A short poem about the beauty of the sky. Not my best,
though for 00:56, it's quite good ^^ Please R/R!
Glistening raindrops that tumble from the blue ocean above,
Reflective diamonds, the pearls of the sky,
No ripples disturb these calm, blue waters,
Where clouds sail silently, and dreams are imbued.

The radiant light of the sun dances wildly;
Within these falling crystal treasures,
For the elite morning sun continues it's eternal routine,
Sealed is that ancient wisdom in it's unbroken path.

And when the sun falls behind that silohette, the horizon,
The sky becomes a luxuriant watercolour canvas,
And the sun, an ever-imbued artist,
This is an hypnotic vista of dancing, translucent, colour.

By James Womack