"For the longest of time,

I could not dream,

for my mind was with her

in her head. How

I dreaded to sleep,

for when I were to fall into dreams,

I would want to stay there

for the rest of my life,

for in my sleep

I'd be there with

the love of my life.

Oh, for all of these

torturous months

I have slept not one wink,

for the life that is mine

cannot rest without her in my arms

as we dream the same dreams

when we both are asleep

in her bed,

far away from the troubles of life.

We could just lie there

with her in my head and

my heart in her hand for

the rest of our time

together on Earth... but even so.

Even if we were in the same bed

and were lying together in rest,

I could never tell her how

she danced in my head,

for she would not understand how

I meant that I loved her

so much more then a friend.

She cannot tell that I mean that

I want her in the most innocent of ways,

just holding her close

until the end of our days

that we'll spend together,

not miles apart how

we are in this moment.

I'm lost,

but with her,

I am found in a joyous place

between Heaven and Earth,

and only God knows how she does this to me;

how she keeps me from falling asleep."