It was Halloween, 2006.

Disneyland unveiled a new ride to the public. It was going to be similar to the Haunted Mansion ride, in which you would ride a few cars through scary decorations. "The Haunter", it was to be called, was designed to be superior to the Mansion, and the Mansion was going to be torn down and replaced with another attraction.

Disneyland staff wanted to test the ride before it was to be officially released to the public, and decided to turn it into a raffle. Write down the name of one or two riders on a piece of paper and drop it into a large box outside the Haunter's location.

The raffle was crowded for nearly half an hour with hopeful people writing down their names to be selected. It was an excellent opportunity, to be one of the first to ride this new attraction. When the crowd started to leave, a man in Disneyland staff attire collected the box and disappeared behind an "authorized personnel only, all others keep out" door. A few minutes later, an announcement came over the intercoms.

"Will the following people please report to the Haunterā€¦"

The announcement listed off 10 names, apparently the max amount of seats available. The delighted guests hurried to the ride. What may or may not have been coincidence was that there were five males and five females. All were in their teens.

Staff members, after securing them into the ride behind a safety bar and going over safety procedures, started the ride. The ride, which was supposed to be around 7 minutes long, had various elements from Haunted Mansion, but mostly new material. Most of it had been checked to be safe prior to the raffle.

Staff members monitored the progress of the ride through hidden cameras, and were pleased with how the ride was working.

About two minutes into the ride, a sudden power shortage struck the ride, plunging the testers into the dark and the safety rails of the lifts opened. The cameras began to work again, but static engulfed the video and audio. Vague shapes could be seen on the video, but the audio was much clearer.

There was a strange clunking sound nearly lost under the screams of the riders. It seemed every one of them was screaming, one was shouting "No!" over and over again between screams.

Disney rides had power mistakes before, but the guest's reactions had never been so extreme. A designated park attendant made his way into the ride, equipped with a flashlight and a radio, to find the guests and escort them out of the ride.

Staff monitoring the cameras endured the screams and chaos for an uncertain amount of time before the ride unexpectedly began moving again. The cameras died and would not turn on again shortly after this happened. The riders emerged from the ride, and various park attendants rushed to them to check and see if they were okay.

Two riders were missing, and those remaining were covered in an unknown black substance. The park attendant who had gone inside to escort them out was never found. It was reported that his radio went off around the time the ride began moving again. Staff assumed he was trying to contact them for some reason, but the only sound from it was a high pitched whine with the faintest laughter behind it.

The riders appeared to exhibit symptoms of shock, and did not speak after being removed from the lift. Only after they were taken away by paramedics did one of them speak.

He was asked by the paramedics what happened in the ride.

"That thing took them. The dead thing in the ride. Pleaseā€¦ don't make me go back there. Please don't let them die."

All riders spoke vague answers to all questions regarding the events that occurred in the Haunter, and most never returned to a Disneyland park.

A security crew entered the Haunter to search for the missing riders and the employee. They reached the point the lift had stopped, and observed the strange black substance on the ground resembling what appeared to be footprints. One security guard reached down to touch it, and immediately pulled his hand back, insisting it had burned him.

The ride was dismantled, and the missing people would never be found. A new attraction was built on the spot the Haunter had been.

Reports of children seeing things in the new attraction began after it was opened. One mother claims that, halfway through the new attraction, her 8-year-old son whispered to her, while pointing toward the ceiling:

"Mommy, look at those people! Where are their eyes?"

When the mother looked up, she saw nothing. Similar reports of children and people seeing "The people with no eyes" or "The black slime people" appeared every now and then, and cleaning crews complained about finding black, slimy footprints in the new attraction.

The footage of the ride in the Haunter was reviewed after it was torn down. The video was fine until the point in the ride the power died. Large lines of static began obstructing the view, but all those who have seen the footage agree that a figure climbing on the lift to the screaming riders is visible.

After the footage was carefully examined, another piece of evidence to what happened was found. When the power dies, a face is just barely visible. It is smiling with the corners of its mouth gone and tiny black eyes staring straight into the camera. Just before the ride began moving again, the face appears again, but has three other faces behind it.

The faces of the riders who disappeared and the park employee, horrifyingly distorted to resemble the creature. Their eyes were torn out, replaced with a black slime that fell out of the eyeholes. Each one of them was smiling.

All records of the Haunter have presumably been destroyed.