When I first set my eyes upon Igraine, it was as if I had never lived up until then. Sitting upon my throne, the throne of the King of all the land, I had never felt such insignifigance as when my eyes met her from across the court. They shone with a magnificent, unearthly shade of blue, as if I were looking into the sky. Framed by her white skin and hair of fiery red, they stood out in the midst of the noisy crowd. Even in the dim sunlight filtering through the small windows of my court, her brilliance was apparent. In that millionth of a second our gazes made contact, I knew that every other woman whom I set eyes upon thereafter would pale in comparison.

I was enraptured.

As she turned her gaze away from mine, I couldn't help but feel a small tinge of dissapointment resound in my heart. Coughing as if to clear my throat, I opened my mouth to begin speaking, signifying the start of the court meeting. " Rejoice, my brothers, for we have pried yet another victory from the hands of the Saxons today!". Cheers and clapping filled the hall as my knights bask in the glory of their victory. The squires and pages, standing in the back of the room, join the the celebration. After all, a victory for us is a victory for all the land.

As the sound of the cheers die down, I begin to speak once again. " However, brothers, the fight is not over yet. Our enemies will surely return, as they always have, with stronger forces yet.". As I say this, some of the knights look down with solemn expressions. " I know that we have lost many brave companions in this fight. However, we must push on.". I spot a young servant girl begin to sob quietly in the background. In my heart, I feel sorry for her. Many valiant knights have been torn from their loved ones since this bloody war began. Not letting the seriousness of the moment fade away, I continue: " I ask of you, brave knights. Are you going to let your friends' sacrifice be in vain? Today, I saw Sir Merryhill fight valiantly against five Saxons, while desaddled and armed with only his sword. He took down every single one of the bastards." As I say this, I reach to the side of my throne, grabbing a bloody sword, worn and chipped from battle, and raising it up for all the court to see.

" He was a knight of true courage and skill. And they took him away from us.". I notice some of the knights' expressions turn darker. " Warriors of Britain! I ask of you, are you going to let this go unpunished!?" My question was met with a resounding roar. " I understand,", I say quietly. As this happens, the court grows silent. " Then, my friends, I ask you to do the same as I. Fight! For your companions that fell in battle! Fight ! For the Families that are now fatherless! Fight! To preserve the honour of our kingdom! I swear on this blade," I say as I draw my sword, " That I will be with you for every swing of your sword, every stab of your spear, and every step of your boots!" As I end my speech, the court erupts in yells of agreement.

I sit back upon my throne, having stood up earlier in the heat of the moment. " Everyone but my retainers can return to their quarters and rest. You have all earned it."