There's a heaviness that's holding strong on the thin stupor of my shoulders. I can feel the world sliding through my fingertips and licking chaotically at my bruising spirit. I can taste the metallic spring of failure on the taste buds of my tongue, as satisfying as a penny that's been sitting out all day in an Arizona summer. The stress is raising armies of red bumpy mountains on my pale white skin that don't do much but ruin the ease of putting on make-up in the morning and raise the probability of soap trickling into my eyes. The weight is etched into the hunched arc of my back as I straighten out my numb body and attempt to awaken some reviving thoughts in this tired mind. The nightmares are running on a never-ending reel in the back of my subconscious, a closet that refuses to close shut. Amongst the night mares, reality plays, twines and bounces, bobs and weaves into a mortifying stream of memories. I can almost hear the mocking laughter smoking around the edges. The past is real. It actually happened. But the future is just a reflection of it unless I dance across an uncharted line and play hooky with some unknown entity. God is holding my heart up and lifting my eyes to the sky, the hope coming from the beams of the sun hold my mind above the clouded fog of this disastrous place otherwise known as being human. We've all been in this place, switching from foot to foot as if the silent tapping will make the seconds tick by faster. We're all just counting down life until there's finally nothing left to count. But what's the expression on your heart as you do this? Because if you look around, some of us are smiling just a little bit more than others. When the world could really be smiling as one.