Drip. Drip. Drip.

A young short brown haired girl sat in a tree, watching as the rain fell. She'd pretty much lost track of time since it'd gotten evening. She sighed after a while, looking down at the ground. That when she spotted someone approaching in the corners of her eyes

"Yume!" the person called out. It was none other than the person she admired most in this world.

"Crap!" she ducked, blushing. "It's Shiroji-san!"

Right, of course he would be the one to come out to find her. She smiled sadly. Isn't he the only one who ever did…?

Yume crawled to the edge of the limb, still covered from view.

"Yume!" Shiroji called again with concern. He stopped underneath the tree, scratching his head in confusion. "I don't get it. Where could she be at?"

Suddenly, before he could react, the limb Yume was standing on snapped, causing her to fall out of the tree.

"Shiroji-san!" She cried, managing to catch another limb. He immediately looked up, alarmed, dodging the falling limb.

"Yume, I'll catch you!" he told her.

"I'm afraid to let go." Yume said. Even though it wasn't that far down, it was still a distance that, if she fell right, she could've gotten killed.

"But you're going to have to." Shiroji replied. "There's a chance of you getting killed if I climbed up this tree. It can only hold so much weight."

She averted her gaze. "And I know that…but... I'm afraid!"

"Do you trust me?" Shiroji questioned. Their eyes met, as she softly nodded.

"Yes…" she answered.

"Then you'll trust me to catch you." He pointed out. She averted her gaze, and, after a moment, she hesitantly let go. As she fell, she quickly looked around, observing the rain. It was almost as if it were falling with her.

As promised, he caught her in his arms, but ended up toppling backward, falling in the mud. Looking down at her, emerald eyes met brown. He smiled warmly. "See, there's nothing to be afraid of. Are you okay now?"

"Of course I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" she stuck her nose in the air, pouting. "You saved me yet again. Just like you always do."

"Silly girl." He smirked. "We were worried about you. Always know you're not alone in this world. You have me, Mima, Shiko, Yui, and all of your other friends."

She stared at him for a moment, before smiling.

"Yeah." She nodded, a mixture of rain dripping down her face. "You're right; I do have you."

She hugged him, burying her head into his chest. "Arigato, Shiroji -san."

"Anytime." He replied, returning the embrace. After a moment, they got up.

"We'd better get you home. Otherwise, we're liable to catch a cold out here." He suggested.

"Right." She smirked.

Okay, so maybe rain isn't all that bad after all. As long as she had her friends to fill the emptiness in her chest, and, as long she Shiroji there to wipe away her tears the way he always did, she would be just fine.


©2013 Karen Mooney

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