To all those fellow lonely people in the world, to all those fellow depressed people in this society, to all those heart-broken people in this planet, to all those who are struggling to find meaning, yourself... here's a poem for you.

Remember there's always someone out there for you.

Someone who cares about you.

You're never completely alone.

Even when your world's crumbling down all around you, there's someone.

Maybe not a soul mate.

Maybe not a lover.

But someone.

Don't forget and you will make through it.

You can do it.

You are worthy.

You are strong.

You are brave.

You are beautiful.

Someone cares.

You will break through.

Don't give up.

You're better than that.

Hope you find happiness.

If you haven't already.


Keep your head up.

Out of all those babies that could have been, you were born.

You are special.

Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Don't change for anyone.

You are a miracle just waiting to happen,

A bud waiting to blossom




There is someone who will be there for you,

Who loves you very much,

Who will help you when you need it.

Life doesn't last forever, you know?

Live it with them.

Live it to the fullest.

Live it right.

By your standards and no one else's.

Because it is your right.

Because you deserve it.

You are worthy.

Thank you for reading. A lovely present and future to you.