Beeping, flashing and stale white, this is what the end of the world looked like; my immortal life was coming to a close and with the end of me came the end of nature itself. An end to the memories and dreams and goals of generations of people throughout the ages, no longer would there be houses for people to buy or countries to visit, just wasteland upon wasteland littered with the bones of what was once a world. I could already see my sickness seeping into the world around me, people becoming sluggish and fading away, birds no longer chirping outside my window and the pristine lawns shrivelling away and being blown dust-like into the flimsy wind. This sickness reminded me of when I first discovered this planet that would become a world, it was a lot like what it is becoming now, brown and empty, nothing more than a deserted rock floating in space, but as I watched the dust tumble through my fingers I knew this place had potential, bright green saplings began to grow where I tread and crystal clear lakes bubbled to life where I sat. Great gaping oceans soon enveloped the world and I sat alone on the water's surface, swaying with its gentle rocks, but being lonely was not a thing I enjoyed, nature was about more than just water and plants, it needed more, and I would make sure that this world would become my utopia. Soon the ocean was filled with little creatures hidden in its smoky depths, but I had no fear, I knew they would come to visit me soon enough, and in time they did, evolving and venturing onto the land I created for their arrival. The forests and plains were filled with my children and for years this is how it stayed, my children living in harmony and surviving off what I had left for them, but like the phases of the moon they had to change and that they did, evolving to new, better creatures, and after what felt like decades my greatest, and worst child came. Humans, when they were first born I was unsure if they would make it in this world, they were so defenceless and unimpressive, I was sure they fall prey to my more magnificent and dangerous creatures, but their intelligence pulled them through, surpassing even my own expectations of them. They made tools and built things that could be called nothing less than a home and they survived. We lived in peace for many years, they respected me and my other children and I supplied all they could ever need, but they soon became self-aware, they began to believe there was more in life then what I could give them and so they adopted a culture that would inevitably lead to my, and their, destruction. They… grew during this time, houses of mud and straw became mansions of wood and stone, meals of just what they needed became feasts of everything they could kill, during this time I was sure they would end me but I pulled through, saving my energy to protect what was still wild and pure. Over the next few months they expanded, tearing down forests and draining rivers, building monuments and shrines into the skies. They tore away at my skin and flesh then rebuilt me until I couldn't even recognise myself, and when I asked why my own children would so readily discard everything I had left for them they would exclaim, "Because it is in the name of the almighty Lord". Everywhere I went it was the same, people suddenly worshipping these 'all-powerful gods' and forgetting about the paradise I had built for them. Eventually it all became too much, so many of my children had been killed at the hands of the humans, I became at war with myself, setting droughts and floods, snow storms and cyclones, all in hopes of slowing down their path of destruction and reclaiming what little land I could, but they were like a cancer, what they could not eventually reclaim they would destroy to the point where it was nothing more than in inhabitable wasteland. I eventually realised that it was all useless, not even nature itself could stop the force that was humanity, and I faded away into the background, letting them do as they pleased. During this time I got to know some of the humans personally and despite what they have done to my body I feel bad for many of them, they did not know the extent of their damage, and those who realised nature was dying were powerless in the society built upon gods and men. And the ones who knew what they were doing... They were worse than any blood-thirsty animal, they lived in castles and mansion, with women waiting on them hand and foot, they believed they were almost as powerful as the gods they worshiped, if not more so, and in such a submissive society they really were. What really killed me in the end were people like that, people with no disregard for what was around them, even the most secluded islands became playgrounds for them, they tore away at my flesh until I was nothing more than a bag of bones laying in a hospital bed waiting for what was left of my pitiful existence to fade away. And fade it did, barren desert engulfed what was once a world, no wind blew, no rain fell, just death hanging silently in the air, waiting for whatever would dare look its way.