that loitered his arm over his jacket sleeve, something he found himself doing when he was nervous or deep in thought. He usually wore jackets or long-sleeved shirts, to hide the scars and the bruises that were covering his body. Luckily his father left his face alone, only because Micah curled up in a fetal position when he was kicking or hitting him. It's been like this ever since mom left, Micah's father always took out his anger on him, like it was Micah's fault that his mom left with a boyfriend. He wished she took him with her.

He shook himself, he didn't want to think of such things, not now.

He pushed all thoughts about his father to the back of his mind as he caught sight of Thalia standing beneath a tree a few yards ahead. He quickened his pace and she met him halfway, her red lips pushed into a impatient pout.

"You're late," she scolded him and stood up, giving him a hug hello, "I was about to leave without you."

"Good afternoon to you too," Micah teased gently, returning the hug and wincing slightly when she put pressure on a bruise on his back.

Thalia is a short and pretty girl that has black hair past her shoulders and chinese cut bangs. Today she wore a gray beanie with a white flowy top, ripped short shorts, gray leggings and black combat boots. Thalia was the type to wear a lot of makeup even though she didn't need it; today she was wearing thick eyeliner that was shaped up into little wings at the edges of her eye, thick mascara, cover up, and red lipstick. She carried her light brown backpack on her back, and was holding her keys in her left hand. Their school was open campus so today they were going to go to Starbucks.

"You'll be happy that you waited for me," Micah says as the two make their way to the student parking lot, "I have some news."

Thalia gasped melodramatically, "Micah! Are you pregnant?!"

Micah swung at her playfully but she easily dodged him, "No, you whore," he was the only one that could get away with calling her that, "Ms. Kendrick asked me if I wanted to tutor someone who was struggling in her Geometry class, and I said I would. But I nearly fell over in shock when I heard who I'd end up tutoring."

Thalia tilted her head curiously as they finally got to the parking lot and made their way to Thalia's beat up red truck, "Who'd ya get? You didn't get one of the populars, did you?"

Micah chuckled and smiled a bit, "No, my luck wasn't that horrible," he says as she unlocks her truck and they climb in together, shutting their doors as Thalia shoved her key in and turned on the engine, "I got Seth."

Thalia winced softly, "Oh wow, that asshole. I feel for you."

Micah pouted, "Don't call him that," he defended his first love meekly, playing with the sleeve of his jacket, "You know how I feel about him."

Thalia shrugged her shoulders, "Well, yeah but that doesn't mean I understand it," she continued on and pulled out the parking space, "I mean, the guy is in my home room and he just thinks he's all that. He's snarky, prideful, untrusting, he's like many of the anti-heroes in anime that just plain annoy me."

Micah snorted softly, "Like Sasuke in Naruto?"


That was another thing he and Thalia had in common, they were complete anime freaks. Micah watches it most of the time on Netflix because he doesn't have any cable at home, while Thalia watches whatever anime she's able to on crunchyroll. Naruto was both of their personal favorites, and they found themselves referencing a lot of things from Naruto. Yeah, you can judge, they were perfectly secure.

"You know Micah," Thalia changed the subject as she pulled out the parking lot and headed for the nearest Starbucks, "You don't have to stay hung up on this Seth guy anymore. I know plenty of guy friends of mine who are interested –"

"Please don't set me up on a blind date again," Micah begged her as she stopped at a stop light, "The last guy you set me up with was a complete douchebag who just wanted to hit it and quit it."

Thalia stuck out her tongue at him, "Fine," she turned her attention back unto the road ahead as the light turned green, "But I just don't want to see my best friend pine after some douchebag that is probably straight."

Micah pouted, "Way to rain on my parade, babe."

Thalia giggled, "Sorry sweetheart, but I tell it like it is."

Once they got to Starbucks, Thalia ordered a caramel frappe while Micah stuck with a double chloloatey chip smoothie. Once their orders were done, they sat at a table near the window and sipped at their drinks in comfortable silence.

Thalia was the first to break it, "So, as you know my birthday is this weekend…"

Micah smiled at her, "Of course," he replied and took another sip of his smoothie, biting down on the chocolate chips that got into his mouth, "You haven't shut up about it all week," he added, dodging the napkin she threw at him.

"Well, I'm going to throw a huge party at my house this weekend, no populars allowed," she added the last part and crossed her legs under the table, "And you should totally come."

Micah sighed, "Thalia, you know I hate parties."

Thalia pouted, "But Micaaaah," she whined and gave him her big puppy eyes, "You never come to any of the parties I throw, even though you're my supposed best friend!"

Micah sighed and ran a hand through his hair again, "Thalia…"

"And this is my birthday!" she pressed on, "So you have to go this time!"

Micah sighed and banged his head on the table, hoping that he would knock himself out to avoid this conversation. Unfortunately, he only got a bruised forehead from doing so, "Thalia…" he whined this time, rubbing his hurt forehead.

Thalia smiled, "Great, so you'll be there," she sipped her frappe, "if you're not then I'll be really, really mad at you!"

Micah figured he could protest and refuse, but it was the girl's birthday, so he'll grin and bear it for now.