America isn't prejudiced or unequal in any way. It's called the freedom country for a reason.

Everybody gets freedoms. You can't be prejudiced against for gender or sexuality, to broach the big complaints. Seriously, just look.

What about gay marriage? It's legal in 16 states (and one district), with Oregon accepting same-sex marriages. That's 32%! How can you even say that America does not give rights to different people when 16 of the 50 states allow and accept gay marriage? 32 whole percent of an entire landmass, come on guys, don't you see how great this is? Even better, of those 16 states, some of their legalizing laws aren't in affect yet. Why are you guys even complaining?

We're using slurs, you say? No we're not. It's not like we're calling things 'gay' or people 'faggots' to be detrimental to them. How is that insulting in the least bit? We're not using their identities as ways to make people feel stupid while making homosexuals feel prejudiced. It's our way of life.

Telling kids about gay relationships would be corrupting to their minds. Honestly, ask any child who was taught from a young age that being gay is a sin, and they will spit back at you what was ingrained into their brains from childhood. Kids who were never taught that not being heterosexual are poor idiots who, despite not ever being told to judge others based on sexuality or the ways that they dress, are narrow-minded and won't be able to accept homosexuals in their adult forms.

On that topic, transgendered and transsexual people are poor creatures. Once again, land of the free. They can gender themselves however they want. Of course, whether or not people bully them, harass them, or go so far as to murder those people is not the interest of government officials. Our reliable leaders have more important things to worry about, like having sex scandals.

Don't even get me started on cross-dresses. They are not allowed to express themselves through what they wear and how they act. That's ridiculous! If we allowed people to wear clothing that wasn't specifically assigned to their gender, we might as well allow girls to wear pants and males to wear scarves. Can you imagine the chaos the country would fall into if we allowed that? Absolutely apocalyptic.

Onwards to sexism, now that I've shown you the clear logic behind these topics. Males and females are so equal, we let girls become educated and let them buy things. What a doozy, the freedom is astounding. We even let them take jobs, but 77 of them are not allowed to use female workers.

What is that you say? Females are often times objectified by magazines and other people, resulting in sexism that echoes through generations? Men can be raped too, despite constant denial by certain media sources? Women are given less representation in politics and are therefore not able to share their opinions at the same rate as men? That is all irrelevant to the point, and is not slightly compelling or relative to the topic of sexism. We're talking about freedom here, can you just feel it?

All in all, these topics are not relatable to the current society of America. We are not prejudiced in anyway whatsoever, especially in the topics mentioned at the top. Ignore every single media source, because out of the thousands of informational highways available, none of them are relaying anything relative to the country we live in. Gays are being prejudiced against? Incorrect information, citation needed. People should be able to choose what gender they want to be? Of course not, right to a pursuit of happiness only extends to cisgender people. Females are being treated unequally? What more do you want, they can vote, can't they? Look around, America. We are free.

Can't you tell?

A/n: Please note, that if you couldn't identify what was causing alarms to suddenly go off on your sarcasm detector, in no way was it this piece. Of course not. In fact, this author's note is as sincere as a lie at this point. Seriously though, this was supposed to be a piece of satire (badly written and heavy-handed on the sarcasm, I'm aware), with a title and summary that would catch the eyes of activists. Please review with the intent of giving constructive criticism, not flaming me for attempting to write. Apologies on this not being soothing or complicated poetry, but fiction doesn't have a political sector. :/