*Bento: Boxed Lunch

*Aneue: Older Sister

*Hai: Yes

Kanada High School

Class 1-C - Before 1st Period

"Ku-Kuroki-kun..." The soft voice interrupted Rin's reading, the yellow-haired delinquent slowly lowering his manga down far enough so that he could glare over it at the girl standing somewhat next to him. As soon as his red eyes landed on her own light-blue ones, she shrunk away in fear; but just that wasn't going to silence her. "C-class is about to start... s-so you should put away your manga... A-also, your feet, they shouldn't be... up on top of the desk..." She was managing to keep her eyes locked onto his own, despite how frightened she looked.

The girl's name is Hayasaka Akira, Class 1-C's class representative. Her eyes are the same light-blue as her hair, which was set into a bob-cut with her bangs coming down long on the right side while on the left her hair was held behind her ear with a hairpin. The girl is rather timid and is easily intimidated, which is exactly why the class had elected her to be their representative; after all, the vast majority of the class are delinquents, and they don't like to be bossed around. So, the answer had been to elect a hamster (figuratively speaking) as the class rep.

Though she has little to no courage, she still tries to make an attempt to keep things in order, surprisingly.

"P-please, Kuro-" Akira jumped when the boy suddenly snapped his comic closed, his action a bit loud and highly unexpected. A relieved smile, a very small one, started to form on her face when she saw that he was putting it up; however, when she saw that he still wasn't pulling his feet off of the desk, that smile vanished, along with her relief. "Ku-Kuroki-kun... your feet..." She whispered, edging forward a little.

"What about them?" He asked, looking back at her with a little smile of his own playing across his face, though his was more of a rebel's smile.

Akira stopped, her body nearly trembling as she continued to force herself to look into his eyes; mustering up all of her little ounce of courage, she forced herself to not give up. "Th-they... shouldn't be up on the desk. I-it's... disrespectful... to the school..." Rin raised an eyebrow, but that was the extent of his movement. "The teacher... will get on to you... and you'll... get in trouble..." She pressed, hoping that he would relent before she did.

Deciding to stop it there, and since Akira did give a pretty good point about getting in trouble, Rin finally placed his feet upon the ground and all four legs of his chair as well. "Yeah, that'd be a pain." He muttered, his elbow going on top of the desk and his hand going up to his cheek as he glanced back at her.

The girl smiled, relief evident in her expression as she nodded her head in appreciation. "Th-thank you very much, Kuroki-kun." She nodded once more before turning around, going over to her desk which was right next to his own on the back row. Rin watched her out of the corner of his eye, his cheeks unnoticeably red; however, not a moment later, commotion sprung up towards the front of the classroom. Not commotion as in the start of a fight, but commotion as in loud conversation that made a few students, mostly the non-delinquents, look over towards the noise.

Rin caught sight of Matsumiya, one of the two head delinquents of Class 1-C, sitting with a foot resting on the desk while he carried on with a couple of his buddies, one of which was sitting on top of a desk. Rin then gave a glance towards Akira, interested in what course of action she would take. The girl was looking over at the delinquents, an arm and a closed hand up to her chest as she likely pondered on what to do.

Reminding herself that she had managed to persuade Rin to behave, Akira attempted to use that to fuel her courage while she walked on over to speak with Matsumiya. With each step she only seemed to become more nervous; but she kept going, knowing it is her duty as class rep to make sure that her classmates behave. "Ma-Matsumiya..." She began, approaching the bleached-hair delinquent.

Matsumiya looked back at her, making her stop just by setting his eyes on her. "What do you want?" He asked rudely, standing up out of his chair and turning to face her.

"U-um..." Akira looked down, trying to hide her fear but failing as her body trembled with fright. "P-please... d-don't... put your feet... on the... desk." She whispered, barely loud enough for Matsumiya to hear her before she turned around and hurried back to her desk, far too frightened to say anything more. Once she was back in her seat, she took a deep breath to try and ease her nerves; and, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Rin was the way she had left him.

Her body gradually stopped trembling as she glanced over at the delinquent. Despite having likely seen her loss at the hands of Matsumiya, he didn't break out his manga again or place his feet back on the desk; he simply sat there, looking a little out of the window while his yellow hair fell down to his shoulders. Akira couldn't help but to feel a little happy. She may have not managed to settle down a big name like Matsumiya, but she had been able to get someone to behave... that made her feel just a tiny bit better.

Forgetting about the head delinquent, she smiled a small smile before going to get her things out for homeroom.

As the girl busied herself, Rin looked back at her, a serious expression in his eyes along with... something else. Akira, someday you'll have enough courage to stand up without wavering. He smiled, a small smile, but a genuine one. It may take awhile, but you'll gradually become more confident as time passes by. I'm going to help you, without you knowing it... and when all is said and done, I'll reveal the feelings I'm hiding from you.

One day, I'll tell you I'm in love with you, but it won't be anytime soon.

With that, Rin placed his hands behind his head and looked up at the ceiling as the teacher came in.

Class 1-C - 4th Period

Akira was taking down notes as the math teacher carried on with her lecture about a lot of numbers, formulas, and other math terms that made sense to very little of the class. She was starting on a new line when she suddenly noticed that Rin had his head down on the desk and resting on his arms, his breathing even and his eyes closed. Ku-Kuroki!? The girl mentally exclaimed, quite surprised that he would dare to sleep while Miss Nishimura was going on with a lecture. If she doesn't wake him up, he'll get in a lot of trouble!

"Ku-Kuroki-kun..." She softly whispered, reaching out with her hand and taking ahold of his jacket's sleeve and tugging on it. "Y-you need to wake up..."

"Five more minutes..." Came his sleepy voice.
Class will be over in five more minutes! "But..."

"Hayasaka-san." She froze as the teacher's eyes settled onto her. "Is something the matter?" The long, blonde-haired woman asked, her dark red eyes moving down Akira's arm and onto the sleeping delinquent next to her. "I see..." As soon as she said that, half of the class ducked down in their seats, just right before a ruler went flying through the air and slammed into Rin's desk.

Rin was sent flying back in surprise by his sudden, and violent, wake up call; his chair toppling over and sending both it and him falling down onto the floor with an audible thud. "Wh-what was that!?" He cried out, quickly climbing back up onto his feet only to see a ruler sticking up out of his desk. He looked from it towards the teacher, a nervous expression on his face. "S-sensei, a ruler is sticking out of my desk..."

Miss Nishimura smiled, her hand going to her cheek as she got an innocent look on her face. "Don't you know, Kuroki-kun? 'Rulers-suddenly-almost slamming-into-your-head-while-you-sleep-during-class-without-paying-any-attention-to-the-teacher' is quite common in today's world." She lowered her hand, still pretending to be all innocent of the incident as she continued. "So I would suggest that you pay more attention to the teacher from now on, Kuroki-kun."

Rin gulped. "H-hai, sensei.."

The teacher smiled once more before she went back to her lecture as Rin picked his chair up and sat back down in it, looking at the ruler before he noticed Akira looking over at him. She smiled at him, Rin returning it with a blank stare.

A couple of minutes later class ended and it was now time for lunch. As students broke out their lunches or moved desks to sit with their closest buddies, or went outside of the classroom, both Akira and Rin stood up out of their seats. At first glance it looked like they were heading out together, but it was only because both of their seats are on the back row and because they're headed to the same place.

Rin watched Akira walk down the hall from behind, the girl not frightened any as she was used to him 'tagging along' by now. Just as they reached the second floor of the building, a familiar voice cried out. "Hey, you filthy delinquent!" Rin groaned as Akira turned around, a smile forming on her face as she quickly moved past Rin.

"Who are you calling filthy, cow!?" He shot back, turning around and setting his eyes on a certain class rep's older sister, Hayasaka Kanata. The girl had her blue hair up in a ponytail that didn't have much tail to it and she had her amber eyes locked onto his own.

"I have a lovely, modest chest size, thank you very much." Kanata said as she stepped forward, the tips of her fingers up against her chest.
"I was talking about your weight." Rin bluntly replied.
"What about my weight!?" She cried out, stomping her foot.
"You heard me!"

They glared at each other, something they've been during since the first day of high school while Akira nervously watched from the sidelines. "Hmph," Kanata began, already ready to carry on, "at least I know how to button up my jacket."
"Really? Because you missed the bottom button."

She looked down at her uniform, a bead of sweat falling down her cheek when she saw that she had indeed missed buttoning the bottom button. "I still got more buttons than you did..." She nearly whispered, a little ashamed of her mistake.
"Doesn't mean anything if you don't get them all."
"Who cares!? They're just buttons!" She snapped.
"Weren't you the one who cared!?"
"Shut up!"

They continued to glare at each other in silence for a few moments before Rin finally sighed and set his lunch down by the wall. "You know, I've been thinking."
"Delinquents can think?"
He ignored her. "Ever since school started, it seems like you've been itching for a fight with me."
"What makes you say that?" Even though Kanata said that, she already had her fists up.
His eyes snapped onto hers.

Without a word, Rin was suddenly upon Kanata, rearing his arm back and lashing out with his fist towards her head. The girl cried out in surprise as she tried to duck down in time; however, before Rin could make contact with something hard-headed, his arm was suddenly being held up against a completely, utterly, flat chest. "S-stop this!" Akira cried out, holding the boy's arm against her so that he couldn't fight. "If you fight... both of you will get in a lot of trouble...!" She softly, yet urgently, exclaimed, her watery eyes making contact with Rin's own.

Rin's cheeks reddened, the boy looking back into Akira's eyes before he both pulled his arm away from her and looked away. He turned his back to the two girls, walking back over to where he had set down his bento. "Che, I'm going to eat somewhere else." He muttered, starting to head down the stairs as Kanata stuck her tongue out at him, an action he did not notice.

"Serves him right." Kanata proclaimed, her voice laced with pride though it had been her sister who had managed to 'run' the delinquent off.
"A-aneue!" Akira cried, leaning forward and staring her big sister right in the eyes.
Kanata averted her eyes away from her as she scratched her reddening cheek, now realizing that she had practically gotten into a fight right in front of her little sister. "Y-yeah... sorry about that."
Akira only pouted, both of her arms being held up as she continued to stare into the girl's amber eyes.

Kanata looked back at her and smiled, her hand going on top of the girl's light-blue hair. "You have gym today, so make sure to eat plenty of the food I made!" She said in an energetic tone, ruffling the girl's hair in a playful manner.
Akira flinched at her hair being messed up, but it didn't take long for her to return her sister's smile.
"We have the roof all to ourselves, so let's enjoy it!"

While Akira and Kanata were distracted by each other, Rin tiptoed past them and up the next flight of stairs.