My Valentine from Hell

He was here.

It was after all Valentine's Day and my 18th birthday. I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as I yawned and looked at the numbers flashing on my clock: '9:35'. I glanced around my room and let out a sigh as I saw him leaning against the wall. His arms were crossed and his 'fuck me' eyes were focused squarely on me; that annoying infamous smirk present.


That's what he told me to call him. I laughed at how unoriginal the name was. He sneered.

"Happy birthday Evie," he said mockingly in his deep silky voice that caused me to shudder.

I narrowed my eyes at him and muttered coldly, "Thanks and I told you to call me Eviel." He smirked at me coldly.

"Au contraire Evie you refused to tell me your name, which I found hilarious since I already knew it." He furrowed his eyebrow in annoyance. " So I decided to call you Evie."

"So if you already knew it then why did you ask for it?" I asked dryly and kept my eyes focused on his naturally fiery violet ones, challenging him to look away but knowing he never would. This was my way of telling him that I no longer feared him even though my mind screamed the exact opposite.

"I was testing you," he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "To see how much your personality matched your appearance." I raised an eyebrow in confusion and he looked amused. "I have to say I was quite disappointed because you weren't as meek and spineless as you wanted people to think. You actually surprised me and we both know how much I despise surprises. On top of that you could block me from your thoughts. Do you know how much that still pisses me off?" he asked calmly while he started to walk closer to me.

The hairs on my arm and neck stood up like a soldier ready for war. I swallowed slowly before answering. "Well I'm glad I upset you. Now you can finally leave me alone and wreak havoc on someone else's life."

He chuckled dryly and stood directly in front of me. I refused to move like I always did previously and stayed exactly where I was. He seemed surprised and amused. "Oh come on now. It hasn't been that bad," he replied mockingly.

I glared at him and laughed bitterly. "Oh gee you're right, I am being too hard on you. It's not like the first year I didn't almost end up in a mental institute. And let's not forget the second year where you almost got me killed."

He smiled slightly. "The keyword my dear Evie is: almost."

His smile chilled me and I couldn't take his presence anymore. I rushed to my bathroom, quickly splashing icy, cold water on to my face. The temperature was a stark contrast to his and I felt instant relief. After patting my face dry with a towel, I turned around only to slam into a wall. Of course, experience told me this was no wall. I touched my forehead and groaned. I opened my eyes slowly to glare at him but instead of anger, I felt an instant tightening and my heart began to beat frantically as I stared into his purple eyes.

I couldn't control my eyes as they decided to move lower. I took in his black t-shirt that said 'You're all going to end up in Hell. Stop fooling yourselves', the intricate tattoo he had of a black serpent, which started on his left arm and travelled along his shoulder to the back of his neck and finally ended on his right arm. I glanced at the black jeans that hugged him in every way possible and the black converse that adorned his feet. Finally my hazel colored eyes travelled back up to his almost angelic face. If it wasn't for the fact that he had sharp masculine features and had a scar between his eyebrows, he would look almost harmless.

Harmless? I wanted to laugh bitterly he was anything but.

"I know you like what you see so now it's my turn to see if I like what I see," he remarked arrogantly.

Instinctively I looked at what I was wearing: a white oversized t-shirt and pink flannel pants with hearts all over it. I suddenly felt my t-shirt drawn over my head and hot hands touching my warm skin. I shivered as goose bumps erupted on my skin as his eyes turned into a dark purple and his hands caressed my skin. I grabbed his arms and tried to push him away but he wouldn't budge. His hands moved further south and pulled off my flannel pants. My heartbeat accelerated as fear took a hold of me. He had never gone this far before and the fact that he could go even further pushed me into action.

"Flames stop!" I screamed while beating on his chest.

He immediately let me go and looked me up and down. He seemed satisfied with what he saw. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around myself. Then he said three words that rocked my core.

"I can't wait."

"You said my 21st birthday," I reminded him tersely.

He smirked and put his hands on either side of the counter and leaned forward. I refused to lean back and so we were both on eye level. "I got them to change it to your 19th."

My heart seemed to stop beating and everything seemed still. "What?" I whispered in disbelief. "Why?" I demanded.

He looked at me in disdain and said dryly, "Because Eviel I have been waiting for you for almost a 1000 years and I don't want to wait any longer." He pulled the towel from around me and stared at my body once again. I shuddered. He didn't care. "He felt the same way too so I've gotten it to change to your 19th it would have been this year but I figure that you should have time to mentally prepare yourself for the transition. I expect to here a 'thank you Flames' for that."

Only because of experience with dealing with his rotten temper, I gritted out the words. I had no more pets for him to kill.

He seemed pleased with me. I felt sick.

His finger trailed from the base of my neck to the valley between my breasts to my navel leaving a line of goose bumps in its wake. He kissed my neck and moved to my ears as he spoke. I kept still, hoping that he would get bored at my lack of response and leave me alone.

No such luck.

"I want you so badly Evie," I felt his breath caress my ears as he continued, "no matter how many women I fuck I keep feeling unsatisfied and I know it's because of you. Believe me if I could take you now, I would."

I trembled at how cruelly he spoke and my fear awoke anew. But a small part was disturbed by what he said. I was meant for him yet he went around screwing others? The thought shocked me. I should have been repulsed by his behavior and yet I was feeling what? Jealous? I was really finally going insane. Maybe I should have checked myself into that mental hospital after all. I bit the inside of my cheek. I didn't want to blurt out my thoughts. I could already see the triumphant smirk forming if he knew he made me feel even the least bit jealous.

"Flames," I started. His hands travelled to my back to hold me in place as his lips covered mine. I refused to yield until he added too much pressure and I gave up and opened my mouth. He smiled against my lips as his tongue slipped in.

"Eviel," said my mother and he disappeared. Poof! Just like that, leaving black smoke behind that only I could see. I let out my breath in relief and wrapped the towel around me.

"I'm coming mama." I walked out the bathroom and opened my room door. I was greeted with a hug and I instantly tensed.

"Happy birthday sweetie," she said smiling brightly. I returned the hug heartily.

"Thanks mama." I also returned the smile as much as I could but my lips were still hurting me.

"Get dressed 'cause Mimi and Cole are coming over soon. I'd say sometime within the hour." I smiled another genuine smile, as I felt happier that my best friends in the whole world were coming over. I closed the door, turned around and slammed back into a wall.

"Stop doing that!" I said as I repeated the actions I did earlier.

"Why should I? I love when you touch me and by the way, you're not going with them," he told me firmly as he walked over to my bed and plopped down, gracefully of course.

"What the hell do you mean I'm not going with them? It's my birthday and they are my best friends. I am going." I crossed my arms and looked back at him defiantly. He looked amused.

"Oh I see. You forgot exactly what the fuck I am. I am no regular mortal Eviel. I'm not mortal at all! Do you want me to demonstrate just how different I am from your little boyfriend Cole?"

I flinched at what he said and at especially how he said Cole's name. He hated Cole and that scared me more than anything. "Cole is just a friend and nothing more. And I don't know why you won't go back where you came from and leave me alone!" I screamed at him.

He chuckled dryly. "If you don't stay away from Cole then I will kill him Evie. And lets hope for his sake he doesn't end up in my domain." He said before he smiled slightly.
"And you know I can't leave until your birthday is over or you come with me."

I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. "I hate you!" He laughed.

"Evie I suggest you quiet down before your mother starts to worry about who you're talking to again. We wouldn't want what happened the first time to happen again."

I glared at him. He was right unfortunately, and my hatred for him grew even more intense. "I don't care what you say I am going out with Cole and Mimi today and you can't stop me."

He glared heatedly at me before putting up his hands in mock surrender. "You're right I can't stop you from going but that doesn't mean I can't stop you from enjoying it," he reminded me, malice dripping from his words, and I grimaced.

I felt the fight in me disappear and sighed in frustration as tears welled in my eyes. "Why must you be like this? Why won't you allow me to have my day with my friends," I gasped, "Why must you be so damn selfish?"

A wave of heat hit me as I heard him growl. I looked at him; his skin was burning red, his fingers and toes were literally on fire and I knew if got even more upset then his entire body would burn. The room felt like it was on fire. My skin felt blisteringly hot and I was sweating profusely. I couldn't breathe with the amount of heat present in the room. My heart sped up.

Each step he took closer to me felt like my life was ending. "Me? Selfish?" he asked calmly. Deadly. "I've waited a 1000 years for you! I can only see you much less touch you once a year! Do you know the equivalence of a human year to mine?" I shook my head slowly while trying to catch my breath. I couldn't breathe. "Fifty! I have to wait fifty years to see you, but you want to go out with the friends you see every day, and I'm selfish?" he growled out, "Really Eviel!" We were now face-to-face. My vision was bleary and I began coughing until my throat hurt. He began to cool slightly upon realizing the effect he was having on me.

As I caught my breath, I could barely choke out, "Yes you are selfish because after next year you will see me for all eternity. Isn't that what you've been telling me all this time?"

He looked at me squarely for a second before the flames went out completely and I could breathe again. The temperature of the room went back to normal and I fell on my knees, coughing and gasping. After I curled into a ball and ignored his sneers as tears streamed down my face. I had long ago stopped questioning why I had been chosen for him; a cruel, sadistic bastard and just took comfort in my tears.

He dragged me back up to my normal height and growled as he wiped away my tears. "You know how much I hate when you upset me. I don't like to hurt you, but I will if I have to Evie. Stop pushing me," he gritted out. He sighed as he rubbed his hands through his hair.

"Fine you may go out with your friends today but remember I'll be watching and if any guy touches you, well you know what will happen don't you? That goes especially for your little friend Cole." I nodded dejectedly.

He pulled the towel from around me and pressed his finger against my lower left abdomen. I hissed as it burned. I looked at the tattoo he made the first time I met him. It was a small, red apple with a bite taken from it and had the word 'MINE' written in the middle. It had caused me excruciating pain that I fainted more than once as he had used his fingernails the same way a tattoo artist used his instrument.

He knelt down and his smooth, soft, cold lips touched it causing a fiery spark to race all over me. I shivered this time, not from fear, but from the sparks that made my toes curl in transcendental pleasure. He smirked as if he knew how I felt and I hated it. I hated how I couldn't control my urges no matter how much I despised him. I hated him for doing this to me.

"Evie!" Mama shouted, "Mimi and Cole are here." I jumped away from him and moved to the bathroom to have a quick shower. "Okay mama! Give me ten more minutes." I shouted back to her.

I jumped out soon and hurriedly put on my favorite jeans and a black halter-top. I straightened my hair and added some mascara and lip-gloss. I looked at my reflection and smiled as I admired myself ignoring Flames' reactions the entire time.

He flipped me around to face him. "Why don't you dress like this for me?"

I raised an eyebrow and smirked at him. "Because I don't like you," I said firmly, sounding braver than I felt.

"Oh really well I'll change your mind sooner or later." I pushed him away from me, walked over to my room door and opened it preparing to see my friends. The door slammed in my face as I was flipped around.

"You didn't think I was actually going to let you leave without doing something for me did you?" His silky voice was dipped in syrupy sweetness as he said this. I groaned. I knew what he wanted. He told me repeatedly for the last two years.

I can do this. I repeated the mantra in my head as I grabbed his face and pressed a kiss to his mouth. Of course, he wasn't satisfied with that. He held me in his arms as he moved his lips against mine. As he deepened the kiss, his fingers trailed underneath my shirt and played with the tattoo. Against my will my stomach clenched in response and a moan escaped me before I pushed him away. I quickly opened the door and left. His laughter followed me all the way down the stairs.

As soon as I reached down stairs, I was bombarded with "Happy birthday!" and "Happy Valentine's day!" I hugged Mimi first. She was my very beautiful friend with red hair and green eyes who was dressed in a variety of colors. She was dressed in an orange blouse, a pink mini skirt and red converse. When I went to hug Cole, I gasped, as Flames stood right behind him staring heatedly at me, warning me. Cole my very gorgeous friend with blonde hair and blue eyes, who contrasted so much with Flames' black hair and purple eyes, gave me Lilies and chocolate.

Flames glared at me as I gave Cole a small kiss on the cheek in response. I was pushing it but I didn't care. A part of me felt that Flames was bluffing anyway.

"Thanks Cole," I said as I smiled at Flames. He just crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow, daring me to push him. What was I doing?

"No problem Evie." I stared at Cole and imagined our life together. I could see the white picket fence, our three children, the soccer games I would take them to. It was so normal. I ignored the small part of me that was disgusted by the idea.

"Evie you know dad would like to be here to hug you but he had to be at the hospital today but he says to tell you Happy birthday and that you'll get your gift when you come home." I was used to my dad working most days so it didn't hurt that he wasn't here to wish me happy birthday. He had more important things to do. People to save and all that.

"Okay mama we're off so see you later." I hugged her again.

First, we headed to the mall with Flame every step of the way. He made the flowers and the chocolate disappear when we were in the parking lot of the mall and I had to tell Cole that I hated the taste of the chocolate and the flowers were making my allergies act up. He seemed crestfallen when I told him I had to throw them away.

Then while we were walking, any guy who Flames thought was looking at me inappropriately would either trip over some nonexistent object or his pants were pulled down and he would slam into a wall, bench or another person.

It was getting rather annoying and upsetting. I told him this while he tried to feel me up when I was trying on outfits in the dressing room.

"You have to stop doing this!" I screamed.

"I don't have to stop doing anything. Just be lucky I haven't touched your precious Cole," he muttered as he crossed his arm.

I raised my eyebrow. "You wouldn't."

He glared at me. "Try me."

"I hate you," I screamed as I tried to hit him. However, before my hands could come into contact with anything, he slammed me against the wall.

"My, my, might feisty you are today." He rubbed his face against my cheek and I tried to bite him. "I don't know if I like it," he growled before pulling away.

"Now try on these," he said as he handed me a neon pink mini skirt and black stilettos.

I stared at him. "You're joking right?"

He chuckled drily. "Eviel," he started.

I shook my head and held my ground although internally I was shaking. He sneered before he began unbuttoning my pants. I began to struggle against him but his purple orbs began to darken and I didn't want a repeat of him burning me.

He pulled off my pants, leaving me in my white panties and grinned. He handed me the skirt and I reluctantly pulled them on. Then he sat me down and massaged my feet before he slipped on the stilettos.

I wavered as I stood up not using to wearing such heels. "What was the point of this?" I asked as I cross my arms.

He lazily trailed his gaze down my entire body. "I love seeing your long legs. Do you know how many girls I'm going to fuck to try and get this image out of my head?"

Before I could respond he smashed his lips against mine and gripped my hands as they tried to push him away.

A knock at the door interrupted him. "Evie you okay in there?" Mimi asked.

"Tell her to go away," he whispered as he gently kissed my neck. I could barely stop myself from gripping his shirt and pulling him closer.

But I would control myself. "No," I hissed, "You go away!"

He smiled and unexpectedly did as I asked.

That is until we headed to the amusement park. He popped up once he saw how much I held on to Cole during the rides. Flames wasn't happy, actually he was livid. I was actually starting to believe he would actually hurt Cole. I wouldn't let that happen so I gave him what he wanted. A few kisses and touches he cooled down to just being upset. Thank God, we left soon after that.

After the amusement park we headed to a restaurant to have dinner. Cole decided to sit next to me and Mimi gave me a weird smile. Those two were up to something. Dinner was going smoothly even with Flames sitting across from me. I somehow managed to completely ignore him, until Cole held my hand in his. Conveniently for Flames I happened to be drinking water and so when he stepped on – no practically crunched- my toes I spat water all over Cole. I glared at Flames and he attempted to smile innocently before glaring at Cole.

I hated him!

After apologizing profusely to Cole, who didn't seem upset, I headed to the bathroom to collect myself and bumped into the object of my hatred.

"How could you?" I screamed at him as I went over to the sinks.

"Obviously I am not making myself clear Eviel," he said as he stalked over to me. He lifted me up on the sink and lifted my face to his. "You are mine," he growled as he pressed his nose against mine and bared his teeth. "You would do well to remember that," he gritted as his finger jabbed the tattoo. I cried out as a blast of pain rocked me, but it quickly disappeared. He continued not fazed by my pain, "Your little friend is lucky to still be breathing after all the shit he's done today." The heat radiated from his body and slammed into me. I could already feel beads of sweat forming on my skin.

I was pissed but I knew for everyone's sake he couldn't be. So I did what I hated and kissed him deeply, caressing his toned, muscular body as my other gripped his shirt. He pulled away. "You're driving me crazy," he growled before deepening the kiss. As usual I tried to pretend this had little effect on me, but I could feel my resolve weakening.

Eventually we got to Club Sein.

I didn't really see Mimi for long as some stranger pulled her away to the dance floor. Even Flames had disappeared so therefore it was just Cole and I alone.

"Can I get you a drink?" he asked.

I smiled and nodded. He was so sweet, or I had gotten too used to Flames cruelty that I could probably mistake any normal gesture for kindness."Yeah a tequila sunrise thanks." He smiled and my heart raced slightly, surprising me. I thought the crush I had on Cole had disappeared but apparently not even Flames could stop it. If he ever found out, I knew he would finally carry out his threats.

"I hope your enjoying your last birthday here on earth Eviel. I know I have." He smirked at me and I glared at him while feeling a chill at the way he said Eviel. His violet eyes lit up in amusement.

My irritation flared at his comment. "I know you did but guess what so did I and I'm going to keep having fun until you disappear." He raised an eyebrow at what I said but said nothing. "Just leave me alone okay Flames?"

He smiled. "I love it when you call me Flames. Do you know how many girls it's going to take for me to get that out of my head?" I grimaced at what he said and turned away from him.

"Hundreds," he whispered hotly in my ears.

I balled my fist and walked away as I willed that irrational feeling to go away. I should have been used to him saying that. It should have absolutely no effect on me. But it did.

I bumped into Cole who was coming back with our drinks and hurriedly took them. Gulping it down quickly.

"Thanks," I shouted over the music that filled the club.

"No problem. Hey do you want to dance?" he asked and I nodded even as something in me screamed its warning. But alcohol was known for being liquid courage.

"Sure! Let's go!" I grabbed his hand and pulled him with me.

We danced to 'Panic at the Disco' and he pulled me closer as 'Hypnotized' by Akon started playing. Cole wrapped his arms around my waist as my ass was pressed firmly against him. I smirked not caring about what Flames thought.

I started to grind on him slightly and then got more and more into it forgetting about Flames. Cole flipped me around and planted a kiss on my lips. I was so shocked that I opened my lips slightly which Cole took as an invitation and deepened the kiss. Forgetting about reality for a second and enjoying my dream because what else could this be?

I moved along with the kiss until I felt Cole being wrenched out of my arms and saw him being thrown on the floor. A punch was delivered to his nose by a tough trucker kind of guy. I heard a sickening crunching noise and saw blood spew from his nose. I screamed hoping someone would help Cole as I heard more cracking noises. I held my stomach, as nausea became to overwhelm me.

The music had stopped and some people were trying to get the guy to stop and eventually they did. Everything was happening in a blur.

I heard sirens coming from a distance, but all I could do was stare at the damage I had done. Cole was badly bruised and bloody. I looked at the guy who had done this to Cole and got hooked on his eyes. They were red with spots of purple in them. The world was closing around me and I dropped near Cole and cried. I screamed as I felt my back hit the hard floor and saw the same guy jumping on Cole then I heard another sickening noise as some men pulled him off. The last thing I saw was something glinting from Cole's eye.


My world went black.

I awoke to someone crying.

"Mimi," I started my voice somewhat hoarse. "What's going on?"

She wiped her tears with trembling hands. "Cole." That was enough for the memories to come back. I looked around the room I was in. It was white and the antiseptic smell filled my nose. I was in the hospital.

My fault.

"What happened with Cole is he okay?" I asked urgently.

"The doctor told me that he had some broken ribs. His right arm is also broken. I think his skull is slightly cracked and his brain is somewhat swollen and- and." She began sobbing again.

"And what Mimi?"

"He lost his left eye. They had to remove it!" She cried out as if someone had hurt her. "The bastard who did this slammed a piece of glass in his eye. What kind of a fucker would do that after everything?" she screamed hysterically.

The tears streamed quietly down my face.

My fault.

We cried together for sometime before Mimi decided to go and check on Cole. I knew why I was in the hospital.

"Flames!" I screamed over and over again until he appeared beside me with a smile that chilled me to the bone and made fear take over.

"What Eviel?" he spat out as if the word disgusted him. I didn't care.

I growled at him. "What the hell do you mean what? You nearly killed him!"

He exploded."I should have! You knew how fucking much that would have pissed me off! After that show you guys put on, I should have done more than crush his bones! And you sit here like I'm to blame! I told you not to push me!" he snarled. The flames began to cover his hands and were spreading to his arms. His eyes had gone black like coal.

I wanted to say something. I wanted to defend my actions and make him realize that yes he was the villain. But I had never made him so mad before and fear gripped my tongue. My fear even masked the effect his heat was having on me.

He chuckled as he looked away. "But I didn't! And do I get a thank you?" He looked at me expectedly but I couldn't respond. " You're fucking ungrateful Eviel!" he shouted. "You know what," he began calmly,"I think I will just kill him after all. Then you'll know not push me like that again."

"No!" I screamed and began to get up as he disappeared. I knew he was serious this time and a loud beeping sound from across the hall signaled that he had carried out his threat. I could hear rapid movement and the shouting of doctors as they would try to save him. But they wouldn't be able to. Tears welled up in my eyes as a deep wave of pain slammed into me. I let out scream after scream and before long the door burst open and at least half a dozen nurses entered the room and began to restrain me.

"It's okay," one said soothingly. I gasped as I felt a sharp prick and knew that one of them had just injected me with something. Suddenly, everything began to blur and fatigue took over. The last thing I heard before darkness enveloped me was,

"Happy birthday Evie."


Ok so this is a one-shot that I wrote years ago and felt like posting, but I was thinking I should fix it and turn it into a full-length story. Anyway, thanks for reading!