Trinity Core:Story of Us Chapter 14

"The Capture"

Zeke walks out of the cave within the waterfall and jumps to the ground next to the huge river that the waterfall leads too. He smirks as his clothes drip wet, soaked from the water of the waterfall. He is then greeted by a man. Jigsaw…

Jigsaw: It's been a while since we've talked Zeke-Kun. (Smiles happily)

Zeke: What is it that you want?

Jigsaw: Oh, I think you know?

Zeke: (Tilts his head to the left and twirls his hair which hasn't changed in years) Oh? Yeah.

Jigsaw: You've heard about Jason haven't you?

Zeke: The wannabe badass that took over the government? He's of no concern to me.

Jigsaw: You should be concerned...He's targeting Lucas Sigran.

Zeke: I've heard.

Jigsaw: What are you going to do about it? Don't you care about Lucas?

Zeke: (Smirks and starts chuckling a bit) This is his problems and I don't really care. I've mentored him the best I can. What he does with his life is up to him now. He has to be responsible for solving his own problems.

Jigsaw: The Demons eh?

Zeke: (Closes his eyes and smirks)

Jigsaw: You know what will happen if you open the gates of the Demon world and carry out your plan?

Zeke: I'll most likely bring the end of this world.

Jigsaw: Why would you want to do that?

Zeke: Because...It'll be fun.

Jigsaw: (Looks shocked at his response and starts laughing sadistically) Ohhhhh Zeke...How I love you!

Zeke: Is that all you came to talk about?

Jigsaw: I've come to tell you… (Eyes get swollen with intensity) Lucas is my toy and I will mold him into the next Demon. A force that can't be touched by any human being, angel or even demon. Then, he'll kill you and I'll be smiling laughing the whole time. (Smirks evilly)

Zeke: We'll just have to see. Let the games begin. (Starts fading away into the wind and completely vanishes)

Jigsaw: It's only a matter of time…

Lucas and Luna continue hugging at the evaporated waterfall

Luna: Lucas… (Looks into his eyes)

Lucas: What is it Luna?

Luna stabs Lucas right through the gut and blood pours down her blade, dripping on to the ground. Lucas stares at her in shock with blood running down his lips

Lucas: Lu-na… (Faints in her arms)

Luna: (Let's go of him and he drops to the ground with blood splattering around him) I'm sorry Lucas...There is no redemption, not for someone like me. I can never redeem myself for all my sins.

Alex: Lucas! (Starts dashing towards the both of them at high speed)

Skylar starts waking up slowly and she opens her eyes, glaring at the scenery. She notices Lucas bleeding on the ground and in less than a second picks herself up and starts running toward him along with Alex

Skylar: Lucas?!

Alex: (Looks at Skylar and keeps running) Skylar…

Skylar: What happened to Lucas?!

Alex: I'll tell you later just keep running!

They make it close to Luna, but Chris appears in front of her, blocking the way

Alex: (Stops) Grrr!

Chris: (Looks back at Luna and smirks) So, you decided to capture him after all.

Luna: (Nods)

Skylar: Capture him?! I'll never let you do that. Move out my way. Back away from him right now before I slice both of you in half. (Draws her blade and points it towards chris)

Chris: I suggest you don't try to threaten me.

Alex: Or what?

Sparks start to fly away around Skylar and Alex and almost within an instant, Chris has his palms on both of their chest and electricity is coming out of his palms. Suddenly, both Alex's and Skylar's body get filled up with electricity and they scream in pain



Chris sends the both of them flying as they get trapped in a bolt of lightning and hit a stone tower 33 meters away. The tower collapses on them both by Alex grabs Skylar and escapes before he could be crushed, rolling several feet with her as they both receive several scratches. They lay on the ground barely able to move, staring at Chris and Luna

Chris: You're both weaklings. You people disgust me? How can you truly protect people you love when you are weak? (Puts his hands on Lunas shoulder with Lucas on hers and they disappear in a flash of lightning)

Skylar: No! Lucas! (Punches the ground) Damn it!

Alex: (Manages to pick himself up and looks at Skylar) Skylar. Don't worry okay?

Skylar: (Starts crying a lot. Tears flows down her face like a waterfall) HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!

Alex: Sky..

Skylar: SHUT UP! HE'S GONE! I couldn't save him...why the hell do I have to be so damn weak…

Alex: Why are you crying? You couldn't have cared about him that much you've only been friends for like a few days now.

Skylar: I don't know...I just have a strong connection with him. He saved me...Made me get my life back no...He gave me a life! Before he saved me from being a slave from a Sigrans my parents always ignored me. They didn't care about me or what I did no matter how many times I tried to get their attention. I wasn't important. One day they told me that I wasn't even planned to be born. A child would just slow them down and that I was that child slowing them down. Everyone around the village just bullied me and made everything worse. It feels so good knowing that their is someone you can relate someone just like you...The sadness in his eyes. That sadness I felt in my heart, I saw through my eyes when ever I looked into the mirror and when he brought me home that day...Everything changed. I bonded with my family for once. They missed me so much. I thought they didn't care...I thought they hated me for being born, but they did care. I began to love life and I always wanted to meet him again and befriend...I think...I think...I might be in love him with him.

Alex: (Looks at her, glaring at her with a blank expression)

Suddenly, Skylar starts holding her neck and groans in pain a little

Alex: Hey are you okay? (Has a concerned look on her face)

Skylar: Yeah...Just a little sting on my neck. (Takes her hand off of her neck and a red glowing Triquetra appears on it)

Alex: (Thinks to himself) What the hell is that? It's glowing on her neck.

Skylar: I feel kinda stronger…

Alex: (Smiles) I put a tracking device on that girl that took Lucas with my chain. I know where they are heading. Let's go get Lucas back.

Skylar: (Smiles back at Alex and picks herself up and dusts herself off. She draws her blade and wipes her tears) OF COURSE!