Chapter Two

The next day during Science class, one of my friends, James, passed me a note underneath the desk:

"MeeT aT wATeR fouNTAin AfTeR skooL"

Despite my friend's strange use of capital and lower-case letters, I caught his attention and nodded once.

After class was the moment I'd been waiting for all day: Lunch break. Most kids look forward to lunch anyway since it's their one time to take a breather from classes, but it meant a lot more for me today. Because today, I was having lunch with Rosa, the beautiful blonde I had met yesterday.

As soon as the bell rang, I made a beeline out of the classroom. I quickly exchanged my Science book for my brown bag lunch and headed towards the cafeteria.

I was obviously a bit too excited, because I was one of the first kids to arrive. I waited by the door for a while, looking conspicuous, until finally, my little blonde rose arrived. After she waved and approached me, we smiled at each other and entered the buffet line together.

Lunch went by all too quickly after that, the two of us talking about ourselves over our lunches. What kinds of animals we liked, what our zodiac signs were, our favorite hobbies. It seemed the feeling of our time together today being short was mutual, so she wondered if I would like to meet her at the nearby taco place after school to talk some more. I agreed instantly. I even set up an alarm on my phone so I wouldn't forget – not that I ever could. We went our separate ways and I was once again swarmed by my friends on my way to my next class.

After school, I texted Rosa that I might be a little bit late because a teacher had held me up. That wasn't true, though; I just needed an excuse. Earlier that day, James had passed me a note saying to meet at the water fountain after school. After making sure Rosa received the message, I headed to the fountain located in the courtyard in front of the school.

All three of my friends, James, Cody, and Fern, were standing there waiting for me.

"It's about time you got here," James said.

"Sorry, I was held up by a teacher," I lied, using the same excuse I had used against Rosa.

"Anyway," said James, "there's a fair coming to town in a week and a half, as you doubtlessly already knew. Us four," he said, gesturing to all of us, "shall be attending said fair."

"Indeed," Fern continued, sounding a little bit sarcastic. "However, the fair itself is not the main attraction."

"If you're talking about chicks, don't even bother. Izzy's already got one!" Cody joked.

James laughed. "Yeah, yeah, chicks aside, though, what we're really getting at here are the concerts! Seriously, all of the bands that are going to be there are my favorites!" He then went on to list the names of a bunch of popular rock and pop bands who were supposedly going to be playing at this fair.

I felt my cell phone rumble. It took it out and looked at it. It was my reminder to go see Rosa after school. I was already running late.

"Hey guys, I have to-"

Suddenly, I was overcome by a feeling of excitement over the bands that were going to be playing and I wanted to hear more. Well, Rosa already knew I was going to be late. I didn't say how late.

"Okay James, stop beating around the bush," Cody prodded.

"Fine," James responded, "Why don't you tell them then, Cody?"

"Maybe I will!" Cody turned to me. "Okay, this whole fair thing isn't free, you dig? So if we all wanna go, we're gonna have to pool together our cash. James says he has some one-off jobs lined up with some guys in his neighborhood to help raise the money, but we gotta give our share, too." He turned to James. "See, that was simple. You didn't need to add in all the fluff."

"I've got some spare cash," I said. "How much are the tickets?"

"It's fifteen bucks a person," Cody said. "Anyone who buys a fair ticket gets into the concerts for free."

"There isn't any sales tax on it or anything, so that means we have to raise sixty bucks by the 31st," Fern said.

"And we'll need more if we want to buy ride tickets and food and stuff while we're there..." James added.

My phone rumbled again. But for some reason, I wanted to stay.

But I gave in to responsibility.

"Hey guys, I gotta go. I'll see how much cash I can come up with, 'kay? Later."

The guys all voiced their good-bye's and I started jogging in the direction of the taco restaurant. As I did, I started feeling the strangest feeling of anxiety. Like maybe there was something bad waiting for me at the place I was going. I chalked it up to being nervous for my first time meeting with Rosa outside of school. Or maybe it was that my excitement for the concerts and my excitement over Rosa just felt vastly different? I guess I would know soon enough.

When I arrived at the fast food restaurant, I was a full half-hour late. I saw Rosa sitting in a booth all alone, staring at one of the pictures on the wall, looking very bored. I went in and walked up to her quickly.

"Hi," She said with a smile after she noticed my presence.

"Hi," I replied. "Sorry I was so late."

"That's okay," she said. "You can't help it if a teacher wants you to help them with something."

I had completely forgotten that I had used that excuse. I felt like crap for it now, but there was nothing I could do but go along with it.

"Haha, yeah," I laughed it off with her. I still felt bad about it, but at least it had turned out okay.

After we retrieved our order of tacos and burritos, we went back to our booth and started up where we had left off during lunch in the cafeteria. She was cute when she tried to talk with her mouth full. It was even cuter watching her try to keep everything in her burrito while she ate it. When a huge lump of beans fell out onto the table, she always looked so surprised, like a kitten who had just seen a feather wiggle. But somehow... that feeling didn't last very long. And in a way, it almost made me feel nostalgic, but in a bad way. I had no clue why it would, though. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Once I started noticing that feeling, I noticed that, slowly, my time here had started to feel more and more uncomfortable. I started feeling like I wanted to go home, like the food I was eating tasted bad and like the conversation between Rosa and I was getting dull. Wait, hadn't the same thing happened when I was discussing the fair with my friends...?

Then I realized what was going on.



"I know it feels like we've only just started talking, but I totally forgot about some chores I needed to do at home."

"Oh, really? It's no problem! It's already four-thirty, after all. I was thinking about going home myself."

"Well, in that case, I'll talk to you tomorrow, then." I smiled.

"Yup. Tomorrow at lunch, at the latest! Promise!" She smiled back.

"I promise. Bye!"

"See you, Izzy."

As soon as I knew I was out of Rosa's line of sight, I started dashing towards my house. I was mad.

I turned the corner into the forested neighborhood that was a shortcut to my home. As I ran, it felt eerily quiet. The sounds of the birds chirping was now the foreground where usually they should have only been a backdrop.

I slowed to a walk as I approached the door to my home. I opened and closed it with more force than usual after I stepped inside.

I dropped my backpack next to the door, violently and uncaringly.

I stood there for a moment. It was too quiet.

"Terra!" I called.

There was no answer.

"I know you're there, Terra! Answer me!"

After a long pause, she slowly began to appear before me. She looked somewhat downtrodden and she remained perfectly silent.

"What do you think you're doing!?" I asked her violently.

Terra didn't reply.

"I told you! I told you, do not talk to me, attempt to communicate with me, or even do anything to me while I'm in public! Did you forget!?"

Terra remained silent.

"Answer me, Terra!"

Terra wouldn't answer.

"I don't care what kind of feelings you think you have for me! You need to let go and face reality! You're a ghost, Terra! You. Are. DEAD! I am not! I'm perfectly alive and well! I still have a life to live, you don't!"

Still the ghost remained silent.

I stared at her for a long moment, waiting for any kind of reply. She stayed perfectly still and said nothing.

"I can't believe this." I gave up and pounded my way upstairs to my room, walking through her like she had never existed. I didn't interact with her at all for the rest of the day.

Author's Notes!:

Aw, poor Terra. She was a bad girl. :(

This one turned out noticeably shorter than the first chapter, five pages almost exactly if you take out the "Chapter Two" at the top, but I chalk that up to the first chapter having that long prologue at the beginning. This one IS rather short even so, though. I further chalk that up the the sudden, explosive ending this chapter had. The rest of them are similar in length, though. Also, although this site has a word count, do keep in mind that it's counting these author's notes in that as well, so it's not entirely accurate.

OpenOffice's spell check says "uncaringly" is not a word. Google Chrome is not underlining it. "Uncaring" is a word, why can't I make it an adverb?! Looks like it's time to add a word to the dictionary. ;p

Alrighty, with this, I'll be uploading chapters three through five in the coming day(s). Fun fact: This is the first time I've gotten past chapter three in any of my stories. I tend to get stuck there for some reason! I have hope for this one, though. And I'm really starting to get into the groove recently! please look forward to more. :)