"Not with one of your clients, Louie...I want to go out with you."

Louie blinked twice in confusion before giving her one of those, are you for real? looks.

"There's a strict policy that concerns going out with my clients."

Marilyn's right brow shot up. "Oh yeah? And who came up with that rule?"

"It's one of my morals, please respect that."

The girl huffed stubbornly, before rolling her eyes. "Come on, not like we are engaging in anything romantic. It's just two friends hanging out!"

"We're not friends."

"Fine! It's two people who knew each other for a year, hanging out! I don't know what else to call it."

Louie rubbed the temples of his forehead. "Marilyn, I have a load of work lined up for me. Not to mention school work. If I wanted to, I'd use the free time for something else."

Just as soon as the boy lifted his head, Marilyn was on the verge of tearing up. Shit, I forgot that she was sensitive.

"Louie...you...don't want to spend time with me?"

"N - no! That's not it...it's just..."

Her lips formed into a straight line, as she threw her purse over her shoulder. "If that's how you feel then -"

Louie stiffened in a state of panic. "I'll go on a date with you," He sighed in surrender. Damn it, the things that she makes me do.

She seated herself back down, as a smile molded on her pink lips. "I knew you'd say that." She hummed to herself while joyfully finishing her dinner.

Meanwhile, Louie gritted his teeth, mentally slapping himself. I also forgot that she was a huge prankster. "So where do you want to go?" He muttered, irritably, still hiding his face in his hands.

"The carnival. I've been thinking about it since this morning."

"So you weren't even paying attention to your date?!" Louie nearly shrieked.

"Let's go to the carnival! I hear it's beautiful at night," Marilyn smiled, dreamily, dodging his question.

"Do you know how risky that is? I mean, that placed is packed!"

"I don't mind, I have you to protect me, Sweetie!" Marilyn cooed, playfully. Louie mocked her with a gag.

"Oh shut up, I was only kidding," The girl slapped his shoulder, lightly. "Now let's eat!"

Marilyn whistled to herself, while pulling her hair into a messy bun. She slipped on a pair of skinny jeans, and an oversized hoodie without a care in the world. She did not even bother placing contacts in her eyes, lazily throwing glasses on her face instead. Nonetheless, she knew she looked amazing as ever. Even Louie has said so several times, whilst adding on that her personality is unbearable.

Marilyn nodded to the mirror in approval before skipping ahead.

The girl approached the carnival's entrance, searching through the dangerously large crowd. "Wow, Louie was right. This is a bit unsafe."

She bit her lip while reluctantly standing on her toes, hoping to spot the boy. Suddenly, she felt a grip on her arm, instinctively causing her to forcefully nudge at their abdomen.

They released a painful wince, before cursing in a familiar tone. Marilyn spun around to face an aching Louie.

"Louie!" Marilyn cried out in guilt.

"Ugh...damn it, Marilyn."

"I'm so sorry! I thought you were going to mug me!"

Louie coughed a couple of times, before standing straight once again. "You know, for a girl with a high IQ, you're pretty stupid."

"Well, in my defense, you don't just approach a girl like that!"

Louie rubbed the back of his neck. "If I knew you were that strong, I would've set you up with a wrestler on steroids. Still, you'd have the upper hand..."

Marilyn shrugged. "I act on instinct. My fighter mode immediately switches on when I feel endangered. Still, this seems like a dangerous place."

"But you suggested it."

"Now I'm unsuggesting it..."

"That's not a word."

"Then I take the suggestion back for Pete sake!"

Louie suppressed a large eye roll. "We're already here, dimwit. Might as well enjoy the rest of my night wasted."

"But what if you get mugged?"


Marilyn's brow knitted in concern. "You said it yourself, I'm tough. But you're as weak as a stick."

"Shut up!" Louie snapped. "I'm pretty darn manly!"

Marilyn averted her gaze playfully. "If you say so..." Marilyn walked past the boy, into the entrance.

Meanwhile, Louie gritted his teeth, clenching his fist while restraining the boiling anger. "Louie...don't blow your steam. She doesn't mean it..."

After reassuring himself enough, he followed behind the ignorant girl.

"Wow! If I knew the carnival looked this amazing, I would have visited years ago!"

Louie watched as she took in the sweet aroma, sighing in awe. She whipped around, to face the boy with half - interest. She carefully slipped her fingers with his, humming softly to herself.

"What the hell?" He struggled from her grasp, but she refused to release.

"We're on a date, sweetie. Don't fret," she flashed a playful wink. Meanwhile, his jaw hung low. She tricked me! She told me it wasn't date!

Marilyn could tell by his displeasing look that he wasn't all to happy. Immediately, she untangled her fingers from his. Again, her actions surprised him, before she placed on another happy front.

"I was only kidding!" She punched his shoulder lightly. "You always take stuff seriously! Lighten up a bit!"

She began to hum another careless tune, leaving the boy standing there in confusion. Reality finally smacked him back to life, realizing that Marilyn was already far ahead.

"Marilyn!" He called out, sprinting to her side. He reached out for her arm, pulling her close.

"Marilyn, don't wander off!"

She pulled away in surprise, causing Louie's bewilderment. Her lower lip jutted out, as if she were about to cry. However, that was quickly replaced by a huge smile. As if he were only imagining a sad look on her face. "Don't worry about me, Louie! We are here to have fun!" She waved her hands in front of her face reassuringly.

Louie frowned in suspicion. There is something up...something is not right.

His suspicions has been confirmed. Louie noticed that she kept a wide distance as if she were avoiding him this entire time. Damn it, Marilyn. Why do I care about you all of a sudden? This is wasting my energy.



"Marilyn, is something wrong?"

She placed a poker face for a few brief seconds before tilting her head curiously. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I mean this...why are you avoiding me?"

The girl released a few dry laughs, before staring at him sympathetically. "In what universe would I avoid you?"

Louie took note at how she took a few steps back as he moved forward. That's strange. He reached out to grab her, when he leaped back, squealing in surprise.

"What the heck?!"

"Ah...I'm sorry," Marilyn scratched the back of her head, as her face grew beet red.

"Marilyn, I demand answers. What is going on with you!?" Louie scolded, only causing Marilyn to sink back into her shell.

"Well..." Marilyn pursed her lips like a guilty child. "I've noticed I've made it a habit to touch you...even though you oppose to it."

Louie eyed her with a mediocre expression. "What?"

"I'm serious! I can't get to attach to holding your hand, or hugging you. I'll hate it, but it's something I have to live with. Not everything is about me." She shifted her gaze elsewhere, knitting her brows in frustration.

Louie sighed heavily at her childish act. This girl is killing me. He pinched the bridge of her nose, causing the girl to wince in pain.

"Hey..." He threw his jacket over her shoulder, placing a warm arm around her. "I don't hate your touches as much as you think."

Marilyn sniffed, as if she were on the verge of crying. "Oh yeah? How?"

"Look at it this way. Would a neat freak like me, allow an unorganized punk like you, place even a finger on me without throwing a fit?"

"No, but what's your point?"

"My point is, that you are pretty darn special to get this kind of treatment from me."

A few moments of silence surrounded them as she took a few seconds to recover. "So...I'm special?" She whimpered meekly.

"I guess..."

Immediately, she whirled around, taking his face into her hands. Traces of sadness soon dissipated from her face, as if it were never there. "You're special to me too, sweetie!"

"Marilyn!" Louie scolded. Disobeying his orders, she threw her arms around his neck, taking a whiff of his sweet scent and immediately backing away afterwards. "Okay! Now that it's done with, let's play!"

Before she ran further ahead, he took a hold of her tiny fingers, and latched them with his. Although, making skin contact was one thing he hated the most, Marilyn could make it feel almost natural. He was quite amused by her dumbfounded expression.


"Do you not want to hold my hand?" An amused smirk played on his lips.

"Idiot, Louie," She returned a soft smile before giving him a light squeeze on the hand.

"Wow! I could see our school from here!"

The elated girl pressed her nose up against the ferris wheel window.

"Sit down. Just watching you makes me feel all light-headed," Louie snapped irritably.

"Move." She ordered.

"There's another seat across me!"

"No, I like this one."

Louie groaned in defeat before scooting over to make room for the girl. She sat down next to him as she continued to admire the view.

"This view is so fascinating, don't you think?" Marilyn sighed in awe while glancing out at the city. Meanwhile, Louie could only capture her beautiful face in his mind. I swear, this girl could become a model if she wanted too. Sadly, she'd chew the photographer's head off if she tried.

"So how are your dates going? Are you enjoying them so far?" Louie had to ask to keep the conversation going. He could not stand a silent Marilyn.

"You just can't stop talking about work, can you?" Marilyn smirked.

"It follows me wherever I go," Louie observed Marilyn from head to toe. "Literally."

She rested her head against the window. "They are all lovely, yet none of them seem to be my perfect match."

"It's hard when you have comparably perfect men. You can't seem to choose which one you'd like."

"It's not that," Her voice turned cold, almost freezing Louie's spine. He grew a bit frightened at her sudden change of tone. "I don't find myself as happy with them now that I think about it. Sure, they fascinate me, but it's only temporary. I may act a bit stupid, but wealth and looks can't buy me."

"But food can?"

"Hey, that's an exception..."

"Get to your point."

Marilyn sighed sounding a bit too gloomy than Louie bargained for. "You know, what if I never find a guy that is meant for me."

Louie's eyes softened in sympathy, taking the ends of her hair into his hands and carefully running through it. "Everyone has a perfect match. I'm helping you get there."

"Oh yeah? What about you, Louie? Whose your perfect match? You spend so much time helping other people find love, you can't find one for yourself."


"You don't know if the person you want to spend your whole life with is standing right in front of you," She leaned in, causing Louie to panic a bit.

"What are you -"

"Then that would make you a bit oblivious to love, wouldn't it? How ironic?" The closeness was too unbearable. What was Marilyn trying to imply? He felt a light peck on his cheek before his eyes swung open to see Marilyn relaxing again.

"That's our pact. We will both help each other find love, okay? You will find that perfect match of yours one day! And I will too!" Marilyn clenched two determined fist in front of her.

Louie couldn't help but chuckle a bit, as she had a naive, dreamy look on her face. This moron...

I promise, Louie. We won't be lonely. Marilyn thought as she heard the boy chuckle behind her.