The Next Day - After School (No Club Activities)

Akira was in the empty classroom all alone after the others had hurried out when the bell had rung; she had been finishing up a worksheet and had still been working on it even after the last person had exited the room, so that was the reason she was still in there. Just as she was putting her Japanese Literature book away in her bag, one of the doors to the classroom slammed opened and Sakakido Ikuto stood in the doorway, quickly looking over at her. "R-rep! we've got a problem!"

Akira blinked, now getting a little worried about why all of the delinquents had so suddenly rushed out after the bell. "Y-yes...? What is it?" She asked, stepping away from her desk and towards him.

"It's Matsumiya and Cannon! They're at it again!"
E-eh!? A-again...? "I-I understand... W-we... need to go get the teachers!"

With that soft exclamation, Akira hurried out as Ikuto told her where the delinquents were before they both set off in different directions, Akira going for Miss Nishimura and Ikuto going for Mrs. Kanegawa, the two most fearsome teachers in the entire school. While they did that, the classroom was left completely empty and Akira's bag was left completely exposed; that is, the classroom was left empty until the door slid open and a brunette entered the room.

Haru smiled as everything was going according to plan: she'd use Matsumiya and Kanon's fight to draw Akira out of the classroom, leaving her bag behind and exposed. In reality, she was just taking advantage of Akira staying behind by herself, the fight breaking out, and Ikuto going to Akira; she hadn't planned any of it, but her course of action from here on out had been thought through. So, with her plan set, she hurried up to Akira's desk on the back row, soon catching sight of the Japanese Literature book halfway in it. Seeing as the first-years have a literature test tomorrow, Akira would be needing this book tonight to study (and Rin would need his too, for that matter; Haru has it at the moment, taken when he was distracted by watching the fight).

Haru took the textbook out of the bag, looking at it with a cute, yet slightly evil, smile on her face. Without wasting any time, she closed the bag and hurried over to hide underneath the teacher's desk, hoping that Akira, after having dealt with her duties as the Class Rep, would forget that she hadn't closed her bag and would just pick it up and head home, which would go according to plan. Sure enough, some time later when a slightly relieved looking Akira walked back into the classroom, she simply picked her bag up and headed off.

Yes! Haru cried out in her mind, overly joyed as she hurried over to Akira's now barren desk. She set the literature book down on it and then set Rin's literature book down on top of his desk (she had purposely made it obvious that someone had been in his bag, so he'd be checking his stuff and then be looking for his book... unless he just coerced someone else to give him their book). Now that the literature books were set down, she set down one of Class 1-C's homeroom teacher's journals on the desk in front of Akira's. She hurried back to her hiding spot, hoping that everything would go as planned from here on out; and, after maybe about ten minutes or so, she eventually heard footsteps coming down towards the classroom.

Mr. Shirai, a young teacher with shoulder-length cheerful red hair and dark-rimmed glasses in front of his friendly blue eyes, walked into the room from the front door, quickly looking around the classroom with a frantic look in his eyes. It wasn't one of his 'journals' that had been stolen, but one of his secret diaries that he keeps, so the teacher was quite distressed. Fortunately, after his eyes skimmed over the desks, he caught sight of his diary on one of the student desks. He hurried over to it, scooping it up and bringing it to his chest with a breath of relief; however, it wasn't long before he caught sight that two students had left their literature textbooks on their desks.

Being the one giving the test tomorrow, he felt quite concerned; before he could act, though, the back door opened and in strode a familiar, yellow-haired delinquent. Rin spared Mr. Shirai a glance before catching sight of his textbook on his desk, the boy walking up to it and taking it back, placing it back inside of his bag. He looked up at Mr. Shirai one last time before turning around and starting to walk back out; however, the teacher stopped him. "Kuroki-kun!" The man called out, Rin looking back at him to see that he was holding up another literature book.

"Yeah, sensei?"

Mr. Shirai looked at the textbook he was holding and then at Akira's desk before setting his eyes back on Rin. "Hayasaka-kun seems to have left her textbook behind; and seeing as we have a test tomorrow, do you happen to know where she lives?" There was a hopeful look in the teacher's eyes, a look that was pleading with the delinquent.

Rin sighed, looking away from him. "Yeah, I happen to know where she lives."
Mr. Shirai's face lit up with a smile. "Then could you take her book to her for me, pretty please?"
"Why do I-" Rin stopped mid-sentence. This gives me the perfect excuse to visit Akira's house.
"Please~" Mr. Shirai begged, leaning in closer as he started to practically give Rin the puppy-dog eyes.
"Alright, fine!" Rin said, taking the textbook out of his hands. "I'll take it to her."
"Thank you very much, Kuroki-kun!"

Rin, muttering something under his breath, headed out of the classroom, keeping his happiness and excitement hidden underneath his delinquency as he started to make his way out of school. Haru was so happy that she hit her head against the top of the desk, alerting Mr. Shirai to her presence. As she was distracted by the pain in her temple, the teacher walked up to the desk and peered underneath it, a confused look on his face. Just as he caught sight of her and she him, Haru bolted out, kicking his legs out from underneath him before running out of the door and down the hall, leaving behind Mr. Shirai who was whimpering in pain.

Hayasaka Household

Looks Like I was right; still the same old place as before. Rin thought to himself as he stood out in front of a house, looking over at the nameplate on it that read 'Hayasaka'. He looked down at Akira's book in his hand, smiling at the thought of being able to come over to the house of the girl he likes. He shook his head to clear his mind, reminding himself that he is just here to return her book; so, with that thought in mind, he walked up to the door and rung the doorbell.

It wasn't long before someone answered it; but the person who did answer it was neither Akira nor her blasted sister. A middle-aged man stood in the doorway, his brown hair pulled back and down into a tail of sorts, and his closed eyes behind his glasses as smiling as his mouth. Without a doubt, Rin was looking at Akira's one and only father who was looking him over, despite his eyes being closed. The delinquent couldn't help but to notice that the man looked like one who had been constantly bullied in school, as if delinquents always came to him to 'borrow' some money. He just had that look.

"Hello there," The man started, his tone friendly, "is there something I may help you with?"
Rin held up Akira's book. "I'm one of Akira's classmates. She forgot her literature book back at school and I'm returning it to her."
"Ah, you're one of her friends!" That blunt statement made Rin's cheeks turn a light shade of red. "Come in; I'm sure she'll be glad to see you."
"Right. Thanks." He muttered as he was welcomed into the house, pulling his shoes off as the man closed the door.
"Akira is upstairs in her room, the only door on the right. I have to get back to my project for the moment, but feel free to make yourself at home." Before Rin knew it, Mr. Hayasaka had vanished off to somewhere.

So that man is her father; seems like a nice enough guy, but he could at least have told me where the stairs- oh, right down the hall. Having caught sight of the stairs, Rin made his way to them and started up, going right at the top and coming to the only door on that side. Well, here goes nothing. He raised his hand up and knocked on the door. "Oi, Akira, you in?"

A gasp of surprise followed by the sound of something dropping on the floor told him that he had caught the girl completely off guard, something that brought a smile to his face. "Ku-Kuroki...!? W-why... O-oh, c-come in!"

Rin opened the door, catching sight of Akira sitting on the ground, still wearing her school uniform and even her socks. "You forgot your-" His sentence cut off after that as he now caught sight of a headset around her neck and a controller on the floor. Looking over to the right, he saw that she had a TV in her room, along with a game console. Looking around her slightly-messy room, he caught sight of evidence of games scattered about in places far and wide along with manga, some of which were on the floor.

He's thought of what Akira's room would look like upon the first time he would see it, but he hadn't expected anything like this. He was surprised to see the games and such, but he was more shocked to see how messy the room was; and even the littlest of mess is multiplied when this is the room in which she lives in. Rin was simply stunned.

Akira's face went beet-red as she just now realized how her room must look like to him. "Ku-Kuroki, t-this..." The tips of her ears went red as she looked around at her room, growing even more embarrassed.

"Akira..." She looked up at him, a little afraid of what he would say. "This is... unacceptable." He started forward, making her a little afraid of what he was going to do next; but what he did do next, made her... confused, to say the least. He started by throwing the book he had in his hand into her lap and then he proceeded to start picking up the items that were strewn about on the floor. Several manga were picked up along with a couple of games; a pen and a few pencils, and a piece of paper; a hairbrush, and a hairband that was likely Kanata's; a half-drunk bottle of water; and, finally, a box that was over by the bed.

"Ku...Kuroki...?" Akira asked, watching as he laid the stuff he had picked up on her bed, like-items with like-items.
The look he gave her was focused and narrowed. "Akira, either sit there quietly or help me."
It was a stern sentence, stern enough to make her instantly respond in fright. "H-hai!"

Taking off her headset and laying it down to the side of the low table the TV was on, Akira got up and went over to help Rin as he started to organize her bookshelf and the top of her desk which had writing utensils, paper, and books all strewn about on it. Too frightened to turn back to the game she had been playing, she simply let it continue on without her as her room slowly started to turn neater and more organized.

Akira stood in front of her bookshelf, a little amazed by how organized it all looked now. Her games took up the bottom shelf while her manga took the second and third shelves, leaving the books at the top shelf, practically about at eye-level. Her desk had been cleared off save for the water bottle now resting on it and the paper, pencils, and pens were now in the top drawer, which had previously been mostly empty considering everything had been out of it beforehand except for some paper. Her hairbrush and her sister's hairband that had been left in her room at some point in time were also on the desk, though Akira thought she had seen Rin contemplating on throwing the hairband in the trash for a moment. Finally, the box, for her headset, was sitting neatly by the table.

"Th-thank you, Ku-Kuroki..." Akira softly whispered, a bit amazed by what he had done; her room looked the neatest it has looked in quite awhile, much to her own personal dismay at that thought. She really should do better at keeping it clean... because just keeping trash and clothes picked up isn't enough; especially if someone were to suddenly come over. Why didn't Father warn me...

"I didn't expect you to be the type who lets her room get so messy, Akira." Rin muttered from where he was sitting up against the bed, looking up at Akira who turned to face him, bringing her closed hands up to her chest.
"I... I'm always doing something, so I... never really notice how messy my room is..."
"I'll give you credit for keeping your trash picked up and not letting your clothes get strewn about, but you also need to be organized."

As Akira got down onto her knees, sitting with her legs underneath her and her hands resting on her thighs, Rin looked over at the game console. "Furthermore, I never expected you to be a..." He turned his head over towards the videogames resting on the bottom shelf, "gamer, Class Rep."
Once again, her hands went up to her chest as she leaned forward. "I-I do like games... b-but I keep all of it balanced... My gaming, my social life, my family relations, and my studies...!"
Rin reached over and picked up the videogame resting on the console. "UCSF: Battle of Asgard." He looked back at Akira, his eyes boring holes into her own. "A first-person-shooter?" Such violent games for such a timid girl.
Akira blushed. "I-it's..." She looked down, her cheeks turning a little redder. "Yes..."
Rin then looked at the headset. "Online friends?"
"Y-yes... I'm in a... clan..."

He didn't know what a clan is when it comes to gaming terms, but he could make his educated assumptions. "Right. Anyways, like I was saying earlier before I got carried away, you forgot your literature book back at school, so I came here to give it back to you." Akira blinked and looked over at where she had set the book down, only now noticing that it was her literature book. But I thought that I placed it in my bag...

"Thank you... very much, Kuroki." Akira said softly, looking back at the delinquent. "Since you took the trouble to come over, would you... care for some tea?"
Some of Akira's homemade tea!? No, I should get going. I'm not even her frie- "Yeah, whatever." -nd... And I just agreed to it...

"Then I'll go and... prepare some." Akira said, getting up onto her feet. As she did so, Rin noticed something under her bed; and, upon pulling it out, he found it was a notebook for school. The name on the notebook made his eyes narrow somewhat as he saw that it read the detestable name of 'Hayasaka Kanata'. "Ah! That's aneue's notebook...!" Akira suddenly exclaimed, taking a step forward. "She must have left it in here when we... were studying the other day." As if she had remembered something else, she suddenly looked over at the TV. "Ku-Kuroki, may I ask you... to return her notebook to her...? I... I need to apologize... to my friends, and tell them... I'll be getting off... and then I'll make the tea..."

Rin was about to refuse but stopped upon seeing the look Akira was giving him; it was nothing special, just her usual look plus some red cheeks. But, nevertheless, just that was enough to get him to comply. "Fine, I'll return it to her. Just make some good tea, alright?"
Akira smiled, a happy smile that made Rin blush. "Y-yes! Her room is at the other end of the hallway; I'm not sure if she's home yet, though."

As Akira went back to her game to finish things up, Rin got up and headed out of her room, heading down the hall to the door at the end of it. With Kanata's notebook in hand, he knocked on the door. "Oi, cow, you in!?" He called out, but there was absolutely no response. Guess I'll just barge on in. He opened the door and stepped inside; and what he saw next made a shadow of disgust fall over his face. The room was an absolute and utter mess, with the first thing catching his sight being an article of underwear on a desk. The notebook fell out of his hand, landing on top of a shirt that was just laying down on the floor which he could barely see. The room was many more times messier than Akira's had been, and there were multiple articles of garments laying around, a few of which were panties and bras. It disgusted him to no end to see such a room; and, before he knew it, without even being able to help it, his inner 'keep-things-clean-and-tidy-despite-being-a-delinquent' self came out...

Right in the room of his 'arch nemesis'.

"I'm home!" Kanata called out as she walked into the house, slipping her shoes off and not noticing the extra pair of shoes. "Akira, you up in your room again? What about you, Father, still on your days-off?" She called out, not expecting a response from either of them; but, just as she started heading for the stairs to go check on her little sister, Akira's voice came from the kitchen.

"Aneue, I'm in the kitchen."
Kanata blinked, a little surprised. "What? Really?"

Kanata made her way to the kitchen, catching sight of Akira fixing some tea; and when she saw it was just tea, she breathed a sigh of relief. She had been just a little scared that Akira had gotten some crazy notion to make supper all by herself; it wouldn't be a bad supper, but it would lack in... flavor. "Welcome home, aneue."
"You're making tea?"
"Yes, Kuroki came over, so-"
"That filthy delinquent is over here!?" Kanata cried out before quickly taking a look all around, snapping her head to and fro.

"Hai. He should still be upstairs; I had him return your notes from-"
"W-w-w-wait!" Kanata cried out, quickly stepping up to her sister. "Re-re-return... as in... going to my room?"
"Y-yes... I-is there a problem...?"
The older girl's face paled. "N-no... not at all..."

Before anything else could be said, Kanata turned around and started running, up the stairs and down to her room, flinging the door open and coming upon a sight that... amazed her. She could see the floor of her room, completely devoid of the mess that had hidden it from view for so long; the clothes that she had had strewn about everywhere were now in a laundry basket in a corner of the room, and all of her other stuff that had also been everywhere and anywhere was now... put up somewhere. Even her manga were all organized in the two bookshelves in her room.

Kanata's face suddenly had doom written upon it (figuratively).

All of her manga had been picked up.

Her eyes slowly looked over at the yellow-haired boy in the middle of the cleaned room, his eyes wide open in disbelief as he looked down at the manga he was holding in his hand. It had been the last object Rin had picked up, so his 'cleaning drive' had settled down and he had noticed something strange about the manga. For one, quite a few of them had two girls on the cover, close together, sometimes even in a slightly romantically-suggested way. But the manga he was holding in his hands... had two girls almost... kissing.

Shoujo-ai... Girls-love.

Rin looked up, noticing Kanata's presence, and looked over at her, his expression one of shock. "C-cow... y-you're... into... girls?" Before he could blink, Kanata's left hand, the one that wasn't broken and in a cast, came flying out of the air and grabbed the manga from out of his hands, the girl quickly shoving it into an empty spot in the bookshelf and turning so that her back was to it.

Her hand tightened into a fist as she glared at him, hatred and venom in her eyes. "If you tell anyone, if you tell Akira, I will personally see to it that you mysteriously disappear without a single trace."

"Y-you... really are..."
Kanata stepped forward, quickly closing the distance as she grabbed Rin by his shirt. "S-so what! Y-you probably have something that you hide too back in your own room! Adult magazines! Yeah, you probably have a stash of them hidden underneath your bed!"
Rin's cheeks turned red. "I don't, you pervert! Only sick people have those!"
"That's what you say, but you just don't want anyone to find them!"

As the noise drifted down the hall, Akira walked over to her sister's room with a confused look on her face, the girl wondering what her sister and Rin were arguing about as she carried the tray which held the tea she had just made. Coming into her sister's room, she saw that Rin and Kanata were yelling at each other up in each other's face, her sister holding him by his shirt while he stood his ground.

"Even if you wanted to come over, you don't even know where I live!"
"I'd just force it out of you!"
"Like I'd tell you! I'm not going to let you go through my room!"
"So you do have something to hide!"
"It's a matter of privacy!"
"Privacy!? You have any right to be talking about that after coming into my room!?"
"Your sister asked me too! And it's your own fault for keeping your room so messy!"
"I was going to clean it this Sunday!"
"Sunday!? That's five days away!"
"I do it the first Sunday of every month!"
"Only once every month!?"

Kanata turned to look at Akira. "Hey, Akira, don't you want to go check out this delinquent's house with me, your big sister? I'm sure we'll find out all kinds of things! Like if he has any adult magazines stashed somewhere!"
"I don't, you perv!"
"We just need to know where he lives!"
"Well you don't! So too-"

"Actually," Akira began, her voice a bit soft with how loud the other two were being, "I do know... where Kuroki lives." Kanata had a smile on her face while Kuroki's own expression looked like he felt betrayed. "As... Class Rep, I know where... all of my classmates live."
"Then let's go!" Kanata exclaimed, dragging along a struggling Rin.

Kanata, along with Rin, passed Akira by, the girl leading the delinquent down the stairs and out the door with a pleased look on her face. Akira followed after them, but she first stopped by the kitchen. "Father! There's some tea on the counter, feel free to help yourself." Instead of being met with his voice, she was met with familiar, purple eyes. "M-Mother...!?"

Mrs. Hayasaka rubbed her eyes, a little sleepy from having slept up until just now since when she had gotten home sometime after her girls had left for school. Her long blue hair, just a little darker shade than Kanata's own, was a bedridden mess; but, despite that, she still looked as young and beautiful as ever. She looked like she had been very popular in high school, like she had received dozens of love letters back in her day; and for good reason too, because that is what had happened back when she was still a student (even her co-workers nowadays still send her love letters, despite her being married). "A-ki-ra chan, are you going out?" She asked, pronouncing Akira's name as three different syllables instead of as a single name.

"Yes, Mother."
"A friend's house?"

Akira smiled, her hands clasped together in front of her. "Yes, I am."
"Have fun, then."
"I will! We'll be back soon."
"Supper will be a bit late tonight, so feel free to get a snack on your way home."
"I understand."

With that, at the sound of Kanata calling her name, Akira hurried out of the kitchen and out of the house, going to rejoin her sister who was holding a struggling Rin in a headlock. As Akira pointed them in the direction of his house, Kanata dragged Rin along until he finally gave up and went along with them willingly.