Okay so, I am not dead. Yet.

My lack of activity is motivated by the fact that I have actually been kinda dead and kinda alive but none for a long enough time so that I could actually post something. (Of course, I posted and deleted Crimson, but I plan on re-posting it and actually finishing it, along with a side project that I shall keep as a reminder and as something that ties all my work together.)

Currently listening to George Ezra-Budapest (my dad got me into it and now I've listened to it for the past days) I've decided to write this as a sign of life, and to see if anyone is still reading this.

Today's rant will be just me randomly complaining about things.

Like...it's August. Where did my summer go?

Also, from August 1st, all the summer commercials on TV changed to "School starts soon!" and "Welcome back to school!" and I started crying. Why do they have to do this to me, I am barely starting to enjoy summer and being myself and I can finally go outside without passing out from the heat, and they want me to go back to school already? No thank you. I plan on enjoying the rest of my vacation, without being reminded that I'm going back to school in about a month.

And everyone is pressuring me to start getting school supplies, and I will never understand why. I always did this with..like a few days before school actually starts, since I don't need much. A few notebooks, and like a pen or two. Who needs more?

I'm only picky when I go shopping for art supplies. Only then you will see me spending 20 minutes looking for the exact sketchbook or paper I want.

I don't understand why everyone is making such a big deal with school supplies, because you can literally write on any piece of paper, your notes will still be the same. Writing on a Justin Bieber notebook will not make you smarter, plus the poor tree that was turned into that is probably twisting in its grave. (isn't the actual notebook the tree's grave? Just wondering...)

Point is, I don't wanna go to school. When it comes to this, I am like one of those whiny 4-year-old brats that throw a fit when their mother isn't giving them candy.

And why would I want to go back to school?

To literally be ignored by everyone in my classes, to not be allowed to listen to music, or to draw what I want, because rock music is apparently not "acceptable" in a school (since when?) and I find out that I'm not even allowed to draw sad characters, since "it's depressive". Deal with it people, it's my music, my art, and none of your business.

I've been told I have an attitude problem, just because I insist on doing what I want. And by that I mean listening music and drawing or writing between classes, instead of "socializing". Naturally, me being an introvert, I will not socialize with people unless me and those people happen to have things in common. And yes most guys in my school are calling themselves gamers, but they happen to consider that girls cannot possibly play video games.

Which confuses and disturbs me.

But anyway, I guess I will stop here for now. My passion for writing seems to have returned somehow, after magically disappearing for about a month. Dunno how it happened, but it did. Or..more like my inspiration disappeared. That's what happens when I don't have a Math class to write poems in (only useful thing about the Math class).

I will post more often from now on, since I think I have more topics to talk about.

As usual, review, leave suggestions, questions or anything else that is on your mind. I don't mind randomness, I encourage it.

Stay weird.