In 2003, a patient was brought into Topperham Hospital's intensive care unit. The patient's body was on a stretcher and covered by a white blanket from head to toe. There was a lack of details of the patient, such as name, address, who brought them in, or what had happened. All that was known was that the patient had been in an accident of some sort. Nevertheless, it was agreed that the patient should be taken care of, and the patient was taken into an operating room. It was in there that the blanket was taken off, and a few nurses left the room. The patient had no face. The doctors checked the body and was amazed to find it in perfect condition. No cuts, bruises, or injuries were found. The only problems with the patient was the lack of his face and the faintest heartbeat. The doctors observed the facial area for hours, but found no sign that a face had ever been there. No nose, no mouth, no eyes. After hours of research to find if there were any similar cases or birth defects, many doctors left the operating room save for one. The patient's heart monitor went off approximately twenty minutes later, first sparking with intensity before stopping. Doctors and nurses hurried to the room with a AED, but found the table the patient had previously been on empty. Closer observation of the room showed the doctor who had stayed behind lying on the floor with his chest ripped open and ribs sticking out. The patient was crouched in the corner, facing away from the doctors. At first, the doctors were too afraid to approach the patient, but then the patient turned around. Doctors were able to watch the patient's face appear to push through the skin. A mouth, a nose, and eyes that were spread all over the patient's face. One doctor claims to have counted 8 or 9 before the patient moved, stopping the count. The doctors quickly left the room, and closed the door. Loud thumps were heard from inside, but the door did not give away. The ICU was evacuated for a short time. During the evacuation, a small group of security personnel went inside the room. The patient was gone, as was the dead doctor's body. The group looked around the ICU and found the patient in another room, without the body. The patient was reported to have chased them. A security camera was found with footage of the patient, but it was not facing the camera. The footage shows the patient running down the halls of the area before turning down another hall and disappearing before the power went out. The hospital's power came on again after a few seconds. The dead doctor was never found, and there have been no reported sightings of a man with many eyes.