This is something old that I found. Hope you like it.

I'm saying this now. I'm a regular teen. Daily life is the same day after day, after day. It's really quite peaceful. Yeah, it gets boring from time to time, but when my friends are around it's always crazy. I'm... not as energetic as Rose, Jenna, and Obed. Life is basically like this: waking up, getting greeted (mauled) by Rose, spending the first few classes with my buddies, lunch, and the rest I'm on my own. That's okay though. Making new friends is a part of life. And SG High welcomed me with open arms when I arrived this fall as a freshman. Both the teachers and students are so kind. Of course, there are a few mean people, but generally everyone's pretty decent. Furthermore, most of my classes actually interest me. Although it would be nice if I shared more of my classes with━

The ground rose up to meet me. Shoot! My arms flung out without much thought just before my face hit the cement. Some gravel on the ground dug into the skin of my palms. Ow... Falling first thing in the morning. Oh, yay...

"Hey, are you okay?" a vaguely familiar voice asked, sounding slightly concerned. I looked up. It was some guy from Bio. His face was a little red. Wow... was it that hot already? Well, people were out in just shorts and shirts, so I guess. I dunno. I always was less responsive to the weather than the average person. I rarely sweat and I didn't get as cold or hot as much as most people. Giovanni, the guy from Bio, held out his slightly chubby hand to me. Hm, most people like my friends would've just grabbed and pulled me up. I guess he was a gentleman, which was kinda nice. That was something that was quickly disappearing. A shame. Really. Now that I remember, he was always kind. I shook my head, refusing the help, as I got up. There was no problem getting up myself.

"It's okay, but thank─" Something heavy suddenly hit me, knocking me back to square one. Man, and I just got up. There was nothing wrong with the ground, but I'd rather not become so closely acquainted with it, thank you very much. I was lazy.

"Lyn! You were later than usual and you're always so on time, so I decided to go find you. And I did!" Well, someone was full of energy early in the morning. My red-haired best friend just freaking jumped on me... just like every other morning.

"Rose... this is fun and all, but get off," I murmured dryly.

She jumped up, her onyx eyes twinkling, and pulled me up before I could do the deed myself. My freckled friend was way too quick for me. "Lyn, I'm hungry. The food here tastes like crap, but let's get some food anyway! Okay?" Rose was already dragging me along in her hectic pace before I responded. Then, it hit me that I forgot something. I swiveled my head around, still being dragged, and looked for Giovanni. He was already gone. Huh, I didn't get to thank him yet. Oh, well, if I remember, I would do that at Bio. That wasn't likely. I had a terrible memory. That was too bad. Really.


I was just walked in French class when Obed ran past me, sprinting out the door with Jenna's bright red backpack. Then, Jenna chased after him, screaming bloody murder. I shrugged and went to my desk. Obed dashed back in the classroom with Jenna hot on his trail. My light brown haired friend grabbed her backpack and pulled. Despite being about half his size, in her determination, she managed to not let go, even managing to keep going forward inch by inch, her leafy green eyes narrowed in concentration. I took out my soft-cover book and whacked Obed's head with it.

"Ow!" He let go of the bag to clutch the back of his head.

"Oh, merci beaucoup!" I turned to Jenna when her definitely grateful and breathless voice reached me. She raised a palm from when she sagged against her chair. "High five!"


I was doing busy work. Bio teach was out today. The worksheet was almost done. Just one more question. These things required no effort at all, although a few of the answers were a bit difficult to find, but they were all there somewhere. I don't understand all the complaints about how it's so hard coming from most of my classmates. Actually, I did. They just didn't notice the answers if it wasn't highlighted or bolded. Seriously, I'm almost blind here, man, and I notice. Just look. That's all you have to do. Then, I heard quite a heavy sigh. Faintly curious, I glanced at the direction of the outburst of stress. Giovanni had pulled off his glasses and was rubbing his temples in frustration. He looked pretty terrible right now. It didn't feel right if I just ignored it and went back to work.

"Are you..." Giovanni looked at me, wide-eyed, surprised that I talked. "...okay? Do you need help?"

He looked down as he heaved another sigh, sounding as if he was letting out all his frustrations, and then subsequently ran his hands through his slightly curly hair. "Yeah," he breathed. That one word sounded so serious, like he really believed this busy work was actually hard. "I'm stuck on the last few problems." He pointed at said problems.

I flipped to a page in the textbook and indicated with a finger. "Answer's in this paragraph."

The last ten minutes went on like this, me directing him to the answer and him looking for it. This was the first time I talked to him.



The next day

"Everyone get up and get one worksheet, one string, one ruler, and scissors. You get your own," the Bio teacher ordered. A mob of people slowly made their way to the table. I'd wait. There was no way I'd fight my way through that crowd, no matter how nice the people are. Too many people. Besides, I had some amount of patience. It wouldn't kill me to wait a few minutes. I heard a slight movement to my left. My head turned to the sound. Giovanni placed the things the teacher said to get in front of me. I felt my head tilting to the side a little without any input from me.

"Weren't we supposed to get it for yourself?" I murmured, a hint of curiosity arising.

He looked at me, face tinged pink. Huh, was it hot in here? "Yeah... but I got one for you."

"Oh..." I would ask, but he didn't seem like he wanted to answer. Nor was he the type that blurted out their every single thought. That, I could understand. Anyway, I wasn't one to pry. So I just smiled. Getting my stuff for me was a nice gesture. "Thanks."


There was a single post-it note on Jenna's desk. It was blue and had neat writing on it. There was only one sentence on it.

Good luck on your geo test.

Jenna looked puzzled. "I don't have a geo test today."

I shrugged. "I do."

Rose strokes her imaginary beard wisely. "Hmmm..."

Jenna stares at her, cracking up. "You don't have a beard."

"Yes, I do. You just can't see it." Rose continues to stroke.

Jenna reaches out her hand to swipe Rose's chin. "See! You don't have one!"

Rose abruptly turns to the side, mock indignation written all over her face. "You're just not awesome enough to see it."

"Yeah, right," Jenna uttered.

Rose smirked. "I am right."


Obed was munching on small candies, commenting after eating each one. He put a purple one in and made a face. "Aw, grape tastes like crap." He ate another purple one anyway. His face screwed up again.

"Then why are you eating crap?" A rhetorical question.

He answered anyway. "The grape will get lonely if I leave it by itself," Obed said, throwing another purple one in.

"Yes, logic," I murmured dryly.


The next day, there was another post-it with the same sloping handwriting on it. This time it only had six letters on it.


"Nhappy?" Jenna read out loud questioningly.

I glanced at the note. "Unhappy without u (unhappy with you)."


I swung my foot, bored.

Obed got up from where he was lying. "Get your foot out of my face!" He held his cheek. "It almost hit me!"

"Get your face out of my foot."


Every day, there was a single post-it note on the middle of Jenna's desk. This time it had a long rectangle with words in it.



"What the hell is this?" Jenna stared at it, unable to decode it.

I looked at it, thinking about how I haven't seen Gio for a while, wondering why I was thinking about that. "Long time, no c (Long time no see)."

The next day there was another note. It said.

I have only

1 thing

2 do

3 words

4 you

I love you

"I think I'm falling for him," Jenna sighed.

I looked at her. "You never even met the writer."

"But his notes are so sweet." She smiled, her eyes turning dull as she lost herself in her fantasies. I let her be.


I tripped, meeting my old friend, the ground. "Oush."

Obed looked at me funny. "Isn't it normally 'ouch'?"

"Well, excuse me for not being normal," I murmured dryly.

"Sorry. You okay?" Obed held his hand out.

"Thanks, Obed. Want a treat or something in return?" I murmured as I went to my desk.

"In that case..." He grinned. "I want a kiss."


"Really?" He leaned closer just as I turned around.

I asked, "But only one?"

Obed responded, stupefied, "I can have more?"

"Of course." I placed a couple of kisses in front of him with one hand while the other unwrapped one of the small chocolates and popped it in my mouth. "Good thing I got a bag." I looked at him. He looked disappointed. "What's with that face? You want more?" I pushed the bag across the desk to him. "Here."

He sighed. Then, Obed reverted back to how he usually was so I didn't think much of it.

Thank you for reading. A lovely present and future to you.