His heart was as frozen as

the frost in his eyes

He remembered the scorching pain

their harsh words brought as

They severed their weakened ties

letting loose his mind he can no longer reign.

Radioactive green hiding the eternal fight

Arctic blue in which pain and sorrow flow

Black and mysterious as the ebony night

White and pure as the fresh fallen snow.

Their words as sharp and toxic as

the glow in the irises of his eyes

He whimpered as he stared at them in fear

knuckle white from balled up fists as

He hissed out their betrayals and lies

emotions showing in each drop of a tear.

He hides behind a mask of weak

Yet strength and defiance slither just below

But allows them to think and call him meek

His jokes and attitude weren't just for show.

His heart as broken as

The home he lived in

He ran far from there, away from the horror

His soul darkened to the same black as

The bruises marring his milky skin

Don't look back, keep running forward.

Run to me quickly

Before you think to return

You've become sickly

Confused, for the abuse you've come to yearn.