Mordecai had just finished his shift and was walking through the Fountain Square when he noticed something from the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he saw something posted on a wall. "What's this?" Mordecai removed the edict from the wall so that he could read it, only for his eyes to widen in horror when he finished reading it. "Esther…" he quickly rolled the edict and flew back toward the palace.


Back at the palace, Esther gently unbraiding her hair and humming to herself as she kept thinking about her new husband. "Esther! Esther!" Hearing someone calling out her name, Esther turns her head in time to see Mordecai landing on the balcony– nearly collapsing in the process. "Cousin Mordecai? What's wrong?" she asked out of concern as she helped her cousin up to a nearby chair, clearly seeing that something was bothering him. "Oh, he's done it… He's finally done it…" Mordecai breathed, confusing the princess. "Who? And done what?" Esther asked before her cousin handed her the rolled up paper, "What is this?" She unrolled the paper to read it. "It's an edict. In less than a week's time, all of us– our whole family– will be executed for a crime that never happened!" Mordecai explains, upsetting the princess. "What?! But– Who is responsible for this?" she demanded, "There's only one– and it's General Haman. I told you he hates us– despises our whole family. And now, he's gone too far and done it! He somehow managed to get the queen to sign this… and it will be a matter of time before we're all thrown into the sea for a crime we never committed." Mordecai stated.


Esther was deeply distressed by this, "What are you gonna do?" she asked. "I'm afraid that's just it– I can't really do anything." Mordecai said forlornly, "I may be second in command of the Royal Militia, but the only one who can talk to the queen at any time are the members of the Foreteller Union Council– and that includes the oracle and the general…" he trailed off as an idea came to him. "Along with other members of the Royal Family…" Esther looked at her cousin suspiciously, "Mordecai, what are you planning?" she asked. "You need to go to them… You need to talk to the Royal Family!"

What her cousin had suggested completely caught Esther by surprise, "What?! Don't you know what happen to those who appear before the Royal Family without being granted an audience?!" She asked, somewhat upset that Mordecai's idea could end up being the death of her. "Esther…" Mordecai tried to calm her down, "Remember the Shiku brothers?" the princess continue to ask. "Esther… There's no other way. You're the only one who can stop this." Mordecai said, but his cousin shook her head. "No… No, I'm not– even though I love Xerxes, I didn't even want to be a princess, let alone future queen." She stated as she removed her circlet, "No! You're smart, Mordecai… There has to be another way." Mordecai closes his eyes. "I'm sorry, Esther. But there is no other way." He stated.


"I wasn't brave enough to confront my friend about the stolen apple. And now, you want me to go to the Royal Family?" Esther asked, "Even if I didn't get executed for appearing before them, why would they listen to me? General Haman is an honorary member of the Council." Mordecai closes his eyes a bit before he look at his cousin. "I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you this: You wanted to know why you were here– or why you were chosen to be the crown prince's wife. I told you the Goddess must have a reason, Esther. Perhaps she put you here for such a time as this– Perhaps this is the reason. Remember, Esther… you never need to be afraid to do what is right." The princess grew quiet when she heard the last part– she know her cousin is right, "I'll pray for you… We'll all pray for you." And with that, he quietly flew off into the night sky.


Esther looked at the edict again as she slowly pray to the Goddess:

"Tell me why, I don't understand.

Tell me why, or show me you your hand.

Tell me why because I can't see my way though.

What now should I do?"

After her prayer, she struggle to sleep as the predicament of her family is still present in her mind. After thinking and praying about it, Esther made up her mind as she place the circlet back on her head– resolving herself to do what's right.

"The battle is not ours, we seek Her Grace above

For she will guide us safely through

And guard us with her love.

I will not be afraid!

I will not run and hide!

For there is nothing I can't face with Her Grace at my side!

No, there is nothing I can't face with Her Grace at my side!

The battle is not ours, we seek Her Grace above

For she will guide us safely through

And guard us with her love."