Game over or maybe not

Even in the presence of false hope, there is faith

Nameless invincible one is this thing that I call divine grace

Exceptionally bright star, Jesus embrace me

Sad, beautiful and tragic are these thoughts of what could've should've would've been

I am shaken, but not broken

Still breathing, my life must have a purpose after all

Temporarily stuck at the crossroads, the future appears to be uncertain

Underpressure, this is pure torture

Can we go back to being friends? Can my love cure your brokened heart?

Karma reminds me of what I lack

Eden is on fire in a world of lost desire

Elements of nature nurture my soul

Paint the skies blue, hope

Extremely blessed, I remember God's goodness

A perfect time to dream is right now

Continuous, happy thoughts motivate me to strive for success

Even in the presence of confusion, there is determination