Borrowed Treasure
Ephesians 5:25

Most fragile treasure beats soft in my palms
A heart of grand worth, stirring yet calm
Why would God lend out a gem such as this?
Why give me entrance to a heart that is His?
Bought with His blood then entrusted to me?
But I'm frail and fickle! How can this be?
My fleshly hands deserve not to hold
This pearl of great worth which mustn't be sold
I'm not worthy to care for a heart such as this!
God what if I falter? What if I trip?
Then what will happen to this crystalline heart?
As the merciless ground scatters the shards!?
God this burdens too weighty! This burdens too great!
If it's up to me than destruction's her fate!
I don't understand
I'm just a man…
With a heart of my own tainted with hate…

Then I'm reminded of this solemn fact
Apart from You God, I'd be nothing, if that.
I have an example – Jesus Christ in my heart!
And I have a Father which cannot depart!
I'll swiftly admit I don't understand
For I often forget that God's not a man.
By His grace and His mercy my grasp shall be strong
Upon delicate heart which should never feel wronged!
Encompassed by Him I'll protect it from harm
As His love from within does a work in my heart.
I dare not neglect the weakness of men,
Walk away from His face and soon comes my end!
Rely on Him solely lest in darkness I fall!
On God's name exalted I hasten to call!
With a treasure like this,
I am not remiss…
I choose rather to give boldly my all.