The Tall Peace Sign.

There was a tall sign that stood very tall.

Rooted to the ground, deeper than the great wall.

In the busiest of roads where cars would enter.

The sign was striking red and there, a single dot in the centre.

No one knew what it meant as well as what it did,

Neither did the pious nor the smartest people who bid.

But a bird that flew by and landed on the tall sign,

Ruffling its feathers in the colour of lime,

Tweeted a tune, "For have I, a bird that flew,

This is a sign from those besides you.

I have come here to travel but inform you instead.

Those who stand too tall will be blown off their heads."

So the titanic from Belfast has drowned into two,

And a pair of planes who crashed the building down too,

Also that plane from Malaysia that disappeared from thin air.

Saying who would do such? Crying in great misery and despair,

The racism and non-equality from the humans, them lot,

Blame the peace sign that has cursed who think they're best when actually they're not.