This collection of essays will probably be just me ranting about things, situations, people and other things I like or dislike. Mostly it will be based on my everyday life, and types of people I have to face at school, online, in role plays, and even writers.

Highschool is a place full of irritating people. I would probably fit into the 'nerd' category, though I like to think I do not fit the stereotype.

Online role plays are usually something that relaxes me, and allows me to explore the personalities of my OCs, by placing them in different situations. Me and some friends went as far as shipping our OCs and creating new generations, but that is another topic. However, when someone says he/she is a semi literate role player, I honestly expect to see he/she post more than "She walked.", and I do expect the person to have enough decency not to create a Mary Sue.

Writers are usually people who should connect to the reader trough their characters, but in some cases, these people have no idea whatsoever about what they're doing, and end up with a published book that becomes popular, when they don't even know what their own vision of the respective book is.

I try my best to improve in everything I do, whether it's art, writing, role playing, or anything else. I believe that everything we do is meant to make us improve. If we make a mistake, we usually learn from it and we don't repeat it. If we do something good, we also learn something.

I am trying my best to learn from my mistakes, so if I make any, everyone who dedicated a few minutes of their life to read this have all the right to point out that mistake. After all, if I wanted to keep this to myself I wouldn't be posting it here.

I will end this introduction here, as I feel that if I will continue it will double it's size. This is only the introduction after all. I know quite a few people who like to keep prologues and introductions as short as possible, but I think that it still is a part of my work, so why not give it my full attention, as I would do with any other chapter? It's just as important as the rest of the chapters, since it's the part that allows the writer to captivate the reader and to make him want to read more.

Since I can rant like this all day if I have the time for it, more essays should be posted soon.