According to scripture, it is written that there are four Guardians who are the source of all things. The first Guardian was Omni; he who controlled purpose and meaning, the next was Ere; the overseer of time. Then, there was Luna; the Guardian of life, and her sister Lumina; the Guardian of death. These four lived out their peaceful days in the Empyrean.

Born from these Gaurdians was another being. The beings who were called human. They were similar to the Guardians, but were so different. They were the imperfect creation, yet they were free to love, free to feel, free to think, free to choose. The Guardians lacked these choices. Humans were but the offspring of Guardians, weaker, frail, and foolish-but yet they had strength the Guardians could not muster: the strength of choice.

Ere, who controlled time, could not simply undo something that did not work in her favor. Luna could not choose for someone she loved to live beyond their intended time. Lumina could not kill who she pleased; when she pleased, and Omni could not influence a choice made freely. The humans had free will and could live freely within the boundaries set for them.

As the humans lived, the Guardians watched over them. However, the humans also had the ability to create-and from them more Guardians were born, but along with the imperfect Guardians something much more sinister was also created. These evil things were known as the Undoings. The Guardians lived safetly in the Empyrean while the Undoings ran rampant on earth.

Humans were caught between the Guardians and Undoings, and the worlds swirled in a balance; but within time the Undoings had influenced more humans than the Guardians could. Soon, the humans faith in the Guardians faded as more and more Undoings surfaced. The Undoings had grown so strong they had even began to infect the Empyrean. One by one the Guardians began to fall. The imperfect Guardians fell first, becoming horrible, twisted ghosts of their former selves. The Empyrean was thrown into chaos for the first time. The mighty paradise began to decay and waste away.

The main four's power had weakened, yet they remained untouched by the Undoings; untill Lumina was the first of the four to succumb to the evil. She ravaged the Empyrean, murdering Guardian after Guardian. She took the lives of many people for no reason at all. Luna approached her, trying to reason with her but Lumina was lost. Lumina had attempted to destroy Luna, and be the only one left to control Life and Death.

Lumina's cackle echoed through the Empyrean

"Death is all that is equal!"

Lumina had sought to destroy all the Guardians, even those who she had once ruled alongside. With them gone, only Lumina would rule, only she would be left to control what she pleased.

Before Lumina could carry out the task, Ere had stepped infront of Luna. She could not undo what had been written, to do so would mean to become like Lumina-something less than Guardian...less than human. Within the multiple timelines Ere controlled, she wrote an unavoidable event. One hundred years, two hundred, one thousand, even one million years could pass before this event took place, but it would happen nonetheless. The Guardians who were lost would be reborn in a human host. Within the human's soul, the Guardian would be nestled, safe from Lumina's direct grasp. Ere foretold that a bloody war would rage against Lumina. This war would be so large, that from death there would be rebirth. The Guardians who fell would rise up, and a new age would be brought upon both earth and the Empyrean.

Ere allowed herself to be struck down by Lumina, and with every remaining ounce of power cursed Lumina to a mortal form. Luna, Ere has sealed away, for it would be Luna who would lead the army against Lumina and restore the balance that was lost.