The Creation of the Northern Isles

Among the great deities of Gyateara there were four sisters: Dryea, Maynor, Krysum, and Alrea. During The Divine War they were allied with their mother Citios. However, once peace was brought among their kin and it was time to build the land the sisters were hesitant.

Their mother and her allies wished to be ever present among their followers; constantly projecting their will among the people and making their presence well known. They believed that the more their followers depended on them the stronger they could be while ruling over them.

The Four Sisters felt this was a cruel way to watch over the inhabitants. They believed that followers could be capable of great things if left to their own devices with little more Divine Guidance than a few tools to help lead the way.

Their allies scoffed at the Sisters' notion and refused to pull back their heavy-handed influencing of their populous. Under the Divine Treaty it was decided that the Four Sisters would break away and create their own land where they could rule as they wished.

They were given a tiny northern corner of the world where the Sisters created their domain in turn. The eldest sister Dryea, Goddess of Might, used her burning touch to rouse the land into creation. Her sister Maynor, Goddess of Wisdom, cooled the molten lava by pouring water onto their lot. The third sister Krysum, Goddess of Valor, made the newly formed Northern Isles green by producing plants.

The grand grouping of islands was fresh, new, bountiful, and breathtaking. Yet there was no one to appreciate it. It was then that the youngest sister Alrea, Goddess of Love, molded creatures out of the land. Using what her sisters forged, Alrea gifted her creations with each of her sisters' blessings. Finally, she breathed upon them with her warm, gentle breeze and the Northern Isles was populated.

Once their work was done, the Four Sisters gifted their creations with one last token to guide them. The Sisters forged a sword they dubbed Destiny, and then left it in a case; locked and waiting for its true owner. Next, each Sister entrusted a jewel - a key to Destiny's case - to their favorite creature. The Sisters hoped that one day the jewels would all be inherited by the same being, and Destiny would belong to the one they all favored equally.

With their final gift bestowed, the Sisters departed from Gyateara in order to look upon the world from afar. The Sisters left in a loud thunderclap and blinding explosion. It is said that if anyone who possessed one of the jewels ever found the precise spot the Sisters left Gyateara that person would be able to follow them to a new world.

**A/N: I'm still tweaking this legend. It's still a bit obvious as to where the source material came from. I'm still trying to find ways to make this creation story more original than the fanfiction it began as. I'm also not entirely sure I'm keeping the domains the goddesses are in charge of as well as the youngest sister's name - it rhymes with the eldest's and I'm not positive I want that. I also desperately need to rename that damn sword. Destiny? Really? Subtle, right? -_- Anyway, until the time when I can fix this to my liking, enjoy.

Oh, and I wasn't sure I wanted to keep that last part about the goddesses leaving since that's also a bit heavily influenced by the source material, but it's also kind of crucial for one of the stories that will play out on Gyateara.**