"Come on Selene, the show's starting!"

"Why do I have to come again?"

"Because yooooou promised that, if Eric was unable to come, you would come with me."

"I was drunk!"

"A deal's a deal."

To Maddie, a deal was always to be kept, no matter when it was made. Drunken deals with Selene were always her favorite since she could persuade her to do anything her heart decided. It was just a happy coincidence that her boyfriend, Eric, had gotten sick. The sniffles are a kind of sick. That was also how Selene ended up in the hell that was a Relic concert. Relic was a boy-band that her (surprisingly) best friend was obsessed with. Ever the proper fan, Maddie had done a radio trivia and won front row tickets.

Back to the events at hand, the girls were wading through the crowd to their seats. They made it just as the lights began to dim. Selene looked around at the other people and instantly felt out of place. Her Doc Martens, baggy pants, and Absinthe Fairy shirt stood out among the fangirls. Pink fairy pigtails twirled down from either side of her head. Most wore band tees or mini-dresses that only reached mid-thigh. Maddie seemed to notice her discomfort and patted her hand.

"Calm down, silly. Nobody's looking at you."

"I know, but I can't help feeling a bit self-conscious."

The blond was about to reply, but a masked man walked on stage and the crowd silenced. He held a microphone up to his lips.

"Hello Harrisburg!" he greeted before continuing, "We have a great show planned for you tonight. But, before we begin, I would like to congratulate the winner of the ZOOM 102.6 super fan quiz. I hope you enjoy meeting the band backstage after the show because I know they can't wait to meet you."

Selene glared at Maddie accusingly, who just shrugged. There was nothing about backstage passes in the deal. Sighing, the pinkette settled down in her seat to wait. The stage darkened suddenly and a soft guitar rift started up.

"Oooh, yeah…" a male voice drifted through the air.

A yellow spotlight illuminated the band member she identified from Maddie's ravings as Valentin. He was tall, with near white hair and a maroon track jacket.

"I'm crazy for you, girl," A softer voice hummed.

Another spotlight, this time in green, revealed the member known as Hunter. His height was average, his hair was brown, and he wore a grey blazer.

"But, you have to tell me-" A higher voice rang.

"Am I really the only one?" Another deeper, more gravelly voice finished.

Two spotlights went on at once, blue and red. The one under the blue was named Connor, a petite boy in a black t-shirt. Red was Giovanni. He was very big, with longer black hair and a punk look. They all had their hands out toward the crowd.

"So…who's it gonna be?"

They each walked forward at the same time, taking different parts of the stage. The guitar riff picked up a rock edge. Bright sparks flew from the back of the stage, illuminating the entire scene. Despite her distaste of the band, Selene had to admire their special effects.

Please say that you love me forever

Please say that you need me too

All I want is you in my arms, girl

Please say that you want me too


I would die-for you

I would cry- for you

I would lie- for you

As long as you say you love me too

All of the girls in the crowd screamed as they reached down to touch the hands of the girls in front. Selene was shoved a little bit, but one look sent that girl cowering. She turned back around to find Valentine with his hand extended. His eyes widened a bit as she looked at him before placing her hand in his daintily, so he'd go away. He seemed to hold it for a bit longer than the other girls, but it could've been her imagination. Maddie was jumping up and down beside her as the singing started again. Valentine was doing a solo.

I love more than the sun in the sky

But I know there's another guy

In my heart, I know its right

But I won't give up without a fight!

The others started the chorus again and Selene zoned out. She decided to take a nap in her seat for a little while. Sleeping everywhere and anywhere was one of her many talents. Maddie woke her up after what seemed like a few minutes.

"Wake up! It's time to meet the band."

Rubbing her eyes, the pinkette stood up and followed her friend to a security guard. He was a tall, large man in a suit and glasses. His appearance didn't intimidate her one bit.

"Do you enjoy watching over a bunch of kids?"

"I only watch one and I guess so. It's easy, plus the money is good."

Selene nodded in comprehension, entering the door he had opened. Maddie was bouncing with joy at the sight of the band. Connor was eating a plate piled high with food, Giovanni was on his phone, Valentine was nowhere to be seen, and Hunter walked over to greet them. A billion dollar smile was plastered on his face.

"Hello, ladies. How would you like to take a picture with yours truly?"


"No thanks…"

"Oh, come on Selene! Just one?"

"No thank you."


"No! For the last time Madeline, I do not want to take a picture with him!"

"Oh, how about me then?"

Valentine had emerged from his dressing room in a hoodie and jeans. Sunglasses guarded his eyes. Selene shook her head apologetically, taking a seat. Maddie took pictures with each band member separately, then together. A hand on her arm awoke her from a trance-like state and soon the pinkette found herself in a picture with the band as well. Val insisted on having his arm around her shoulders.

Afterward, the girls each wrote down their addresses so they could be sent autographed copies of the pictures. They both received hugs from all the members and autographed CD's. Selene politely allowed both to occur. When they got out to the car, Maddie chattered avidly about the entire thing.

"Did you see how cute Connor is? Or how hot Hunter is? Please don't tell Eric I said that, he'd be sooo jealous!"

"Yeah, whatever. How much do you think this CD would go for online?"

"You're going to sell it?!"

"Well, yeah. I don't listen this kind of music and I could make some major cash."

"At least it'll go to somebody that wants it. By the way, did you see how Valentine kept looking at you?"

"Everyone was. It's hard not to stare at someone like me at a concert like that. Plus, he could have any girl in the world."

"I guess you're right, but I still think he liked you. Can you imagine if…"

That's where Selene tuned her out and focused on driving. All she wanted to do after all that stress was take a bath and go to bed. Her friend's chatter continued the entire ride home.

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