Hi everyone! Leniholmes here! I am a new writer on this site and hope that with your help I will be able to stay motivated and stick to my original stories and poems that I post on this site; and maybe find a little inspiration along the way! I'm not the best with grammar and admit I'm a little nervous and its only due to my friends that I'm even on this siteā€¦ but I want peoples honest opinions on my writing and not my friends and families biased ones. So I leave myself in your eager hands! If you have any ideas/thoughts or opinions on the direction my stories go let my know! Comments and criticism feed my plot bunnies! Just be nice about it and don't just leave comments like 'You Suck!' or 'Cool!' 'Cus ain't nobody got time for that! All silly puns and jokes aside please enjoy the first chapter of Hush!