"He's not coming. He doesn't want to see you. You sent that text message 5 minutes ago. He's trying to find an excuse to give you so he doesn't have to deal with you."

I keep my head down to avoid eye contact with the villain in front of me. Maybe she'll go away if I ignore her. So I turn my attention to my phone, which rests on the porcelain surface below my nose. The text message was simple enough - "Hey want to hang today?" That was 6 minutes ago now. And he's one of those rare people who reply right away. So if he's yet to reply, something's up. Why hasn't he replied?

"Because he can't stand you. Why should he like you anyway? You're so annoying, so selfish; if the world doesn't revolve around you then it's not worth bothering with. And you're so damn ugly. Seriously, why do you even put make-up on? It doesn't cover that horrible mug of a face."

Something grows in my stomach. Anger...Tears appear, but I keep my head down, hoping she'd leave. 7 minutes. She leans closer, her disgusting presence pushing down on me.

"Face it. You're a horrible person. A burden on people. Your family is ashamed of you all the time, your friends feel embarrassed every time you're in public with them, you do nothing but make peoples lives miserable."

My anger boils my blood. I can feel my ears become hot. My fingers clench into fists, my nails leaving half moon marks on my palms. I finally speak: "Shut up." She grins darkly. "Why? Because I'm telling you the truth?" "No. You're lying. I'm none of those things, you're just trying to drag me to your scummy level." "Oh, someone's trying to develop a backbone. Better make sure it's a strong one to hold up that massive belly-"

I finally explode. "SHUT UP!" I swing my fist forward, shattering the mirror. She finally shuts up, the broken reflection scattered all over the sink. My knuckles bleed, but I don't care. She's quiet. Finally...

Beep! My phone! I snatch it. He answered! "Sorry was in the shower. Yeah I'm free what do you want to do?" I feel joy as I quickly answer him back. She was wrong.

Your biggest bully is Yourself. As important as it is to love and respect others, you must remember to respect yourself too.

The End.