A boy sat at a lake and a small duckling comes up to him giving a small quack. The boy smiled at the duck thinking it's funny how naïve and innocent a duckling could be without its mother near it. Suddenly a yell can be heard from across the clearing to the lake, the boy's blue eyes filled with fear. His father was drawing near and the duck suddenly looked at the human, as if understanding his feelings. "Justin!" His father yells.

The bushes got pushed downwards and a very scary looking man appeared from them, his face was bleeding from the wounds which appeared fresh. Justin quickly stood up his long blond hair waving as he stood, "how dare you run away from me!" His father yelled smacking the young child across the face. He grabs his arm and pulls him away from the clearing, but its more dragging then pulling.

I want to help him, thought the duckling sadly. Suddenly a little old lady appeared in front of the duck, her face was downright creepy it looked like something from a nightmare and her hair was long and white flowed smoothing down to her arms.

"If you want to help him I'll be more then glad too!" The old lady, Marie, said a devilish smile on her face. The duckling looked curious at the woman feeling fear and comfort while being around this strange lady. Without even being able to respond Marie took out a small red gem appearing to be a teardrop attached to a golden necklace.

This is my chance. The duckling thought. She wanted that pendant, she wanted to help the boy that had gotten hurt. But she didn't understand what the feeling inside her was that began to surface. It was a warm and fuzzy feeling and her heart was pounding a mile a minute as if it was running a race,

"Then go on and accept your destiny." Marie said and put it on the girl's neck, then something strange happened, the duck began to glow a bright red and suddenly the whole forest and neighboring town was engulfed in the same light. The last thing the duck could remember was the sound of the old lady's cackle...

"5 more minutes." A girl whines from under the covers of her soft and warm bed. The clock on the nightstand next to her rang loud and clear and small tan hand of the girl reached out from under the blankets. She groped the air until she found the clock and slammed her palm down on it, she then sat up rubbing her head. Her hair was long and brown and her eyes were a light shade of green, she turned her head to look at the clock.

8:05...Lillie let out a large scream and she hurried and got dressed slipping on her short red uniform skirt, white top and black Mary Jane's. She grabbed her books and ran out the door tripping over her feet as she went, when she got halfway down the hall of the girl's dorm area she fell on her face. Lillie forced herself up and kept running in the most ridiculous way the light catching on a red tear drop necklace she wore. Her school, Memo Academy was just a few blocks away.

The little old lady sits in her rocking chair inside of a dark place giving her an eerie glow, in front of her is a large mirror showing Lillie running. "Yes keeping running, because soon a great adventure will be in store for you! Because if you don't confess your love by the sixteenth moonrise then I'm afraid something bad will happen!" She cackles in the most creepy way anybody could imagine. It was like your worst nightmare come true, or even worse as if she was your worst nightmare...