My life has been one disappointing me right after another. My dad left, my step dad too, my cousin raped me, the list goes on for hours to explain why I dons friends son and we met through a blind date. Normally I would never recommend a date being set up by your parents but Joe, my step dad, knew me better than anyone so I trusted him to set me up. The date was just hanging out and playing board games. The XBox had died earlier that month.

m Chris. What he stuck out his hand and we shook as I stifled a giggle.

m Alexis and to answer your question: the sun, my mother, the ceiling he smiled shaking his head in amusement, and we headed down stairs. We pulled out Uno and settled down on an old beat up mattress to play.

I asked as I was about to win Uno for a forth time. I was pretty sure he was letting me win.

s it called?Its no dare I asked hiding my smile as he triumphantly put down the wrong card then pulled it back up with a puzzled look.

he asked looking at me with his dark green eyes. I shook my head unable to talk for that moment. he asked.

m a junior. You?I am a senior at Kennedy you like to come over to my house tomorrow evening for dinner?As a date or as a friend?As a date If that he was blushing and it was adorable. He hugged me then asked very softly,

His lips touched mine in a moment of pure bliss. Before I realized it we were side by side on the mattress still making out.