Name: Marilyn Young

Age: 17, Junior

Status: Unpopular; scholarly

Strength: Appears quite stunning, and charming. School's honor student.

Flaws: Extremely lazy. Icy cold exterior.

Note: Isn't enthusiastic about the dating system.

Louie's P.O.V

"Who the hell are you trying to impress? A garbage man?!" I shouted, smacking the back of her head. She winced at the sharp pain.

Marilyn Young...even her name rested beautifully on the tongue. A face that any man would fall for...and the smarts beyond this world. The only thing that sets her back was the refusal to lift her ass off a couch, or the blunt words that repel rather than attract men. It was so unbearable, I found myself pulling my own hairs from all that stress.

The guaranteed success rate... out the door...

No. I was going to find Marilyn a perfect matter how impossible it may seem. There was someone out there who could bear it...right?

DETAILS: Inform the client about the boy she's meeting up with. His likes, his dislikes, his idealistic girl...

"Luther Mitchells," I pushed my reading glasses above my nose, carefully examining the new client's profile. "He's an average looking fellow, with a kind personality. Someone in your league."

I watched her pout cutely before me. "So what is that suppose to mean?"

I shook my head while sighing. This girl may have been an honor student, but that doesn't stop her from being a complete dumbass. "It means you're a pretty girl with an average personality..." I hesitated for a moment, before looking at her sulking face. "I take that back. Your personality is well below average."

She reached out to claw at me, however I caught her hands, lightly flicking her forehead. "Just wait patiently, Marilyn."


DETAILS: Looks aren't everything, but it does play a factor...especially in blind dates. Prepare an outfit for the client to correspond with their date's preference.

Marilyn insisted that she show up to the date in the sweatpants that she'd been wearing. This is why she doesn't have a boyfriend...I'd refuse to even step a foot near her if only it hadn't been for the fact that my career was at stake.

After a few long minutes, that seemed to dread on forever, her bedroom door flung open. My face dropped at the sight of her eccentric outfit choice. She wore a black, baggy shirt, with a different pair of sweat pants and worn out sneakers. She stood proudly at the door as if it was such an accomplishment. You could only guess how enraged I was.

"You spent twenty damn minutes fishing out for that piece of trash!?" I literally screamed my lungs off. With a girl as idiotic as this, one can only imagine how I can manage this. Calm down, Louie...Success rate...Success rate...

I faked a smile, rummaging through her outrageously untidy closet. "Here. Put this on." I held a pink graphic tee in one hand, and a white skirt in the other.

"Get out of my room first," She ordered, pointing towards the door. I rolled my eyes.

"Stop being so stubborn, just change now," I groaned, impatiently at her stubbornness.

She gasped, feigning astonishment. "Louie! I'm a woman! How dare you say those things?!" She leaned forward, causing my left brow to rise. "You pervert," She smirked, tapping my nose.

Once again, I rolled my eyes at her sarcasm. If only she'd been this outgoing with other men besides me. Another quirk which annoyed the hell out of me.

I walked out the room before slamming her door shut. "Why would I want to see that body of hers anyway?" I scoffed to myself.


DETAILS: The make it or break it step. If the client falls in love, great! Failure is not an option.

"So what have I told you?" I finished applying her make-up, coating her thin lips in a pretty light, red color.

"Don't chew while talking, or burp during the date. Talking too much is annoying, however being a clueless mute is not any better..." She recited, as if she'd been programmed too. I nodded, slightly impressed.

"Most importantly?" I finished off, throwing the lip gloss into my blazer pocket, before brushing her bangs to the side.

She cracked one of those beautiful, rare smiles, that only I, unfortunately, saw. "Don't speak my mind."

"Exactly. Blunt words only slim your chance to find the right guy, and the right guy could be him," I pointed towards Luther Mitchells, reading off a menu. Apparently, he liked girly girls, I doubt this'll kick off. But it's worth a shot. "Don't screw up your chances."

She nodded quickly, before patting my shoulder."Bye sweetie," She hummed gallantly, as her eyes formed into the shape of moon crescents.

"Hey! I forgot to tell you! Don't call him that! AND DON'T CALL ME THAT EITHER!" I scolded, before waving her off. I curse at myself for allowing her to grow too attached to me. Why can't she show her sweet side to anyone else?

I watched her from afar, nonchalantly taking a seat across her new date. Every thing seemed to flow well, besides the fact that she seemed uninterested from the start. This was not the Marilyn Young I knew.

My eyes grew wide at the last thing she said.


DETAILS: It seemed to have occurred more since Marilyn Young entered the program.

"Oh, I like girls that dress cutely. Girls that seem more well - rounded towards guys. Girls who have much experience in dating," Luther chuckled, taking Marilyn's hand. She stiffened at his sudden touch. I could almost see her rushing to the bathroom, rinsing her hands throughly one hundred times. The only person she grants permission to touch her, sadly, is me. That dumb girl!

Fortunately, she remained put. However, I did not appreciate the rotten grimace on her face. She pulled away wiping her hands on a nearby napkin.


Marilyn glared at him, and at this point I knew this mission was a failure. "Don't call me Lyn. I apologize for not being the slut you want."

I face palmed myself with a stamp of fail written on my forehead.

"Excuse me?" The boy gasped, mouth agape incredulously. I would have found it funny, if only the outcomes hadn't cost me.

"Whore, b****, pussy face...slut," She exaggerated the words, smugly. His jaw dropped even lower at each word. As soon as the boy retaliated, his snapped his mouth closed in a scowl, before slamming his fist on the table. However, Marilyn continued to sip on her ice tea, reading off the menu. That girl is infuriating!

"How dare you? I can't believe there's such a person like you on this Earth! This is an outrage! Utterly humiliating! Next time, I ask Louie for a date, I'll make sure she's not such a rude ass!" He whispered in an intense tone, earning them some curious glances. Yet, that bastard manage to continue drinking her beverage as if he wasn't there. She finally looked up and met eye with the furious boy.

"Like I told you, I'm not the slut you want."

Simply, that set him off. He stormed out the restaurant, slamming the door shut. Well, that caused a large scene.

Enraged, I stomped off to where the girl was at.

"Oh...hi..." She waved awkwardly. I was not going to take her innocently act, that girl was in huge trouble.

I pulled her by the ear towards the car. At each step, she cried a loud "ow" of pain, earning us some attention.

"Get in the car." I ordered, sternly. The girl pouted, stubbornly crossing her arms.

"Sweetie -"

"Get. in. the. car." I demanded once again, no mood for her little games. "And don't call me sweetie. We aren't in that kind of relationship."

Guilt flashed in her eyes as she silently obeyed. The air remained heavy and tense during the drive back to her apartment. I did not like this at all. I'd take Marilyn's hyper active personality over this any day.

She took her keys, and pushed the door open, allowing us both into her messy, lonely home.

"What was that?" I confronted the girl, crossing my arms over my chest, impatiently.

"I'm sorry, Louie. I just didn't like him," She sat crossed legged on the carpeted floor, just like a culpable child.

I sighed, pulling her up from the old floor."I worked so hard just to get you a date and you decide to act up? Why are you like this?" I sat her on the couch before wiping off the make - up she hated with a burning passion.

She gazed at the floor, as regret lingered in her expression. "I know. I promise, I'll do better."

I cracked a soft an geniune smile at her sweet apology. Why? Why is it whenever that you are around me you become so sincere? I released a soft sigh, ruffing her dark hair. "Maybe the better question is...what kind of guy would you like?"

Suddenly, her face lit up. "Of course Louie!" The girl gushed, causing me to gag. She hit my shoulder playfully, messing with my hair. Irritably, I fixed it back into it's position.

"What? You are tall, handsome and perfect!" Marilyn pinched my cheeks, before slapping them lightly. I swatted her hands away smugly, before pulling her close to wipe the eyeshadow off her lids.

"Stop joking around. I want to know what kind of guy you'd like."

As soon as I released her face, she fell on her back and began poking me with her toes. I found it extremely annoying, but I decided to bear with it until she answered my question.

"I was only joking," She sighed in dismay. "But I still want a handsome, tall and perfect boyfriend."

I released a tired sigh at her vaugeness, just until I sprung an idea.

"How about eight, tall, handome, perfect men?"