I want someone who

holds me when it's cold,

our legs intertwined under warm blankets

and will hold my hand no matter how hot it is

I want someone who

doesn't care that sometimes my hair is frizzy

and my skin isn't clear

and my palms are clammy

and doesn't love me despite those things,

but loves me for them

I want someone who

will tell me that I'm kind and caring

rather than beautiful,

because he loves my beautiful heart

and not my beautiful face

I want someone who

will laugh with me,

even at the dumbest things

and will watch disney movies with me

even though we've seen them a million times

I want someone who

will dress up for Halloween

to be the Peter to my Wendy,

the Peeta to my Katniss

I want someone who

will sit with me and talk for hours

about everything and nothing at all,

who will read the books I love so he can understand me

and who will give his heart in a paperback book

I want someone who

will sing me to sleep

no matter how off-pitch his voice is

and will waltz with me in the kitchen

although he can barely keep time

I want someone who

kisses my lips and my forehead and my neck

and hold me with strong arms until morning

I want someone who

drives me crazy in the best way

and loves me even when I annoy him to death

I want someone who

isn't afraid to show his feeling to me

and will let me cry on his shoulder

and talk about that dream I have

where my grandpa's still alive

I want someone who

is perfect and imperfect

all at the same time

and see's my flaws as charming

but most of all

I want someone

who wants me

and that's the hardest to find