Us parents, hold on so tight

To our little dying children's lives,

But sometimes they slip from our grasp.

Life support sometimes isn't enough

To keep little bodies warm and full of light.

I close my eyes,

Blink back the tears

Little girl of only eight now gone.

I thought of death as only a one-way street

But maybe that isn't always what it was meant to be.

One death leads to others,

Not always connected but others are.

Why did she have to slip away?

Why couldn't she live another day?

All the things I should have said,

All the things I should have done

All the things I can no longer do.

I feel like I am broken in two.

How can parents take this?

Not even related, but I am impacted so severely that

Sometimes I think of taking my own life.

Poor parents, children should never have to die

Before I didn't realize that, but now I do.

Why does it take death for us to learn something new?

I wish that I could just undo

The past year or two.

So this is me,

Signing out.

Not taking sides in this war

Any more.