It was a once upon a time kind of love.

The kind you look back on and wonder if it was worth it.

Sure he had the looks, the brawn, the brain,

But he also had the anger and the pain.

I was so naïve; wasn't I?

As if life could've went past high school,

As if we could've made it further than that.

Ha! What a silly thought that is.

We never would have the white picket fence,

Or the three kids and two dogs,

I'm a cat person anyways.

In case you're wondering,

I'm happy now.

I've met someone, and he's wonderful.

I didn't think I could be happy again,

After everything you made me believe.

I was stupid for believing the hateful things you said,

I AM beautiful,

I AM smart,

I WILL make something of myself.

Go home,

It's done, it's over.

Stop thinking about me,

Because this is the last time I think about you.

It used to be a once upon a time romance,

Not anymore.

Little bit different than how I normally write poems, but it's be wracking around my brain for a couple weeks now. Hope everyone enjoys it.