I have been standing in this one spot for almost half an hour already. And she. She has been taking photos of Big Ben at every single angle possible. I knew it was her first time here in London. Alright, fine. She was a tourist. But I still couldn't comprehend why she had to take millions of photos of the same thing. And. How she was able to do all sorts of body position just so she could take a "good shot".

The sun had finally set and the lights just started twinkling. Watching Bobby from afar, I couldn't help but smile. Her eyes twinkled as the lights did. Who would have thought something as simple like lights turning to life can be so beautiful?

Or really…is it the light that's beautiful?

I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe. I haven't been getting much sleep that my eyes were failing me. When I opened my eyes, they landed perfectly on Bobby's and for a second, I panicked. So I quickly dropped my head and stared at my feet.

Why in the bloody hell did I feel panicky anyway?

When I was sure she wasn't looking at me anymore, I walked over to the benches and sat.

I didn't know when it started. When Bobby suddenly was just part of my day. Maybe because she was my flat mate. Maybe because I had already gone accustomed to seeing her every single day. Maybe that's why. Simple as that. But I couldn't let that thing go on. I knew I liked Olivia as more than a friend before. And we were friends to start with. But Bobby, I couldn't say we were friends at all. And yet, I'm starting to feel something weird towards her. Something stronger than what I felt with Olivia. Still, I didn't know what was stopping me.

Maybe the simple fact that Bobby seemed too bright. And I didn't want to tamper that brightness with the dullness of my life.

We were supposed to go sight-seeing with Daniel and Chloe but somehow Bobby and I ended up going together. And I knew this was my own little way of being a good flat mate. I also knew that I had to try harder. Because as much as I didn't want to admit it to myself, this "attraction" I had been feeling towards her was making me extra mean.

After an entire eternity and millions of shots of the Big Ben, she finally came over. I checked on the time and thought it was still pretty early so we can ride the London Eye. After all, riding that massive Ferris Wheel is just one of the hundreds more of touristy things I think she was about to do.

I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with Bobby walking behind me the entire time. I mean, why couldn't she walk beside me? Or in front of me if she were that uncomfortable about us walking beside each other.

Her walking behind me makes it impossible for me to look after her. She wasn't a child, no. Still, she was a woman. Who needs protection. And I couldn't deny the odd feeling of responsibility to protect her. Not now. Not anymore.

And so I stopped walking for once.

"You're not my tail, are you?" I asked, almost snappish which I didn't exactly intend to sound like, without glancing at her.

"What?" She responded.

I sighed and finally faced her. "You're not my tail so you don't have to keep following behind me."

Then I started walking again without waiting for a reply. I thought she finally understood what I meant but to no success. So I had to manually grab her hand and pull her beside me.

If you want things done, you better do it yourself.

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