~Chapter 2: Meeting Peter Pan~

I must be dreaming or maybe hallucinating, because there is no way that Peter Pan is out my window! He pointed to the lock on my window and gestured as though he was pushing up the window. He then pressed both hands on the window and mouthed "Let me in," he breath fogged up the window as he talked. He pulled his head back and smiled, he drew a smiley face on my window. I shake my head and start unlocking the window really fast. If this is a dream, which I'm sure this is, then nothing is wrong with letting Peter in.

I push up the window and moved out of the way to allow Peter to fly in. "Finally." Peter says flying around my room a bit, I close my window and turn around.

"Peter, stay quiet. My family is asleep." I informed him, I'm worried my parents might hear him. I'm still trying to figure out if this is real or not for myself.

"Oh okay!" Peter says and floats down onto my chair. He puts his feet up on my desk and pushes the seat in a lay back position.

"Peter, what exactly are you doing here?" I asked trying to find something to wake myself up.

"To see you." Peter says pushing away from the desk with his feet and making the office chair spin. Now this Peter looks around thirteen, not the ten-year old Peter that we are all use to, but he still acts like he's ten. I don't care, that's one of the things that I love most about Peter... Wait, he came to see me?!

"Have we... met before?" I asked sitting on my desk, pushing aside somethings so I can place my hand on the table.

"Well... not really." Peter says taking off his hat and twirling it on his finger. "But, you're the reason why I'm here. So, might as well come down to meet ya. A lot of people told me about you and how much fun you are, so I figured to drop by!"

They? They? Who are "They"? And why am I the reason he's here?

"Um... Peter, how am I the reason that you're here?" I asked, best part about Peter; He's straight forward, he doesn't beat around the bush, he just tells you what's going on!

"Oh, you don't know?" Peter asked spinning his hat between his fingers and looking at me. I shake my head, I have NO idea what he's talking about. "Well, if you want to know, you can just ask." Peter says shrugging and placing his hat on top of his head. I think about this for a moment. Yeah sure, why not?

"Can you tell me what you mean by-" I hear a thump on my window, Peter and I both jump and look.

"Oops sorry, Tink!" Peter says chuckling as he flies over and opens my window. A golden light flies into my room jingling angrily. "I know, I know, sorry." Peter says then roll's his eyes.

The gold light flies to me and lands on my lap, it is Tinkerbell. "Hi there!" I said looking at her with a smile, she smiles and waves then sits on my leg.

"Anyway, Peter, can you tell me the reason why you're here..?" I asked eagerly, I'm totally eager to know what's going on. "Please?" I add, just in case he tells me to say it.

"Well, hmm... how do I explain this?" Peter ask's in thought, he has his legs folded and he rest's his chin on the palm of his hand while he thinks. Tinkerbell flies off my legs and whispers something to Peter, he nods and then begins to explain. "Okay, so you know how you love different things?" I nod. "Okay, well the things like, er... this!" He says flying over to the wall and pointing to my Peter Pan drawing. "Is that me?" He added.

"Yes, and yeah that's you." I answered both questions, still not seeing his point.

"It looks almost exactly like me!" Peter says with joy. "Anyway, since you drew this picture of me and you imagined me! I became real, in a place far, far away from here!" Peter explained stretching out in mid-air as if he was laying on a bed. "Along with everything else you imagined." Peter added looking at me as he rest his head on his hands.

"Wait, wait, so if I imagine, let's say... Harry Potter, he'll be there?" I asked, I have got to be dreaming. This can't be possible, can it?

"Actually, he's already there." Peter informs and then laughs. "He plays tag with me on his broom every once in a while. But, I don't visit his land much. I usually just stick to my land, I prefer messing with Captain Hook. You should try it with me sometime."

"So, he's been there as long as you?" I asked excitedly. A world with Peter Pan and Harry Potter?

"Nah, I've been there longer then he has." He says arrogantly. "I was actually one of the first to be there. He didn't appear there in till about... five years ago." That makes sense, I didn't become a big fan of Harry Potter in till I was around eleven. "Also, there's this cool Batman type guy there to, his land is unusual. Same with this Pirate guy, he isn't Captain Hook. But his name has to deal with a bird."

"Jack Sparrow?" I asked thinking a bit.

"Yeah, Captain Jack Sparrow!" Peter says chuckling. "I made him float before... it was funny."

"So, how is this all possible? All of you there, how does it work?" I asked, I am totally excited, and I need to know more of this world.

"Well, you imagine something that you love, it then somehow appears there and it becomes as real as you and me!" Peter explains as if I should've known that answer. "The world is getting bigger and bigger every year, it gotten really big in the last two years. but sometimes some of the lands that were there, disappear..."

"Which mean I stopped believing in it or imagining it?" I asked with a frown.

"I guess so..." Peter says with a frown.

"How long have you been there?" I asked, all I know is that I loved Peter's movies and books for years.

"For... eleven years I think." Peter says in thought. I watched Peter Pan for my first time when I was five, this makes sense! "Thing is, no one ages anywhere there really. They might change with their looks or sometimes there ages shift, it just depends on what you're thinking."

"Peter, where is this place?" I asked astonished, everything is there that I love? Everything shifts and changes the way I want it to be?

"Far, far away!" Peter says looking through my books, apparently he's getting bored. "What's this?" He pulled out my sketchbook with Loki sticker on top of it.

"My book with drawings in it - please don't break it." I said cautiously, I don't let anybody touch my books usually.

"Robyn..." Peter says flipping a page in my sketchbook, studying my deigns.

"Yes Peter?" I ask as I jump off my desk.

"Do you want to come with me?" Peter asked looking at me over the book. I froze, my mind raced. Yes, yes I want to go with you! But, wait... what if this is all wrong? What if this is just a dream?

"Hold on, let me think." I said walking to my bathroom. "Don't... rip anything, or draw, or open anything that looks different to you." I add before closing the door behind me, I lock the door.

I paced the bathroom, I don't know what to do right now. I never left before, but I might never get this opportunity like this ever again. I turn on the sink and have the water run on my hands for a second, I then bend down and rub some water on my face. Just to be sure I'm awake. Yeah I'm awake, I turn off the water and grab a wash cloth, I dry off my face to see that my eye's are still kind of red from crying earlier. My soft dark brown eye's, dark brown hair that is long and kind of has a wave, I'm an average 146 lb. teenage girl.

I'm not dreaming, I've got my own world out there somewhere... Maybe I belong there, maybe I should go there. But who's to say if I go there, I'll never come back? Or who's to say that I'll have the opportunity ever again? Maybe when I'm there I can imagine my mom, dad, and Tanner there. So it'll be just like home! I've made up my mind... I'm going. No one would really miss me.

I bend down and grab some of my clothes that I leave under my sink in the counter. I put on a white tank top, a sleeveless green vest with breast pockets and a jean like material (I didn't sip it up,) dark blue jean, and I pull my hair up into a ponytail. I sighed and looked in the mirror one last time, I turned and walked out of the bathroom.

"Peter, I'm going with you." I told him with a smile. I'm excited, my heart is beating one hundred miles a minutes.

"Really?" Peter asked getting up from behind my bed.

"What are you doing, Peter?" I asked, giggling a bit.

"Lookin' for Tink! We were playing hide and seek while we waited for you." Peter said as he flew next to me. "Come out Tink! We're ready to go!" Tinkerbell comes out from behind one of my books and flies next to Peter. "Come on, Tink, we need to pixie dust!"

Tinkerbell jingles excitedly and flies in circles around me, golden dust falls on top off me, I begin to feel light. "Now, think happy thoughts." Peter ordered as he floated up and held his hand out. I thought of the world I was going to, some place that I can be free, create everything the way I see it. I begin to lift and I almost laugh of joy. I'm doing it! I-I'm actually flying!

I take Peter's hand for support, he pulls me to the window with him. I open the window with a bit of a struggle, my feet keeps lifting up, Peter had to keep pushing my feet down. When I managed to open the window, Peter took me by the hand and guided me carefully out of the window. I shut the window behind us and flew with Peter... at least tried to. I fumbled a lot, I was so uneven on it all.

"Hahah, no, no this is the way you do it." Peter says laughing as I practically almost ran into a tree the third time. He lifted up high and spun, dove down, and swooped back up next to me.

"Peter, I'm not ready for tricks yet... I can't even fly straight." I said folding my arms as I was turning slowly sideways.

"Heheh, don't think to hard on it. Just do it!" Peter says excitedly and bolts up. Okay, I can try that. I slowly ascend and before I knew it I'm above the buildings and safe from trees. I flew with Peter a bit, he was going a little slow for me so I can follow easier.

Tinkerbell helped me every once in a while, especially if my foot wasn't lifted "properly." After what seemed to be like an hour of flying, I'm a pro at it... well, sort of. I'm just a whole lot better at it. "Peter, how far is this place?" I ask after a while.

"It's really far, but we're taking a short cut." Peter informs me, he looks at me to make sure I wasn't trailing behind.

"Okay... Peter, if I can imagine things... how can I not hear Tinkerbell?" I asked curiously, I don't understand her. The only thing I can understand is her emotion because of the jingles she makes.

"Well, this is a world where no one can understand her." Peter explains, he slows down a bit so he can fly next to me. "When we make it to your world, you'll be able to do what ever you want. Be whatever you wan to be, look how ever you want to look, hear whatever you want to hear, see whatever you want to see. Yeah you get it. But since we're here, you have no control of that. But there, you have complete control of everything, only you! But there are some rules there. We'll explain that later."

"Okay, awesome!" I said with a smile, this world is sounding better and better. "Can you do some of that stuff to? What I can do there?"

"Huh? Oh, no." Peter says shaking his head, he didn't seem bummed about it. "No one else can do that, we have our limitations of what we do or look like. Because we are, what you created. However you see us, is how we'll be."

"Do you not like that?" I ask with a frown. "Does anybody not like that?"

"No, we don't mind at all!" Peter informs gratefully. "We're just happy to exist and the things that you come up with are so much fun! Why would we be upset about it? I mean we have our freedoms to, it's not like we can't do anything. The reason we exist is because of you, for that we all thank you. Because you took us in, when no one else liked us or needed us anymore."

"Really?" I asked in shock. No one else needed them anymore? Why not?

"You kept your imagination burning strong, unlike other people." Peter explain. "You never let it go. And since your imagination was so strong, we became real in a different world. Pretty cool, huh?"

"Peter, this is amazing." I admit. I'm overwhelmed by happiness right now. Nothing can beat this happiness, not even Disney world!

Another hour went by, we passed a lot of fields and cities, but we've been over the ocean for forty-five minutes now nothing to see but the land under us. But in a distance I see an island, it looks like a volcano, nothing else is on it, but the volcano type mountain. "That's our short cut!" Peter informs me pointing at the island I had my eye's on for the past fifteen minutes. Another five minutes went by and went enter a cave entrance at the bottom.

"You've been here before, haven't you?" I asked him as we made out way through the passageways.

"Third time actually." Peter says, he pulls me through a tight space. I'm claustrophobic... I need this to get more spacey, I'm begging for it to have more space. When we got down squeezing our way through, we made it to an open cavern. It was large, there's hole on top. "Uh-oh, we need to hurry!" Peter say in a panicked tone. He takes my hand and pulls me to the middle of the cavern.

"What's going on, Peter?" I asked looking around and rubbing my arm, it's cold in here.

"Um... uh..." Peter said flying around looking for something, he was rushing it. "Need... find... stone...too... late..." Is all I could hear from his mumbles.

"Peter, please tell me what's going on!" I ordered frustratingly. I'm not frustrated, I'm worried, I'm freaking out.

"If I don't hit the stone when the moon is in right coordination of this place, we won't make it there in till tomorrow night!" Peter informed in a panicked tone. "And if I stay here to long, I will no longer be part of your mind... or anybody else's. I'll disappear... I can't disappear! I need to find the stone, so I can push it."

"How long does it take for that to happen?" I asked in a shaky tone as I flew up to him.

"Um... two days." He told me and he sighed. "I lost a friend that way... we were messing around and we started fading away... I made it here and I tried to come back for him. He was completely gone from existence. No one remembers him anymore. I barely do, my memory of him is kinda fuzzy." Peter shakes his head and looks for the stone again... TO BE CONTINUED

Will Peter and Robyn make it to her world in time? Find out in the next Chapter.