The Wolf was walking.

I was lost in the night and he had taken my body for a stroll .

It could have been the violence that brought him out that day,

Maybe the moon was too full or the people too loud.

What does it matter? There were all sorts of animals on the prowl.

The cannibals I had left with barely noticed the change,

The Wolf was no longer theirs to consume.

Some were annihilated by the crowd,

I admit to being swallowed over and again,

The Wolf devoured with the other animals.

There were no sheep to feast upon,

and still my belly filled.

He takes whatever he wants with only the slightest restraint,

He doesn't fear his own death.

He drank deeply the blood they held to him,

Those animals that don't fever for the kill.

Friends lost meaning and faces.

The Wolf ate the salesman,

He wore the hat the same as my face.

His bloodlust pounded in my ears,

and then came the rain.

We danced without you and fed on many other animals of the night.

I was blind and disoriented in the orgy of excitement,

My eyes screamed all my terror of what we had seen him do,

In the bathroom mirror I saw the Wolf smile.

His jaws were well muscled and his hunger was paralyzing,

He knew you were there.

I saw fear in the only part of me left.

Nothing could stop the hunger once it gripped him.

The masses of feasting nightmares couldn't hide your scent from him,

You had excited all the animals into thinking you were delicious.

I felt joy when he fixed his teeth in you.

When you saw him, I could feel the blood oozing through his fingers.

You turned to look at the lilies he had soaked red in your blood,

"The roses cost only your throat."