It would be tonight. The dark man glanced in the mirror one last time. Thick dark hair framed almost black eyes the slightest hint of brown visible in their depths. A slightly muscular physique was visible through the tight grey shirt he'd chosen to wear further emphasized by the simple jacket he wore overtop. All in all his appearance was sharp-just what he wanted for tonight. Flashing a fanged smile at his reflection the vampire left his house.

It didn't take long to drive down to the vampire bar. He'd heard his kind was accepted here, coming to enjoy themselves and meet others that were the same. Solitary he knew no other vampires in the area. His power was most likely the cause, others sensing it and steering clear. The red car was parked allowing him to elegantly get out. Entering was easy. A show of ID and a flash of his fangs earned him passage to the dark interior.

Music pounded the air in rhythm to the beats of human hearts. Bobbing his head in time he couldn't resist licking his lips. The humans here knew there were vampires among them. It would be easy to convince one to let him sip from their veins. His eyes turned to an attractive blond twisting hypnotically on the dance floor. Perhaps he would take her.

A glass slammed down on the bar beside him knocking him out of his thoughts. Startled he glanced over. Another man was sitting beside him. He'd clearly finished his drink and looked ready to order another. The vampire's lips twisted in a sneer looking over the human that had chosen to sit beside him. The man was pale to the point of looking unhealthy veins visible beneath his skin. The brown hair had been spiked tidily giving a cool demeanor to the man. The slight muscle and dominant way he held himself might have been impressive if the man's dark crimson eyes weren't such an obvious ploy to pretend to be a vampire.

Well, he had known fake vampires would be here. Humans knew of this place after all. He just hadn't thought it would be so obvious. No fangs visible, bright crimson eyes, and drinking alcohol. Please. His thirst could only be satisfied by one crimson liquid. The man glanced up at him and arched a brow.

Did the man think he'd be impressed? Baring his fangs at the man he shook his head. He was a vampire, not this freak! The man straightened curiosity glistening in his eyes as the vampire resumed scanning the crowd for a good meal. The man next to him nudged him oblivious to the danger in doing so. The vampire glared at the bold human.

"Nice fangs." Oh. So the man was a fan. Perhaps he would want to be turned. Soothed he smiled at the human.

"Nice contacts." The human laughed shaking his head. Accepting another drink from the barman he rapidly downed the alcohol. Smiling at him the human shrugged.

"Figured it wouldn't stand out here. Not with what everyone else is wearing." The near sneer had the vampire shifting slightly. It was true, not everyone here was subte. Plenty of gothic dress could be seen, and one man even sported a cape. He didn't think a man who thought it was cool to wear crimson contacts had a right to comment on what others wore however. After all he was a vampire, and the humans here accepted how strange that was, welcoming his cursed self.

"They may be different-not worth mocking. They choose to accept vampires like myself after all." Not when they would give themselves willingly to him to drink from. The human's sneer deepened unimpressed by the vampire's little chat. Did he not understand he was in the presence of a superior creature? He had no right to act that way.

The vampire frowned a growing dislike of the human forming. He didn't want to waste more time with this. Twisting around he focused all his attention on the dance floor once more. Tracking the blond the vampire's mouth felt dry. He wanted her. He wanted to taste her, to feel her shiver under his strength as he drank from her. His eyes narrowed as he thought willing her to approach.

The man next to him chuckled and stood up. Good he was leaving. The vampire watched as the man slipped into the crowd. He reached out to the blond the vampire had been stalking. Was he going to steal his prey? Anger flooded him the vampire straightening to watch more closely. This human was really ticking him off now. He wouldn't mind showing the human the difference between them.

The blond looked at the man in surprise, perhaps a little disgust. It would serve him right to be rejected. The blond talked to the human on the dance floor for a couple minutes before smiling and moving closer. The vampire watched in rage as they danced for a few songs before coming back to where he sat.

Was he flaunting the woman at him? Trying not to growl the vampire licked his lips. The blond glanced at him and smiled.

"Hey, you're Alex's friend? I heard about you. Sounds cool." The vampire blinked. Well, perhaps the human was alright. He looked to the man in approval and nodded. He'd accept 'Alex''s offering. Flashing fangs at her he leaned back.

"Glad to hear that. Alex has been an...interesting conversationalist. The blond nodded looking suitably impressed. Alex just snorted. Well it didn't matter now. He had what he wanted.

"He explained how I'm...different?" His voice drawled wrapping an arm around the blond. The girl shivered and nodded. Excellent! Gently the vampire kissed her. She was receptive to his advances. Wonderful. Trailing down to her neck he nibbled testing if his fangs could do this. He was ready. He'd been thinking about this all day.

Before he bit Alex slammed his drink down again. Interrupted the vampire pulled back in anger.

"Do you mind?" The blond frowned leaning into him. Alex rolled his eyes.

"If you're going to drink you need to do it somewhere quieter. It'll be messy, and I doubt the barman wants to clean up after you." He had a point. Blood wan't eas to remove. The vampire shrugged.

"Where do you suggest?" Alex returned his own shrug and looked around the noisy bar.

"I came in here by chance. I don't know the place. Alleys are usually good in my experience though."

He didn't need to hear about Alex's experience in alleys. Still, it was a plan. Holding onto the blond the vampire lead them out the side. He was a little annoyed to see Alex had followed them but wanted this too much to deal with it right now. The human would back off after he saw the vampire was serious.

The blond tilted her head offering her neck again. Nervous about his audience he tried to block out Alex's presence and bit down.

"Ouch!" Rapidly he pulled back from the blond, the girl holding her neck and wincing.

"That hurt."

"Sorry. Haven't done this in a while." The girl pouted.

And Alex laughed. The vampire whirled around glaring at him.

"You think this is funny?"

"Hilarious, actually. You honestly tried to bite her with those toy fangs of yours." What? He didn't believe he was a vampire. Alex had just been setting him up! The vampire stormed close clenching his fists.

"Now listen up, glow eyes. I have business here. You need to buzz off."

Alex's laughter shut off. The man stared coolly at him. It looked like he was finally getting the message. He wasn't someone to mess with. The vampire smiled. That was right. He was in control.

Alex vanished. Blinking the vampire looked around. How fast was Alex? Or had he been so angry he'd accidentally zapped the fellow?

A sickening snap answered his question. Spinning he stared at Alex holding the blond's neck. Her head was at the wrong angle. It had to hurt. Why wasn't she straightening up? Her eyes were empty. She was just...hanging.

Alex let go and the blond dropped to the floor. Blinking he tried to figure out what had just happened. The vampire stared at the blond willing her to move. She didn't.

"You hurt her." A cruel smile carved across Alex's lips.


"Why?" He'd wanted her. He was going to take her. And Alex...he couldn't move his eyes from the still girl. He couldn't see her breathing.

Casually Alex stped over the girl.

"Why?" Echoing the question he tilted his head. "Why not? She was going to die anyways. You were going to kill her weren't you?"

"What?" The vampire backed up eyes widening. "I wouldn't kill her!" Alex frowned.

"My bad. I thought you wanted to drink her blood.

The vampire-no, the human-stood in shock.

"No. Well, maybe a sip, but not kill her!"

"Why not? You don't have the stomach for it?" Those strange red eyes flashed at him.

"It's wrong. You don't kill! You're going to jail." He had to get inside-away from this psycho. Alex laughed sending a chill up him.

"I won't. Not without witnesses." The man tripped backwards trying to move away from Alex. He had to get out of here. A cold vise clamped around his throat. Fighting frantically he looked in terror at the neatly dressed killer.

"My dear boy, wanting so desperately to be accepted. To be thought of as special. You wanted to be powerful, didn't you?" It was hard to breath. He scrambled at the grip around his neck. This was a hand? It was too cold, too strong. Alex tilted his head watching the fake vampire struggle.

"You do have a powerful thirst. I suppose I can do you a small favor." Alex grinned revealing thin lengthening canines. "I'll show you power." No!

He twisted tightly screaming as twin blades sliced through his neck burning through his veins. It hurt! He could feel himself being drawn through the pinned fangs, stealing his life. The vampire had him. Struggling he suppressed a scream. This wasn't real. Vampires weren't real. He just wanted to be liked. He wasn't being killed...

The vampire dropped the lifeless body licking his lips. The mortal wasn't his usual type. He'd still enjoyed the kill. The look on that human's face flaunting those pathetic little fangs. Well he knew better now. Vampires were real. Chuckling to himself Alex walked into the darkness.