Jesus wasn't a politician.

He didn't take sides.

No slandering d'em

dirty democrats

nor ensnaring d'ose

ridiculous republicans.

He never told us

to bomb the infidels to protect

the Holy land of the

United States of America.

He never said

gays and feminists

would destroy the

Holy foundations of the

United States of America.

He never commanded us

to be prejudice of

a group of people

for who they are

and retaliate for

the actions of another.

Jesus told us to forgive

no matter what sin was commited.

He ordered us to

love thy neighbor

no matter what

race, creed,

economic status,

sexual orientation,

gender, politcial ideology,

or whatever they may be.

He wouldn't approve of

politicians sitting in nice offices,

wearing clean suits everyday,

calling d'emselves Holy,

and making millions

while the poor must work hard,

getting paid little for long hours,

and living in the slums

because it's all they can afford.

Face the violent

Truth of Greed.

Some think

Greed is good,

but how good can it be?

Jesus never told us to

invade a country and

slaughter innocent people

for the actions of a single group.

One finds killing

another person's child

thousands of miles away

is justified if it means

protecting one's own.

D'ese strange, flying machines

won't bring

Peace to the

Holy land of the

United States of America

or any country.

D'ey ask why people hate the

Holy land of the

United States of America,

but they easily forget the past

and don't take responsibity

for their actions.

Black gold is nothing to him

if its laced with blood.

Jesus never persecuted

gays for loving who they love

or telling the feminists

they were destined to

an eternity of Hell.

"Thank God for nine-eleven!"

would never cross his lips

like the "good people"

fighting for a better

Holy land of the

United States of America.

He would pray for

Love and Peace

to roll off every tongue

and for everyone

to join hands

to work together against

the sufferings of d'is world.

Jesus wasn't a politician.

He wasn't a democrat

nor a republican.

He was the one fighting

for change.

He's d'at

hippie on the street

protesting with the peace signs

and singing lines of love

to the politicians

who say

d'ey follow him.