A storm began to pick up, becoming something like no other;
the rain cascaded down like the tears of a mother.

The people in the streets scattered like cats,
running inside or putting on their hats.

One woman stayed out.

Her umbrella…was as grey as the sky.
Her eyes were as cold as a grave.
She didn't care much for good weather, she likes it this way.

It reminded her of the dewy evenings she would spend at the corner café.
Each evening she would meet up with her dear friend.
Oh, how they would sit and laugh away!
Oh how she cried when their relations came to an end.

As years went by this man fell in love with her.
His heart went from a cobalt grey to a gentle hue of red.
When he bent his knee and was at her side,
all she felt was a splash of dread.

All the plans she had would have been wasted if she would have shouted with glee.
The woman's only thought was to flee,
she ran far away from that little café.
Never looking back,
she dashed off in the pouring rain.

She never saw him again, his efforts all in vain.
They would have had so many plans together.
Now all she has as a memory is the rain.