Victoria walked over to the bar and calmly asked for a frappe.
Everyone watched her in awe.
No one has seen her in 7 years;
oh look at how she's grown.

The last time she stepped into the café she was 18.

Ivan sat there in disbelief,
for years he's waited.
His waiting game finally ended, but he could not even bring himself to speak.

As she turned around, their eyes met.

Instinctively, she walked over to him.

"I see you still sit in our favorite spot", she teased at him.

'Where have you been? Why haven't you talked to anyone?' he wanted to say,
but he couldn't even talk.

Victoria began to laugh, "You've slipped back into your old self. "
For a good few minutes she ranted on and on
about him, and her, about half the plans she fulfilled.

Despite her achievement and excitement, a sense of sadness rang in her eyes.

"Hey! Are you still listening?" she snorted at Ivan.
He laughed "Of course!"

For hours they sat there laughing and having a good time, but the rain finally passed.

"Well, I have to go now" she exclaimed.
"Oh…well can I have your number?" he quickly said.
He nearly chocked on his words and she giggled.

She wrote out her number on a cute little purple sticky note.
He smiled at her handwriting, she hasn't changed a bit.

"You're so silly!" she laughed.

She giggled on her way out the café,
but once she was outside she began to cry.

Tears poured down her face like rain.