Lost never found I hid in the shadow so you could not find me I had enough of your lies' Lost in you lies, never free, can't do it anymore. I hid in the shadowed. I see all you do. I Had it. My heart is gone lost long ago, hate so strong I can't bear it. This is what you made me become. Shadows all around me in my eyes in my mind in my heart. My life is Gone, you took my future from me. I 'am a shadow of what I should be I hate myself. Shadows all around me. Hidden from the light, never tell never show never be free. My Home is in the shadows, the darkness in me. I' am born of hate born from you. don't Care if I die, don't care if I live, in the shadows is were you'll find me, tell me can I love? Tell me can I be happy? tell me why you fucked upped my life! Can you tell me why? Shadow are my home, always alone can't see any way out, can't see who I' am. Why Am I here? The light can't find me. Lost forever in your evil. Can't you see I hate you? For what you did to me I live in the shadows. I will have my revenge. Just you see, you Will be afraid of shadows, I will fight you, tell the end. Can you tell me now do you care that you are the one who killed my soul? Can you tell me why? Tell me why you did what you did. Out of the shadows I will come. You can run but I will find you show you the darkness of my heart show what You made of me I'm tired of your lies tired of you I lost my way long ago Now I'm here nothing. You can do about it shadows I come from shadows. I hale from, see what you did to me, now I will show you what the darkness can do I' am the shadows I' am the darkness in your life, your lies can't save you now won't let you take who I' am. No lie can save you now, this is War you can't win the shadows in the night the darkness in my heart. Shadows and Darkness is what I' am

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