Trinity Core: Story of Us Chapter 1


This is A world filled with endless problems...Endless war? Yes, an endless war of human emotions. Humans, monsters, wars, capitalism and communism. These all exist within the compounds of our reality. This is A world filled with endless possibilities. Demons, vampires, angels anything and everything exist in this world. Long ago...There were two humans crafted into the world. Crafted by the Gods themselves. These "humans" were the first to exist into the world. They also gave birth to A system of power in which humans would use in both selfish and beneficial ways. If you didn't live in this world, then you would think of it as magic. Is it magic? No...It's something even greater. Something much more than simply magic. "The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces." No, this was natural to all things in this world. This was not mysterious at all and is pretty much the reason of all existence in this world. It's called Maku, the source of all life. However, it can be controlled and manipulated into A source of divine power. Manifesting energy, emotions and will into elements and other abilities that are rare. Most tend to reject it because of how dangerous it can really be. Maku Seals, work like A magic spell. Giving the person other abilities besides elemental power on it's own. These two humans gave birth to all Maku in the world, making the planet beautiful, but when it was time one began to love humans and one began to hate the idea of life and humans in general. These gave them the names of Love and Hate which emotions would be passed together into every human. Eventually, Love and Hatred fought and Hatred was sealed away into the Trinity Dimension, but the world awaits the day when Hatred will return…

A boy, the age of 15 years old sits in the broken down warehouse. He sits not on the ground, but on A old wooden bench as A large piano stands before him. He wears has nothing but his towel around his waist as his hair is soaking wet. His hair was black as well as his eyes. It was long enough to cover his eyes but no long enough to go past his ears. His name was Zeke Sigran.

Zeke: (Gently starts to press random keys on his piano)

Zeke stopped as he heard foot starts coming towards him. He would look staring as the faint light coming from A hole in the wall began to brighten more. He noticed A young boy, who at the time would be age eight. He was wearing black shorts and A black shirt. His hair is just barely able to cover his eyes and is not even a quarter down his ear. His eyes were black, but a light shined within them

Zeke: Oh? Lucas? What are you doing here?

Lucas: (Tilts his head, while looking at Zeke and then looks at the ground) I ran away…

Zeke: Ran away?

Lucas: (Nods and looks down) From home...From mom…

Zeke: Now why would you do that?

Lucas: I hate her…

Zeke: Hate your mother? Why?

Lucas: I hate everyone except you...They all cause me pain. Why...why does it hurt so much Zeke. (Starts crying a little)

Zeke: All of them?

Lucas: This entire world, I hate life, I HATE IT ALL!

Zeke: (Looks back at the piano) Lucas come here.

Lucas: (Slowly walks over to Zeke)

Zeke: (Pats the spot right next to him) Sit down.

Lucas: (Gently sits right next to Zeke staring at him while crying)

Zeke: (Softly wipes his tears away with his thumb and then positions his hands on the piano) I want you to do the same as me okay.

Lucas: O...kay.

Zeke Softly plays A beautiful sounding song on the piano and Lucas tries to do the same, but messes up

Lucas: I'm sorry, I can't do it.

Zeke: You're not playing with the right tone.

Lucas: Huh?

Zeke: Try again.

Lucas: (Starts playing the same way that Zeke does but still messes up)

Zeke: Again.

The process keeps going for hours, but then Lucas starts playing the whole song in the right tone and rhythm and finally makes it all the way through.

Lucas: I finally did it! (Smiles and looks at Zeke)

Zeke: (Pats Lucas on the head) You're smiling.

Lucas: (Looks surprised a little as he realizes that himself)

Zeke: Now listen to this…(Starts playing the same song on the piano but the rhythm and tone changes, however it still keeps the same structure)

Lucas: Woah.

Zeke: Life is much like A song. Alot of the time the tone is going to change. Sometimes it changes for better or for worse, but if you don't give up then the tone will eventually be the tone you wanted all along and you will finally be able to finish the song.

Lucas: I don't under…

Chops Lucas in the back of the neck, making in faint and then he grabs Lucas before he can hit the ground

Zeke: I'm taking you back home so you can finish your song.

* The next happens. Lucas wakes in his nice, rich palace, but then he looks out the window and see's most of the kingdom he is in onfire with millions of people fighting with each other outside of the palace*

Lucas: (Jumps out of bed and runs to the door, then stops as it opens)

Zeke runs into the room in front of Lucas and grabs him then Lucas and tucks him in between his right arm and his waist

Lucas: Zeke, what's going on?! Why is everyone fighting, I don't understand and wheres Luna?!

Zeke: Your sister is safe, as for what's going on...This is your first time experiencing war… (Runs fast down the stairs and makes it to the giant looby room on the first floor, but A man blocks it)

The man is a pale light skinned man who looks to be rather young. He has a black suit on with a white undershirt and A black tie. His hair is at medium length slightly covering the white head band he has on

Zeke: Looks like we have company.

?: Why, hello there, Zeke.

Zeke: (Looks serious) Shade...Shade Geoki correct?

Lucas: (Looks a little surprised) Geoki? That's our neighboring family.

Shade: Correct.

Zeke: It's finally begun like I knew it would.

Lucas: What do you mean? (Looks up at Zeke)

Zeke: The Geoki have been servants to the Sigrans most of this time. Their revolting in hope that they will get their independence, but then again. You're too young to understand any of this anyway.

Lucas: Zeke, what's going to happen? (Look frightened)

Shade: You're both going to die.

Zeke: (Starts thinking to himself) "...shit, I can't face him evenly while protecting Lucas..What do I do?"

Shade: (Pulls out A black, thick hardcover book that says "Book of Hatred")

Zeke: (Runs up to Shade and draws a pocket knife out of his sleeve)

Shade: (Closes his eyes)

Zeke: (Thrust's his pocket knife straight into Shades face)

Shade: (Tilts his head a little making the the knife miss)

Zeke: (Hops on the shoulders of Shade and then does A front flip over him, landing his feet on the ground)

Shade: (Turns around and points his hand at Zeke then. Zeke get's sent flying back and rolls out of the giant door rolling down multiple stairs with Lucas in his arms)

Zeke: (Panting a bit on the ground) His Maku is very strong. (Looks down at Lucas in his arm and see's that Lucas had fainted) Lucas…

"When I had awoke...I was in A pile of blood. Zeke had been gone. I didn't see A body just the blood. The war kept on going. Many of my closest family members died. I never saw my sister either after that day. It was horrible. My anger for the world just grew more and it continues to grow"

The young 16 year old boy sits in the middle of A room with walls covered in red paint and the floor is pitch black. His hair is straight it goes down a little past his eyes and more than halfway past his ears. He's wearing a black hooded sweater with a skull on the left chest pocket. He has black, leather fingerless gloves. His sweater his zipper is opened all the way and he has dark jeans on with black sneakers that have a red star on them

Lucas: (Puts his hand on the mirror, staring at his reflection) Is it possible for me to change? Is it possible, for others to change?

Suddenly A creepy, devilish like voiced appeared into the head of Lucas

"You want to change? You can't change. You're life is A disgrace, you're A disgrace. You're nothing but a naive little boy. Filled with Hatred...filled with pain."

Lucas: Get out of my head...That's not me…

"You want the pain and violence to stop, yet you're a cause of it. You're existence is the ultimate sign of chaos. You are what you hate. You are...Hatred"

Lucas: (Punches the mirror and the voice stops as the mirror cracks and breaks, leaving blood to pour out of Lucas fist) I am...Lucas Sigran.